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2015  Estimating "True" Variability of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Deflection Slope Measurements

2015  Prediction of Environmental Costs of Construction Noise and Vibration at the Preconstruction Phase

2014  Characterization of Noise-Reducing Capacity of Pavement by Means of Surface Texture Parameters

2014  Effective Mitigation of Underwater Piling Noise

2014  Exterior Roadside Noise Associated with Centerline Rumble Strips as a Function of Depth and Pavement Surface Type

2014  Line-of-Sight Wall versus Conventional Noise Wall for Traffic Noise Abatement: Field Performance Comparison

2014  Reduction of Tire-Pavement Noise by Porous Concrete Pavement

2014  "Top-Down-Bottom-Up" Methodology as a Common Approach to Defining Bespoke Sets of Sustainability Assessment Criteria for the Built Environment

2013  Adaptive Quantification of Noise Variance Using Subspace Technique

2013  Application of Wavelet Theory in Subway Vibration Analysis

2013  Implementation of Noise-Free and Vibration-Free PHC Screw Piles on the Basis of Full-Scale Tests

2013  NASA Glenn’s Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

2013  Research on Skid Resistance and Noise Reduction Properties of Cement Concrete Pavements with Different Surface Textures

2013  A Simplified Method to Calculate the Acoustic Pressure of Three-Dimensional Finite-Length Noise Barriers

2012  Acoustical Properties of Electrospun Fibers for Aircraft Interior Noise Reduction

2012  Development of a New Type of Prediction Model for Predicting Tyre/Road Noise

2012  Pavement Noise Investigation in North Carolina

2012  Procurement of Sustainable Noise-Reducing Devices: State-of-the-Art Review from EU Project QUIESST

2012  A Sparsity-Inducing Optimization Algorithm for the Extraction of Planar Structures in Noisy Point-Cloud Data

2012  Urban Road Noise: The Contribution of Pavement Discontinuities

2011  Analysis of Noise Radiated by High-Speed Railway Bridge

2011  Centerline Rumble Strips: Study of External Noise

2011  Compaction of Noise-Reducing Asphalt Mixes in the Laboratory

2011  Day-Night Traffic Noise Mapping of Foshan Chancheng District

2011  Effect of Inclined Soil Layers on Surface Vibration from Underground Railways Using the Thin-Layer Method

2011  Finite Element Analysis for Noise-Reducing of Double-Layer Porous Asphalt Pavement

2011  Noise Charges in Road Traffic: Pricing Schedule Based on the Marginal Cost Principle

2011  Noise Reduction Performance of Double-Layered Porous Pavement

2011  Numerical Computation of Aerodynamic Noise Reduction by Using Ultra-Light Porous Metals

2011  Structural Health Assessment Using Only Noise-Contaminated Responses

2011  Study on Traffic Noise Map of Old City Zone in Increasing Modern City in China

2011  Surface Pressure on the Noise Absorbing Board of High-Speed Railway Track

2011  Transport and Environmental Variables and the Impact of Cultural Differences on Playground Use

2011  Vibration and Noise Mechanism and Reduction Measures of Marine Stern Tube Bearing with High Load at Low Speed

2010  Analysis of Noise Reduction on Urban Road Traffic Sound Barrier

2010  Application Research of Similarity Theory and Scale Model in Sound Barrier Noise Test

2010  Experimental Research on Noise Source Identification of Ring-Plate Pin-Cycloid Planetary Reducer

2010  An Improved Generalized Projection Denoising Algorithm and Its Application

2010  Noise Barriers by Steep Vegetated Walls Reinforced with Geosynthetics -An Economical Alternative?

2010  Technique for the Measurement of Sound Intensity and Its Utilization in Spotting the Noise Sources within Automobiles

2009  Bi-Level Programming Model of Urban Traffic Network Considering Noise Pollution Control

2009  Calculation Method on Traffic Noise Pollution of Interchange Based on Geometric Alignment

2009  Characteristics of Railway Noise in Urban Area

2009  Evaluation and Control of Aircraft Noises. Influence on the Sensitive District around Airfield

2009  Expressway Data De-Noised Approach Based on Wavelet Analysis

2009  GIS-Based Model for Highway Noise Analysis

2009  Identification of a Distribution of Stiffness Reduction in Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges Subjected to Moving Loads

