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2015  Hurricane Irene Evacuation Traffic Patterns in New Jersey

2015  Theodore Burr’s Trenton Bridge

2014  Gravity-Fed Pipeline Provides Big Savings for New Jersey Treatment Facility

2014  Hydrological and Water Quality Assessment in a Suburban Watershed with Mixed Land Uses Using the SWAT Model

2014  The Performance of Essential Facilities in Superstorm Sandy

2014  Rebuilding by Design

2014  Vapor Intrusion Investigation at a Site in New Jersey: A Field Study

2013  Assessment of Clogging Dynamics in Permeable Pavement Systems with Time Domain Reflectometers

2013  Container Berth Bridges over Sewer Tunnel

2013  Full-Scale Testing of Open-Ended Steel Pipe Piles in Thick Varved Clayey Silt Deposits along the Delaware River in New Jersey

2013  Light Emitting Plasma Fixtures for Port Facilities

2013  Longer and Stronger

2013  Permitting, Collaboration, and Sustainability of the Paulsboro Marine Terminal

2013  Preliminary Field Evaluation of Soil Compaction in Rain Gardens

2013  PRT Statewide Application: Conceptual Design of a Transit System Capable of Serving Essentially All Daily Trips

2012  Analysis of Instrumentation Selection and Placement to Monitor the Hydrologic Performance of Permeable Pavement Systems and Bioinfiltration Areas at the Edison Environmental Center in New Jersey

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  Back Matter

2012  Case Study: Failure and Repair of Historic Wood Trusses at St. John the Baptist Church, Hoboken, NJ

2012  Construction Challenges on Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line (TrAIL) Project

2012  Dredging of Contaminated Sediment in New Jersey’s Passaic River to Begin

2012  Evaluation of a Historic High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Building

2012  Front Matter

2012  A Global Overview of Navigable Storm Surge Barriers: Suitable Gate Types for New York for a Dutch Perspective

2012  Hydrodynamic/GIS Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding in the NY/NJ Harbor System

2012  Introduction

2012  New Jersey Causeway Replacement Nears Completion

2012  NewsBriefs: Novel Passenger Assistance Is Now At U.S. Airports (Global Post and The Blaze)

2012  NY/NJ Outer Harbor Gateway

2012  Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City, Against The Deluge

2012  Trend Analysis of Precipitation and Runoff As a Basis of Design and Operation of Pumped Storage Water Supply Infrastructure in New Jersey

2012  Verrazano Narrows Storm Surge Barrier: A Dutch Vision

2011  Anticipating Climate Change

2011  Case Study: Assessment of the Vulnerability of Port Authority of NY & NJ Facilities to the Impacts of Climate Change

2011  Chrome Steel from Chromium Ore Processing Residue

2011  An Evaluation of New Jersey Jug-Handle Intersection (NJJI) with and without Pre-Signals

2011  High-Risk, 610 mm (24 in.) Diameter, 1, 645 m (5, 400 ft.) HDD Project—A Case Study

2011  New Jersey Reservoir Features Floating Solar Panels Designed to Withstand Winter

2011  New Jersey Turnpike, Interchange 16W: Embankments over Deep Soft Compressible Clays in the Meadowlands

2011  Newark Airport ATS Circulator System Studies

2011  NewsBriefs: Jersey Motorists To Receive Traffic Jam Warnings (Bloomberg)

2011  Security-Related Traffic Changes on George Washington Bridge Accelerated Structural Cracking

2011  Shipping Uphill: The Morris Canal

2011  Sustainable Design Guideline Development for Infrastructure Projects

2011  Unparalleled Achievement

2010  Bridge Inspection without Traffic Disruptions—Installation of a Motorized Bridge Inspection Traveler Platform beneath the Burlington-Bristol Bridge

2010  Bridge Monitoring Program Aimed at Operations, Education

2010  Establishing Confidence in Marine Forecast Systems: The Design and Skill Assessment of the New York Harbor Observation and Prediction System, Version 3 (NYHOPS v3)

