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2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. I: Laboratory Experiment and Sensitivity Study

2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2014  Parametric Study of Fate and Transport Model of E. coli in the Nearshore Region of Southern Lake Michigan

2014  Rip Current Observations via Marine Radar

2014  Three-Dimensional SPH Modeling of a Bar/Rip Channel System

2013  Classification of Buoyant River Plumes from Large Aspect Ratio Channels

2013  Sea-Level Rise Effects on Storm Surge and Nearshore Waves on the Texas Coast: Influence of Landscape and Storm Characteristics

2012  Chemical Grouting for Water Control in Nearshore Poorly Cemented Sands

2012  Resonances in an Evolving Hole in the Swash Zone

2011  Efficacy of Stone Filled Marine Mattresses for Cable Protection in a Nearshore Mixed Sediment Environment

2011  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves and Cross-Shore Currents on Barred Beaches

2011  Opposing Wave Effect on Momentum Jets Spreading Rate

2010  Coupling Phase-Resolving Nearshore Wave Models with Phase-Averaged Spectral Wave Models in Coastal Applications

2010  Detection of Breaking Waves Using X-Band Pulse Radar in the River Mouth Region

2010  Identification of Nearshore Wave Characteristics Using Robotic Total Stations

2010  Model of Nearshore Waves and Wave-Induced Currents around a Detached Breakwater

2010  Validation of Two Wave and Nearshore Current Models

2010  Validations of Hydrodynamic, Wave, and Dredging Simulations in Nearshore Environments

2009  Storm-Wave Flow through Tidal Inlets and Its Influence on Bay Flooding

2008  Field Verification of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking in the Surf Zone

2008  Modeling of Wave Driven Circulation and Water Quality in Nearshore Environments

2008  Nonlinear Shallow Water Equation Modeling for Coastal Engineering

2008  Wave Reflection from Nearshore Depressions

2007  Assessing Nearshore Bar Movements during Storms Using Time-Averaged X-Band Radar Images

2007  Field Observations of Step Dynamics on a Macrotidal Gravel Beach

2007  Impact of a Major Storm on Sediment Exchanges between the Dunes, Beach, and Nearshore

2007  A Total Load Formula for the Nearshore

2007  Wave-Related Transport and Nearshore Morphology

2006  2DH-Quantification of Surf Zone Bathymetry from Video

2006  Development and Validation of a Quasi-Three-Dimensional Coastal Area Morphological Model

2006  Frazil Ice Blockage of Water Intakes in the Great Lakes

2006  Fully Nonlinear Boussinesq-Type Equations for Waves and Currents over Porous Beds

2006  Generation and Nonlinear Evolution of Nearshore Oblique Sand Bars

2006  Modeling Nearshore Morphological Evolution at Seasonal Scale

2006  Modeling Near-Shore Waves, Surface Rollers, and Undertow Velocity Profiles

2006  Morphodynamic Modeling of Nearshore Crescentic Bar Dissymmetry on an Open Coast: Aquitanian Coast, France

2006  Nearshore Bar Response to Time Varying Conditions

2006  Nearshore Wave Modeling with High-Order Boussinesq-Type Equations

2006  Numerical and Experimental Study on Ship Wash Including Wave-Breaking on Shore

2006  On the Difficulty of Correctly Determining the Characteristic Wave Period in the Surf Zone

2006  PIV Analysis of Filtered Radar Images to Derive Nearshore Wave Properties and Bathymetry at Hasaki, Japan

2006  Sediment Resuspension and Cross-Shore Cycling in Nearshore Environments

2006  Sensitivity of Modeled Nearshore Morphology to Wave and Sediment Transport Formulations

2006  Towards Predicting Nearshore Grain Size

2006  Vertical Profile of Radiation Stresses for 3D Nearshore Currents Model

2005  A Catch-and-Release Lagrangian Drifter for Near-Shore Ocean Circulation Research

2005  Implications of Harbor Dredging for the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell

2005  Living with Landslides on the Big Sur Coast: The Challenges of Maintaining Highway 1

2005  Nearshore Dredged Spoil Mounds for Beach Erosion Prevention and Mitigation

2005  Optimization of Boussinesq-Type Models for Surface Waves over Porous Beds

2005  PISCO: A Collaborative Model for Informing Nearshore Policy

2005  Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Nutrient Concentrations in Coastal Streams and Variations with Land Use in the Carpinteria Valley, California