2009  Noise Evaluation for Pavement Maintenance in Metropolitan Highway Bridges

2009  A Noise Prediction Model on Inland Waterways Considering Water Surface Attenuation Effects Based on the FHWA

2009  Noise Reduction Effects of Inverted L Sound Barriers in Different Inclinations of the Top to the Horizon

2009  Noise Reduction Methods for Weighing Lysimeters

2009  Noise Source Identification and Noise Reduction of a Double Crank Four Ring-Plate-Type Cycloid Reducer

2009  The Noise-Reducing Character of OGFC Pavement with Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt

2009  Numerical and Experimental Assessment of Advanced Concepts to Reduce Noise and Vibration on Urban Railway Turnouts

2009  A Numerical Method for Analyzing the Low-Frequency Noise of Bridge under Vehicle Load

2009  Numerical Simulation of Wheel/Rail Noise of the Ballastless Track

2009  Pile Samples Classification Method Based on the Self-Organizing Map Neural Network

2009  Simulation of Wheel/Rail Noise of High Speed Train Running on the Slab Track

2009  Structural Noise of Longitudinal Stiffened Concrete Cylindrical Shell

2009  Study on Traffic Noise Characteristics of Large Grade Interchange

2008  Algorithm for Detection of Change Point in On-Line Monitoring Data

2008  Algorithm for Real Time Correction of Stream Flow Concentration Based on Kalman Filter

2008  Ambient Noise Site Investigation of a Representative MSW Landfill in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

2008  Coherence Analysis of Noise and Vibration in Compartment Coaches

2008  Increasing Noise Transmission Loss Across an Aluminum Panel Using PZT Actuators

2008  Noise Control in Multipurpose Rooms

2008  Principal Components Regression of Onboard Sound Intensity Levels

2008  A Study of Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis and ARIMA

2008  Study on the Noise Distribution in High-Speed Railway Coaches and the Characteristics of Noise Reduction Material

2008  Three-Dimensional Electromechanical Impedance Model for Multiple Piezoceramic Transducers — Structure Interaction

2008  Wheel/Rail Noise Generation Mechanisms and Its Control in High Speed Railway

2007  Biased Modal Estimates from Random Decrement Signatures of Forced Acceleration Responses

2007  Estimating the Effects of Traffic Congestion on Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Emissions Based on Acceleration Noise

2007  Improving Traffic-Noise Model Insertion Loss Accuracy Based on Diffraction and Reflection Theories

2007  Noise of Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Data in Bubbly Flows

2007  Performance of Wavelet Transform and Empirical Mode Decomposition in Extracting Signals Embedded in Noise

2007  Reliability Analysis of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Elastoplastic Systems. I: Critical Excitations

2007  Response Spectral Density for Oscillators with Nonlinear Damping

2007  Stochastic Partial Differential Equation-Based Model for Suspended Sediment Transport in Surface Water Flows

2007  Technology of Sound Intensity Theory in High Speed Railway Car Noise Controlling

2007  Vehicle Interior Multi-Channel Active Noise Control Systems Based on Neural Network Model

2006  Appropriate Characterization of Background Noise Levels in the Workplace

2006  Building Integration Solutions

2006  Conceptual Modelling of Damping of CNT-Reinforced Materials

2006  Effects of Noise on Productivity: Does Performance Decrease over Time?

2006  Optimal Vibration Absorber with Nonlinear Viscous Power Law Damping and White Noise Excitation

2006  Overparameterized Least-Squares Adjustment with Linear Models for Geodetic and Surveying Applications

2006  Room Acoustics Computer Modeling: Study of the Effect of Source Directivity on Auralizations

2006  Steady-State Diffuse Acoustic Radiosity for Sound Level Prediction in Rooms

2005  Highway Noise and Land Use Compatibility

2005  Investigation of Silo Honking: Slip-Stick Excitation and Wall Vibration

2005  Kalman Filtering with Regional Noise to Improve Accuracy of Contaminant Transport Models

2005  Stiffness-Damping Simultaneous Identification under Limited Observation

2005  Structural Identification and Damage Detection from Noisy Modal Data

2005  Turbulence Measurements with Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters

2004  Butterworth Low-Pass Filter for Processing Inertial Navigation System Raw Data

2004  Design: Irregular Surface Increases Sound Absorption in Noise Barrier

2004  New Methodology to Subtract Noise Effects from Turbulence Parameters Computed from ADV Velocity Signals

2003  Advances in Ritz Vector Identification

2003  Characterization of Underwater Sounds Produced by Dredges