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2015  Concrete Jungle: New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future, By Niles Eldredge and Sidney Horenstein. Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2014

2015  Conservation Offers Untapped Benefits for Improving Water Quality, Supplies, Report Says

2015  New York City’s ’Green’ Infrastructure Exceeds Expectations for Controlling Runoff

2015  New York Water Siphon Nears Completion Despite Delays from Sandy

2015  Prediction of Long-Term Bridge Performance: Integrated Deterioration Approach with Case Studies

2015  Reconstructing the Manhattan Bridge

2015  Section Characterization of Wide-Flange Steel Sections Subjected to Combined Thermal and Mechanical Loading

2015  Taming Manhattan: Environmental Battles in the Antebellum City, By Catherine McNeur. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014

2015  Times Square Redevelopment Creating Pedestrian Plazas on Broadway

2014  ’City Beach’ Plan Would Bring Sand Dunes to Urban Waterfront

2014  Coordinated Effort

2014  Cortland-Homer Former MGP Remediation-A Case History

2014  Estimation of Hurricane Wind Speed Probabilities: Application to New York City and Other Coastal Locations

2014  Ground Freezing in a Congested Urban Area

2014  Impact of SWMM Catchment Discretization: Case Study in Syracuse, New York

2014  Integrated Design and Construction at the 250 West 55th Street Tower

2014  More than a Bridge

2014  New York City to Build Hydropower Facility at Cannonsville Reservoir

2014  New York City’s Gowanus Canal to Benefit from Upgrades to Flushing Tunnel

2014  New York Times Building: Role of Selected Features

2014  On the Web (

2014  Rebuilding by Design

2014  Robotic Monitoring for Turbidity Management in Multiple Reservoir Water Supply

2014  Selected Effects of the 2012 Hurricane Sandy along the U.S. East Coast: A Geotechnical Perspective

2014  Structural Response of Low-Rise New York City Buildings during Storm Sandy

2014  Support of Excavation Challenges and Solutions at a Manhattan Excavation Site

2014  Sustainability and Resiliency Implications of Hurricane Sandy

2014  The Empire State Building: The Making of a Landmark By John Tauranac. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2014

2013  Aerial Transit Link—New York City

2013  An Anisotropic Elastoplastic Bounding Surface Model for New York Bay Clay - A Parametric Study

2013  Arched Solution Helps Preserve Scenic Views at New York Rail Bridge Replacement

2013  Assessing Walkability in the City of Buffalo: Application of Agent-Based Simulation

2013  Assessment of Floodplains in New York City

2013  The Bridges of Central Park

2013  Design of Public Projects: Outsource or In-House?

2013  Elevated Art Exhibit Provides Close-up Views of Towering Columbus Statue

2013  Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York City Water Supply By David Soll. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2013

2013  EPA Selects Dredging and Capping to Address Contamination in New York’s Grasse River

2013  FRA Proposes Range of Improvements to Northeast Corridor

2013  Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America By Sam Roberts. New York City: Grand Central Publishing, 2013

2013  The Heart of New York: Grand Central Terminal

2013  Hurricane Sandy Breathes New Life Into WRDA Reauthorization Efforts

2013  The Making of Central Park

2013  Modeling Effects of Sediment Diagenesis on Recovery of Hypolimnetic Oxygen

2013  The New Performance Based Seismic Design Criteria for New York City

2013  New York City Explores ’Green’ Infrastructure Approaches to Reduce Sewer Overflows

2013  New York City’s Mass Transit System Expands

2013  NewsBriefs: Solar Rooftop in Yonkers Largest In New York (

2013  On The Web (

2013  On The Web (

2013  Pancake-Type Collapse—Energy Absorption Mechanisms and their Influence on the Final Outcome

2013  Pile Capacity Setup in Fine-Grained Glacial Deposits at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal

2013  Removal of Steel Tie Rods in a Segmental Tied Arch Floor System

2013  Shake Test Gauges Seismic Vulnerability of NYC’s Row Houses

2013  Suspension System of New York’s Manhattan Bridge Gets Long-Awaited Update

2013  Sustainable Design Practices Result in "More Than Just a Bridge

2013  The Terra-Cotta Solution

2013  The Flatiron: The New York Landmark and the Incomparable City That Arose with It By Alice SparbergAlexiou. New York City: St. Martin’s Press, 2010

2013  U.S. EPA Proposes Plan for Cleaning Up Long-Polluted Canal in New York City

2013  Use of EPS Geofoam for Support of a Bridge

2013  Venerable New York Armory Could Become World’s Largest Indoor Ice Center

2012  51st Street Crane Collapse: Issues in the Investigation during Criminal Proceedings

2012  Airfield Safety and Capacity Improvements, Case Studies on Successful Projects

2012  Analysis of Structural Response of WTC 7 to Fire and Sequential Failures Leading to Collapse

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  Barclays Center Delivered Using BIM

2012  A Bridge By the People, For the People

2012  Case Study: Property Damage from Adjacent Construction

2012  City Revives Buried River

2012  Dynamic Analysis of the Bentley Creek Bridge with FRP Deck

2012  East River Storm Surge Barrier

2012  Evaluation of Waste Compressibility Due to Preloading at the Fresh Kills Landfill

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geotechnical Aspects of Three Storm Surge Barrier Sites to Protect New York City from Flooding

2012  A Global Overview of Navigable Storm Surge Barriers: Suitable Gate Types for New York for a Dutch Perspective

2012  Ground Improvement in Manhattan Bulls Liver Soils for the Rehabilitation of the Cortland Street Station

2012  How Was a SoHo Building Undermined?

2012  Hydrodynamic/GIS Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding in the NY/NJ Harbor System

2012  Hydrologic Feasibility of Storm Surge Barriers

2012  Introduction

2012  Investigation of the Effect of Wind on Nettings

2012  Jet Grouting Field Trial in Manhattan Soil Deposits, New York

2012  Modeling Turbidity and the Effects of Alum Application for a Water Supply Reservoir

2012  New York City Looks to ’Green’ Infrastructure to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

2012  NewsBriefs: Novel Passenger Assistance Is Now At U.S. Airports (Global Post and The Blaze)

2012  NY/NJ Outer Harbor Gateway

2012  Predicting Lane Utilization and Merge Behavior at Signalized Intersections with Auxiliary Lanes in Buffalo, New York

2012  Regulatory Challenges to a New York Harbor Storm Barrier System

2012  Remediation of a Former MGP Site in Norwich, New York: A Case Study

2012  Repair of a Landmark Building’s Façade: 230 Park Avenue, New York, NY

2012  Review Panel: Should Barriers Be Built in New York City?

2012  The Roosevelt Island Tramway Modernization Project

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Design of a New Elevator Only Entrance

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Design of New Underground Stations

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Refurbishment of an Existing Underground Station

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Repair and Refurbishment of Existing Structures Adjacent to Deep Excavations

2012  Seismic Fragility of Retrofitted Multispan Continuous Steel Bridges in New York

2012  Simple Model of Changes in Stream Chloride Levels Attributable to Road Salt Applications

2012  Space Shuttle Enterprise ’Lands’ on Intrepid Museum, Survives Hurricane

2012  Storm Surge Barriers: Ecological and Special Concerns