2010  Flushing Bay CSO Retention Facility—Hydraulic Performance Evaluation

2010  Geophysics and Dredging in the Giant New York Harbor Deepening Project

2010  NewsBriefs: Museum Dedicated to John Roebling, Family Opens in New Jersey (Register-News & Roebling Museum)

2010  One Lane at a Time: Redecking the Walt Whitman Bridge

2010  Permeable Pavement Demonstration at the Edison Environmental Center

2010  Planning for a New Berth in New York Harbor

2010  Quantity and Quality of Stormwater Solids Trapped by Hydrodynamic Separators at Highway Sites

2010  ROMS High Resolution Hindcasts for Delaware River and Bay

2010  Sensitivity Analysis and Calibration of the Alligator Cracking Model Using Regional Data

2010  Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions Affect New Jersey and New York Water Supply and Power Grids in 2002

2010  Winter Flounder Habitat Utilization and Environmental Windows in New York and New Jersey Harbor

2009  Bridge across the Hudson

2009  A Coordinated Effort

2009  Evaluation of the Compaction Characteristics of Unbound Material Using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor

2009  Final Design of Hudson River Rail Tunnels Begins

2009  Metal Straps as Soil Reinforcement on Full Height Abutments

2009  Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Collection System: Case Study

2009  Overdrive

2009  Structural Complexities and Durable Solutions for the Rehabilitation of a Reinforced Concrete High Rise Residential Building within a Marine Environment

2009  Water Quality Design Storms for Stormwater Hydrodynamic Separators

2008  Advancements in the Management of Dredged Material in the State of New Jersey

2008  Bayonne Bridge: The Work of Othmar Ammann, Master Builder

2008  Brownfield Development Challenges at a Former Manufacturing Facility, Engineering ”Opportunities” Make the Difference

2008  Constituent Modeling for Gross Alpha (GA) Concentration Compliance, Blending High-GA Groundwater with Low GA Surface Water

2008  Conversion of Chromium Ore Processing Residue to Chrome Steel

2008  Current Knowledge on Heaving Mechanisms of Chromite Ore Processing Residue

2008  Design and Testing of Prestressed Square Concrete Piles: A Case History

2008  Diagenesis of Buried Chrome Ore Processing Residue

2008  Downtown APM Circulator: A Potential Stimulator for Economic Development in Newark, New Jersey

2008  Economic Analysis

2008  The Emissions Score, a Composite Measure for Ranking Transportation Control Measures and Similar Projects in Terms of Emissions Benefits

2008  George Washington Bridge Asphalt-Wearing Course and Bond Coat Analysis

2008  Innovative Use of Geomembranes and Recycled Materials in the Closure of a Landfill in the Environmentally Sensitive New Jersey Pinelands Protection Area

2008  NewsBriefs: Flights in New York Area to be Capped (

2008  Performance of Flexible Pavements over Two Subgrades with Similar CBR but Different Soil Types (Silty Clay and Clay) at the FAA’s National Airport Pavement Test Facility

2008  A Proactive Approach to the Rehabilitation of an Aging Brick Sewer Infrastructure in Newark, New Jersey

2008  Reductive Treatment of Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR): Lessons from a Field Study

2008  Saving a City’s Sewers

2008  Short Takes: Section Honored for Supporting Technology Education

2008  Towards the Development of the NOS Nowcast/Forecast System for Delaware River and Bay

2007  Characterization of Chromite Ore Processing Residue

2007  People: Saigal Named Dean of Newark College of Engineering

2007  Reconstruction of Maher Terminals, Elizabeth, New Jersey

2007  The Remarkable Kinkora Prestretcher

2007  Research to Support Certification of TSS Removal Efficiency of Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices

2007  Role of Transportation Accessibility in Attracting New Businesses to New Jersey

2007  Sediment Movement and Dredging in Newark Bay, NJ

2007  Short Takes: New Jersey Infrastructure Receives a C-

2007  Simulations of Dye Releases off the Coast of New Jersey: Development and Validation of an Ocean Outfall Mixing Model

2007  Solid Foundation

2007  Structural Engineering: New Jersey Clubhouse ’Floats’ on Reclaimed Landfill

2007  The Use of HydroWAMIT and WASP for Modeling Large Scale Watersheds in New Jersey