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Found 44 Records with the keyword term of "Night time"

2015  Impacts of Nighttime-Only Truck Traffic Regulation on Pavement Performance

2014  Productivity in Daytime and Nighttime Construction of Urban Sewer Systems

2013  Analysis on Performance of Driver Distance Recognition To Crossing Pedestrian at Night

2013  A Simulation Study on Night Vision Enhancement Systems

2013  Using Contractor Bid Amounts to Estimate the Impact of Night Construction on Cost for Transportation Construction

2012  Assessment of the Productivity of Nighttime Asphalt Paving Operations

2012  Evaluating Accident Data for the Safety of Nighttime Construction in Southern California

2012  Flagger Illumination during Nighttime Construction and Maintenance Operations

2011  Assessment of Nighttime Flagger-Illumination Practices

2011  Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Illumination Visibility Recognition

2011  Transient Three-Dimensional Numerical Solution of Night Ceiling Cooling Using PCM-Embedded Piping

2011  Unattended Metro Lines Offer Low Cost Service Adaptation Possibilities: Regular Full Night Public Service Operations; Unforeseen or Planned Public Service Adaptations to Occasional Needs

2010  Evaluation of the Visibility of Workers’ Safety Garments during Nighttime Highway-Maintenance Operations

2010  Study of the Effectiveness of Nighttime and Truck Speed Limits

2009  Developing a Decision Support Tool for Nighttime Construction in Highway Projects

2009  Effectiveness of Speed Control Measures on Nighttime Construction and Maintenance Projects

2009  Effects of Roadway Lighting Level on the Pedestrian Safety

2009  Field Experiments to Evaluate and Control Light Tower Glare in Nighttime Work Zones

2008  Measurement of Pavement Surface Reflectance for a Balloon Lighting System

2008  Speed and Lateral Vehicle Position Models from Controlled Nighttime Driving Experiment

2007  Analysis of Nighttime Driver Behavior and Pavement Marking Effects Using Fuzzy Inference System

2007  Consistency of Video Detection Activation and Deactivation Times between Day and Night Periods

2006  Lighting Requirements for Nighttime Highway Construction

2005  CONLIGHT: Lighting Design Model for Nighttime Highway Construction

2005  Optimal Lighting Arrangements for Nighttime Highway Construction Projects

2004  Development of a Tool for Analyzing the Performance of Solar-Powered LED Night Delineators

2004  Effectiveness of Safety Vests in Nighttime Highway Construction

2003  Lighting Design Requirements for Highway Nighttime Construction

2003  Night Irrigation Reduction for Water Saving in Medium-Sized Systems

2001  Lighting Fundamentals for Nighttime Highway Construction

2001  Mitigation of Community Noise Impacts from Nighttime Construction

2001  The Nighttime Construction Enigma—Traffic Volume vs Community Nuisances

2001  Nighttime Issues and Considerations in Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations

1999  Brooklyn Bridge Deck Replaced at Night

1999  Dealing with Nighttime Construction Nuisances

1994  Design Considerations for Night Storage in Irrigation Systems

1994  Nighttime Cement Concrete Pavement Replacement Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

1992  Identification of Control System for Canal with Night Storage

1991  On the Night Shift

1990  Charleston Airport Runways Repaired at Night

1990  Ohio Turnpike Helps Out Night Drivers

1986  Span Swap at Night Speeds Bridge Redecking

1983  Night Delivery: Institutional Restraints

1981  Stadium Completed Night Before Game