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2013  Application of the Sign-Constrained Robust Least-Squares Method to Surveying Networks

2013  Multiobjective Bayesian Network Model for Public-Private Partnership Decision Support

2013  New Network RTK Based on Transparent Reference Selection in Absolute Positioning Mode

2013  Optimal Design of Rural Drainage Networks

2012  Application of Paths Information in Network Design Problem

2012  Basic Concepts of Optimization and Design of Geodetic Networks

2012  Estimation of the Shift between Parameters of Functional Models of Geodetic Observations by Applying M split Estimation

2012  Model for Planning Emergency Response Services in Road Safety

2012  New Median Approach to Define Configuration Weakness of Deformation Networks

2012  Smart Garage Development Problem: Model Formulation and Solution Approach

2012  Using Location-Allocation Algorithms to Distribute Multioutlet Hydrants in Irrigation Networks Design

2011  Absorptive Capacity of Project Networks

2011  Efficiency and Reliability of Ambiguity Resolution in Network-Based Real-Time Kinematic GPS

2011  Evaluation of GPS/Galileo RTK Network Configuration: Case Study in Greece

2011  Evolution of Collaboration in Temporary Project Teams: An Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation Approach

2011  Identification of Geologic Fault Network Geometry by Using a Grid-Based Ensemble Kalman Filter

2011  Integrated Urban Land-Use Planning Based on Improving Ecosystem Service: Panyu Case, in a Typical Developed Area of China

2011  Interface Network Models for Complex Urban Infrastructure Systems

2011  Microscopic Modeling of Air Migration during Air Sparging

2011  Optimal Extension of Rain Gauge Monitoring Network for Rainfall Intensity and Erosivity Index Interpolation

2011  Optimal Integration of Single-Baseline GPS Solutions in Network-Based Kinematic Positioning

2011  Recursive Design of Pressurized Branched Irrigation Networks

2011  Second Order Design of Geodetic Networks by the Simulated Annealing Method

2011  Simple, Robust, and Efficient Algorithm for Gradually Varied Subcritical Flow Simulation in General Channel Networks

2011  A Survey of Network Theoretic Approaches for Risk Analysis of Complex Infrastructure Systems

2011  System Electrical Power Monitoring Manifold Based on Software Development and an Embedded System for Intelligent Buildings

2011  Vulnerability Assessment of Infrastructure Networks by Using Hierarchical Decomposition Methods

2010  Application and Research of Internet of Thing Based on RFID Technology in Beverage Industry of China

2010  Autogeneration of Simulation Network of the Design Process

2010  Controlling the Bullwhip Effect of Supply Chain System Based on the Stability Analysis

2010  Embeddedness and Collaborative Venture Networks for Overseas Construction Projects

2010  The Evolution of Collaboration within Inter-Organizational Networks of Temporary Project Teams

2010  Express Network Compatibility Decision Model Based on Network Effects

2010  Framework of Intelligent Search Technology for Internet of Things

2010  A Generic Model of Reverse Logistics Network Design

2010  Integrated Location-Inventory Model and Algorithm for Emergency Biopreparate Supplies Reserve Network under Stochastic Demand

