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2015  Actors’ Preferences in the Redevelopment of Brownfield: Latent Class Model

2015  Netherlands Museum Renovated, Expanded Underground

2015  Potential Energy Savings by Reducing Rolling Resistance of Dutch Road Pavements

2014  Design and Implementation of Geophysical Monitoring and Remote Sensing during a Full-Scale Embankment Internal Erosion Test

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2013  Dynamic Contracting Mechanism for Pavement Maintenance Management

2013  Innovative Rigid Concrete Fender System Reduces Life Cycle Costs

2013  Mega Vessels and Quay Walls

2013  Preparation and Evaluation of a Dutch-German Radar Composite to Enhance Precipitation Information in Border Areas

2012  Assessing Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management: Multiple Case-Study in the Dutch Construction Industry

2012  Climate Adaptation Cost for Flood Risk Management in the Netherlands

2012  Digging Delft

2012  Finding the Form of an Irregular Meshed Steel and Glass Shell Based on Construction Constraints

2012  Integrated Monitoring Strategy for Large Diameter Pre- Stressed Concrete Pipelines—A Case Study at Waternet, the Netherlands

2012  Levels of Interorganizational Trust in Construction Projects: Empirical Evidence

2011  Adhesion Properties of Tar-Containing Antiskid Surface Layers on Runways in Airfield

2011  Current Challenges in Coastal Management in the Netherlands: Examples of Pilot Projects

2011  Dutch Program Provides Unconventional Approach To Flood Control

2011  How Does Transport Policy Cope with Climate Challenges? Experiences from the UK and Other European Countries

2011  A New Form of Asset Management for Sewer Networks

2010  Archetype

2010  Levee Failure Due to Piping: A Full-Scale Experiment

2010  Management of Redeveloped Industrial Areas with Mixed Use in The Netherlands

2010  Measuring the Saturation Flow, Lost Time, and Passenger Equivalent Values of Signalized Intersection

2010  Performance of Pavements with Blast Furnace Base Courses

2009  Coastal Defense Strategies in the Wadden Sea Region: Coping with Climate Change

2009  Comparison of Driver Behavior and Saturation Flow between China and The Netherlands

2009  Klotz Joins Congressional Delegation, Participates in Triennial Conference

2009  Public Library Constructed in Spikenisse, Netherlands

2009  Rotterdam’s Red Apple Features Dramatic Cantilever

2009  Stacked Towers Create Vertical City in Rotterdam

2008  The Cape Wind Project in Context

2008  Flood Protection: Netherlands Makes Way for Rising Waters

2008  Low Leakage in the Netherlands Confirmed

2008  NewsBriefs: Digital Sensors to Protect Dutch Levees

2008  Substandard Supply Minutes in the Netherlands

2007  From Transgression to Regression: Coastal Evolution near The Hague, The Netherlands, around 5000 Years BP

2007  Leadership and Cultures of Lithuanian and Dutch Construction Firms

2007  Morphodynamics of Texel Inlet, The Netherlands

2007  Satellite-Based Energy Balance for Mapping Evapotranspiration with Internalized Calibration (METRIC) — Model

2006  The 1953 Dike Failures in the Netherlands

2006  Apparent Current Roughness Caused by Waves and Bedforms on a Sandy Shoreface

2006  Back Matter

2006  The Delta Project

2006  Designed for Dry Feet, Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands

2006  Draining Noord-Holland Lakes

2006  Draining the Haarlemmermeer

2006  Dwelling Mounds: An Escape from the Floods

2006  The Effect of the Wave Period on Dune Erosion

2006  Effects of Wave Groupiness on Dune Erosion

2006  Excursions to Flood Protection and Land Reclamation Sites

2006  Front Matter

2006  Historic Discharge Measurements in Three Rhine Branches

2006  Index

2006  Land Reclamation and Flood Protection in the Netherlands: An Historical Overview

2006  Morphological Modelling of Artificial Sand Ridge Near Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands

2006  Practical Experience with Composite Structures in the Netherlands

2006  Rail Construction: Engineers Overcome Tunneling Challenges on Dutch Freight Line

2006  Reclamation of the Zuiderzee

2006  References

2006  Review of The Dutch Rhine, a Restrained River by Wilfried Ten Brinke

2006  The Rivers

2006  Sea Defenses and Coastal Reclamation

2006  Water Management Organization

2005  Bridges: New Bridge Modernizes Dutch Countryside

2005  Deaths during the 1953 North Sea Storm Surge

2005  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems in Model Based Control of the Overwaard Polder

2005  ParkShuttle II: Review of the Antibes Experiment

2005  PRT - A High-Quality, Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Public Transport System for Kungens Kurva

2005  Uplift Phenomenon: Model, Validation, and Design

2005  Use of the Cone Penetration Test for Geotechnical Site Characterization in Clay-Mantled Karst

2005  Willingness-to-Pay for Personal Rapid Transit in the City of Almelo

2004  Crossing the Hollandsch Diep

2004  Fatigue Failure of Buckled Pipelines

2004  The Joint Probability of Rainfall and Runoff Deficits in the Netherlands

2004  Managing Drivers of Innovation in Construction Networks

2004  Wave Overtopping at Seadikes

2003  Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning in Control of Water Systems

2003  Pile Foundation Improvement by Permeation Grouting

2003  Probabilistic Description of Sediment Plume Requirements at the \xOresund Fixed Link Dredging Project

2003  Stimulation of Treatment of Contaminated Sediments in the Netherlands

2003  Strategies for Management of Dredged Materials in the Netherlands

2002  Bayesian Estimation of Return Periods of CSO Volumes for Decision-Making in Sewer System Management

2002  Case Study: Bed Resistance of Rhine River during 1998 Flood

2002  Changing Water Management in Urban Renewal in the Netherlands Ecological Modernization through a Participative Strategy

2002  Climate Change, A New Chance for Urban Stormwater Management

2002  Coastal Flooding Initiated by Wave Overtopping at Sea Defences

2002  Coping with Complexity in Integrated Urban Water Management

2002  Design Rainfall for Combined Sewer System Calculations: Comparison between Flanders and the Netherlands

2002  Digital Planning of Wastewater Flows in the City of Amsterdam

2002  Dutch Approach to High Speed Urban Drainage Modeling with SOBEK

2002  Energy: Wind Farm to Be Established in the Netherlands

2002  Evaluation of the Swan Wave Model for the Dutch Ijsselmeer Area

2002  Field Measurements and Laboratory Investigations on Wave Propagation and Wave Run-Up

2002  Generation of Seiches by Two Types of Cold Fronts

2002  Interactions Within the Wastewater System: Modeling of Sewer Processes

2002  Interactive Policy Development in Rotterdam: Optimizing the Impact of Popular Participation

2002  On Monitoring of Turbidity in Sewers

2002  Punctuality of Train Traffic in Dutch Railway Stations

2002  Wave Growth Limit in Shallow Water