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2014  Enhanced Nitrogen Removal by Rice Husk Amended Dynamic Membrane Bioreactors

2014  Role of Solids Retention Time on Complete Nitrification: Mechanistic Understanding and Modeling

2013  Heterogeneous Nitrification in a Full-Scale Rapid Sand Filter Treating Groundwater

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. I: Model Development

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. II: Model Application

2013  Performance of Air Suction Flow Biofilm Reactor in Treating Municipal-Strength Wastewater

2012  Laboratory Investigation of Ammonium and Nitrate Removal in Vertical-Flow Regimes in Planted and Unplanted Wetland Columns

2012  Nitrifying Continuous Upflow Filters: Understanding Large Scale Plant from Laboratory and Pilot Scale Experiments

2011  Heterogeneity of Rapid Sand Filters and Its Effect on Contaminant Transport and Nitrification Performance

2011  Influence of COD/N Ratios on Simultaneous Removal of C and N Compounds in Biological Wastewater Treatment in Sequencing Fed-Batch Reactor and Kinetic Analysis

2011  Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the Effluent

2011  Transcriptional and Physiological Responses of Nitrosococcus mobilis to Copper Exposure

2010  Effect of Dynamic Loading on Biological Nutrient Removal in a Pilot-Scale Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

2010  Performance of Nitrogen-Removing Bioretention Systems for Control of Agricultural Runoff

2009  Comparative Study between a Hybrid System and a Biofilm System for the Treatment of Ammonia and Organic Matter in Wastewaters

2009  High Rates of Ammonia Removal in Experimental Oxygen-Activated Nitrification Wetland Mesocosms

2009  Modeling Risk of Failure in Nitrification: Simple Model Incorporating Abundance and Diversity

2009  Nitrification Inhibition by UVA Photocatalytic TiO2 Nanoparticles: The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species on Nanotoxicity

2009  Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Determining Nitrification Inhibition by Metallic/Oxide Nanoparticles

2009  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from High-Strength Industrial Wastewater Using Aerobic Granular Sludge

2008  Biotransformation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) during Nitrification: The Role of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria versus Heterotrophic Bacteria

2008  Effect of Nitrification and GAC Filtration on Copper and Lead Leaching in Home Plumbing Systems

2008  Kinetic Modeling of Inhibition of Ammonia Oxidation by Nitrite under Low Dissolved Oxygen Conditions

2008  Nitrification Modeling in Pilot-Scale Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2007  Effect of Soluble Microbial Products on Simultaneous Nitrification-Denitrification in MBRs

2007  Horizontal-Flow Biofilm System with Step Feed for Nitrogen Removal

2007  Nitrogen Removal in Recirculating Sand Filter Systems with Upflow Anaerobic Components

2007  Polyhydroxyalkanoates as a Carbon Source for Denitrification of Waters

2007  Single-Submerged Attached Growth Bioreactor for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Nitrogen

2007  Strategy for Complete Nitrogen Removal in Bioreactor Landfills

2006  Combined Removal of Carbon and Nitrogen in an Integrated UASB-Jet Loop Reactor Bioreactor System

2006  Comparison of Two Model Concepts for Simulation of Nitrogen Removal at a Full-Scale Biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant

2006  Contrasting the Benefits of Primary Clarification versus Prefermentation in Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal Systems

2006  Effect of Cd(II) on Different Bacterial Species Present in a Single Sludge Activated Sludge Process for Carbon and Nutrient Removal

2006  New Process Design Procedure for Dealing with Variable Trickling Filter Effluent Suspended Solids

2006  Nitrogen Transformations during Soil–Aquifer Treatment of Wastewater Effluent — Oxygen Effects in Field Studies

2006  Operational Optimization and Mass Balances in a Two-Stage MBR Treating High Strength Pet Food Wastewater

2006  Role of Particle Size and Ammonium Oxidation in Removal of 17α-Ethinyl Estradiol in Bioreactors

2006  Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Compounds in Autoaerated Biofilms

2005  Bioaugmentation with Nitrifying Bacteria Acclimated to Different Temperatures

2005  Biosensor for Toxic Detection and Process Control in Nitrification Plants

2005  Determination of In-Stream Nitrification in an Urban Watershed

2005  Effect of Substrate Nitrogen/Chemical Oxygen Demand Ratio on the Formation of Aerobic Granules

2005  Optimization of Biological Nutrient Removal in a Membrane Bioreactor System

2005  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in a Continuously Fed and Aerated Membrane Bioreactor