2005  Science and Fisheries Management Plans: Early Experiences with Peer Review under the Marine Life Management Act

2005  Seafloor Habitat Mapping Nearshore San Diego County

2005  The Synthesis of Biology and GIS Technology for the Management of San Diego’s Nearshore Coastal Resources, Part I: Habitat Classification and Mapping

2005  The Synthesis of Technology and Biology for the Management of San Diego’s Nearshore Coastal Resources, Part II: Development of an Interactive GIS Database

2004  Characteristics of Coastal Circulation in the Semi-Enclosed Seto Inland Sea Using A Regional Atmosphere-Ocean Model

2004  Coastal Circulation and Effluent Transport Modeling at Cherry Point, Washington

2004  Complex Principal Component Analysis of Medium-term Nearshore Geomorphology at North Sendai Coast, Japan

2004  A Decision Support System for Optimising Engineering and Operational Design of Nearshore Mining Operations Based on Numerical Simulations of Nearshore Waves, Currents and Water Levels

2004  Design and Construction of a Nearshore Confined Disposal Facility

2004  High Performance Programming of the 3-D Finite Element Hydrodynamic Model - QUODDY

2004  A High-Resolution Coastal Circulation Model for Lunenburg Bay, Nova Scotia

2004  Modeling Circulation and Mixing in Tidal Wetlands of the Santa Ana River

2004  Modeling the Rio de la Plata Circulation

2004  Modeling Wave Reflection and Transmission around Nearshore Structures

2004  Nearshore Impacts of Dredging for Beach Nourishment

2004  A New Two-Way Nested-Grid Ocean Modeling Technique Applied to the Scotian Shelf and Slope

2004  Regional Circulation Model for Coast of Long Island, New York

2003  Evaluation of Water Quality Impacts Related to the Construction of a Nearshore Confined Disposal Facility

2003  Thea Foss Waterway Remediation and St. Paul Waterway Nearshore Fill Design

2002  Application of Nautical Radar to the Field Observation of Waves and Currents

2002  Current-Field Measurement around Low-Crested Structures

2002  Depth-Limited Wave Breaking for the Design of Nearshore Structures

2002  Effects of Cross-Shore Boundaries on Longshore Current Simulations

2002  Feasibility of Measuring Currents in the Nearshore from a Personal Water Craft

2002  Fluidization Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport by Water Waves

2002  Implementation and Validation of a Breaker Model in a Fully Nonlinear Wave Propagation Model

2002  Modeling Nearshore Bed Topography with Principal Oscillation Patterns

2002  Modelling the Effects of Structures on Nearshore Flows

2002  Nearshore Directional Wave Measurements for Regional Coastal Management

2002  Near-Shore Doppler Current Meter Wave Spectra

2002  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves in Nearshore Environment

2002  Numerical Prediction of Rip Currents on Barred Beaches

2002  Role of Nearshore Geology and Rate-Calculation Methods in Assessing Coastal Erosion Hazards

2002  Run-Up Heights of Nearshore Tsunami Based on Quadtree Grids

2002  Wave Group Forcing of Rip Currents

2002  Wave Groupiness in the Nearshore Area by Hilbert Spectrum

2002  Wave Transformation and Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Model over Barred Beach

2002  Waves and Currents on Accretional Barred Beaches

2001  3-D Modeling of Rip Currents

2001  Analysis of Rip Current Systems

2001  An Approach to Measuring Turbulent Stresses in the Nearshore Region

2001  Characterization of Wave Sequencing in Surface Elevation Time Series

2001  Comparison of Nearshore Wave Characteristics between Theories and Lab Experiments

2001  Criteria to Assess the Impact of Sand Volume Removed on the Nearshore Wave Climate

2001  Discrimination and Analysis of Video Imaged Shorelines and Nearshore Processes

2001  Effects of Beach Nourishment on Equilibrium Profile and Depth of Closure

2001  Effects of Seagrass on Nearshore Current and Wave Dynamics

2001  Exploring the Relationship between Nearshore Morphology and Shoreline Change