2010  Integrating Location Models with Bayesian Analysis to Inform Decision Making

2010  The Internet of Things and Personal Privacy Protection

2010  Maximal Benefits Location Model Based on the Fuzzy Function and Analytic Network Process

2010  Median-Based Estimates and Their Application in Controlling Reference Mark Stability

2010  Optimal Network Design for Remanufacturing Logistics under Uncertainty

2010  Research on the System Structure of Internet of Things and Its Industrial in Hubei Province

2010  Study of Structural Relationship from Sales Logistics Network Evolution to Overall System Performance

2010  Study on Logistics Model of Complex Network

2009  Alternative Postprocessing Relative Positioning Approach Based on Precise Point Positioning

2009  Capacity Expansion Problem for Large Urban Transportation Networks

2009  Deterministic versus Stochastic Design of Water Distribution Networks

2009  Economic Transmission Planning Model Suitable for a Regulated Network Service Provider

2009  Influence of the Spatial Configuration of the Irrigated Zone on the Irrigation Network Layout Design

2009  Inverse and Compound Datum/Frame Transformations

2009  Multiobjective Approach to Long-Term Interurban Multilevel Road Network Planning

2009  Optimal Capacity Expansion in Electric Power Subtransmission Networks

2009  Particle Network Model for Simulating the Filtration of a Microfine Cement Grout in Sand

2009  Planning for Evacuation: Insights from an Efficient Network Design Model

2009  Results from a Comprehensive Global Navigation Satellite System Test in the CORS-TR Network: Case Study

2009  Strategic Network Utilization in a Wireless Structural Control System for Seismically Excited Structures

2009  Transit Route Network Design Problem: Review

2009  Use of Thermal Infrared Imagery to Complement Monitoring and Modeling of Spatial Stream Temperatures

2009  Water Distribution Network Design Using Heuristics-Based Algorithm

2008  The Analysis of Model and Robustness of Regional Logistics Network Based on the Weighted Super-Network

2008  Ant Colony Optimization for Least-Cost Design and Operation of Pumping Water Distribution Systems

2008  Characteristics of Hub-And-Spoke Logistics Network

2008  Design and Implementation of Scalable Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Monitoring

2008  Efficiency Measurement of Congestion Pricing Schemes Improving Network Performance with Data Envelopment Analysis

2008  An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Constructing a (K, L)-Core Of a Tree Network

2008  A Fault Tolerant Efficient Scheduling Method for Improved Network Delay in Distributed Sensor Networks

2008  Fire Flow Analysis for Optimal Network Improvement

2008  Hierarchical Localization of Sensor Network for Infrastructure Monitoring

2008  Link Travel-Time Prediction using Extended Exponential Smoothing and Kalman Filter in Dynamic Networks

2008  Multiobjective Contaminant Sensor Network Design for Water Distribution Systems

2008  New Concepts and Tools for Pipe Network Design

2008  Performance Analysis of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Mesh Networks

2008  Real Time Optimal Monitoring Network Design in River Networks

2008  Risk Reduction and Sensor Network Design

2008  Study on Components and Parts Logistics Integrated System of Chinese Automobile Manufacturing Supply-Demand Network

2008  Study on Supply Chain Network Fractal Integration

2008  Three-Dimensional Networks Are Horizontally Superior in Robustness: A Mathematical Reasoning

2007  Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking for Supporting Communication and Onsite Data Collection

2007  Bus Transit Route Network Design Using Genetic Algorithm

2007  Continuous Network Design Problem Considering Stochastic Demand

2007  Developing Complete Conditional Probability Tables from Fractional Data for Bayesian Belief Networks

2007  Efficiency and Reliability of Ambiguity Resolution in Network-Based Real-Time Kinematic GPS

2007  Evaluating Urban Downtown One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversion Using Multiple Resolution Simulation and Assignment Approach

2007  Expected Performance of Pavement Repair Works in a Global Network Optimization Model

2007  Interconnection of Distributed Generators to Distribution Networks

2007  Interdependent Response of Networked Systems

2007  Layout Design of Irrigation Networks in Highly Parcelled Territories Using Geographical Information System

2007  Minimum Cost Irrigation Network Design Using Interactive Fuzzy Integer Programming

2007  Multiple Inflows Muskingum Routing Model

2007  Reactive Power Adequacy in Distribution Networks with Embedded Distributed Energy Resources

2007  Using Analytic Network Process to Predict the Performance of International Construction Joint Ventures

2006  Application of Artificial Neural Network Model in Estimation of Wave Spectra

2006  Base Station Establishment using Multiple Global Positioning Satellite Stations and Free Net Approach

2006  Bayesian Network for E/M Impedance-Based Damage Identification

2006  Decision Tree Modeling Using Integrated Multilevel Stochastic Networks

2006  Deployment of Fiber Optic Networks through Underground Sewers in North America

2006  Design of River a Water Quality Monitoring Network: An Entropy Based Approach

2006  Improvement of Water Network Reliability: A Conflict Resolution Approach

2006  In-Place Inclinometer Using Low-G Accelerometer Network

2006  Optimal Nonlocal and Asymmetric Structural Damping using Regenerative Force Actuation Networks