2005  Simultaneous Wastewater Nutrient Removal by a Novel Hybrid Bioprocess

2005  Stimulating Biological Nitrification via Electrolytic Oxygenation

2005  Treatment and Distribution System Effects on Chloramine Decay, pH, Nitrification, and Disinfection By-Products: Case Study

2004  Corrosion Control and Chloramination: Discolored Water and Nitrification

2004  Development of a Nitrifying Bioreactor for the Treatment of Wastewater in Long-Term Space Applications

2004  Impact of Increased Chloride Concentration on Nitrifying-Activated Sludge Cultures

2004  Performance of a Biofilm Airlift Suspension Reactor for Synthetic Wastewater Treatment

2004  Trickling Filter Nitrification Performance Characteristics and Potential of a Full-Scale Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

2003  Influence of COD:N:P Ratio on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in Fixed-Bed Filter

2003  Nitrification in Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge Systems

2003  Nitrogen Removal using Combined Ultracompact Biofilm Reactor-Packed Bed System

2002  Case Study of Aeration Performance under Changing Process Conditions

2002  Nitrifying Biomass Acclimation to High Ammonia Concentration

2001  Analysis of Nitrification Rates in Reciprocating Treatment Wetlands

2001  Developing an Effective Strategy to Control Nitrifier Growth Using the Comprehensive Disinfection and Water Quality Model (CDWQ)

2001  Nitrification at Low Oxygen Concentration in Biofilm Reactor

2001  Nitrification/Denitrification in Intermittent Aeration Process for Swine Wastewater Treatment

2001  pH-Stat Titration to Assess Nitrification Inhibition

2001  SBR System for Phosphorus Removal: ASM2 and Simplified Linear Model

2001  Soil Nitric Oxide Emissions from Nitrification and Denitrification

2000  Nitrification in Overland Flow and Wetland System Following a Waste Stabilization Pond

1999  Analysis of Nitrification Processes in Constructed Wetlands for Residential Wastewater Treatment

1999  Implementation of a Successful Nitrogen Removal Program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Plant in Washington, D.C.

1999  Investigation of High Temperature Nitrification

1999  Performance Evaluation of Aerated Lagoon in Summer and Winter Conditions

1999  Single-Sludge Nitrogen Removal Model: Calibration and Verification

1999  Speciation and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms. I: Model Development

1999  Speciation and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms. II: Sensitivity Analysis

1998  Nitrogen Removal in Intermittently Aerated Biofilm Airlift Reactor

1998  Plant Converts to Nitrification-Denitrification System

1998  Wastewater Treatment with Zero Dissolved Oxygen

1997  Estimating Minimum Fixed Biomass Concentration and Active Thickness of Nitrifying Biofilm

1997  Posttreatment of Effluent from Coke-Plant Wastewater Treatment System in Sequencing Batch Reactors

1996  Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Bacterial Diversity from Yucca Mountain

1995  Aerated Anoxic Oxidation-Denitrification Process

1995  Development of Methodology for the Optimal Operation of Soil Aquifer Treatment Systems

1995  Effects of Whole Depth Aeration on Water Quality in Two Hypereutrophic Reservoirs

1995  Evaluating the Efficacy of Low Cost Wetlands to Improve Lower Truckee River Water Quality

1995  In Situ Nitrification in Controlled Landfills

1995  Nitrification and Pre-Denitrification in a Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge System

1995  System Heterogeneity as Variable for Solute Transport in Streams

1995  Treatment of an Urban River by Sidestream Nitrification

1995  Water Quality Management of Ammonia Under Uncertainty

1994  Analysis of Biomass Distribution and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms

1994  Effect of Acid Orange 7 on Nitrification Process

1994  Factors Affecting Nitrite Buildup in Submerged Filter System

1994  KBES for Process Control of Nitrification in Activated Sludge Process

1994  Modeling of Chemical Inhibition of Nitrification

1994  Nitrification in Single-Stage Trickling Filters

1993  Biological Wastewater Treatment in Reactors with Fibrous Packing

1992  Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal Utilizing RBC’s Anoxic Reactors, and Recycle

1992  Full Scale Side-By-Side Testing of BNR Technologies

1992  Model to Design Diffused Aeration System for BNR

1992  Nitrogen Removal from a High-Strength Ammonia Leachate

1992  Non-Traditional Water Quality Approaches