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2014  Adherence Energy of Asphalt Thin Films Measured by Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy

2014  Application of Nanotechnology in Pavements, Geological Disasters, and Foundation Settlement Control Technology

2014  Axially Moving Microscale Panel Model Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory

2014  Barrier Performance of Bentonite-Polyacrylate Nanocomposite to Artificial Ocean Water

2014  Compressive Behavior and Deformation Mechanism of Nanoporous Open-Cell Foam with Ultrathin Ligaments

2014  Cyclic Indentation Behavior of Layered Nanocomposites: Viscoplastic Numerical Study

2014  Debonding Inhibiting Mechanism of Strain Localization Plating System

2014  Designing, Manufacturing, and Testing a Self-Contained and Autonomous Nanospacecraft Attitude Control System

2014  Durability Quantification of TiO2 Surface Coating on Concrete and Asphalt Pavements

2014  Effect of Carbon Nanotube Waviness on the Load Transfer Characteristics of Short Fuzzy Fiber-Reinforced Composite

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. I: Experimental Results

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. II: Modeling and Theoretical Predictions

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Fate of Green Tea Iron Nanoparticles in Calcareous Soils

2014  Finite Element Modeling of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Structural Members

2014  Fire Protection Performance of Nanocoating on a LPG Tank under Fire Based on the Wavelet Finite-Element Method

2014  Generalized Matching Boundary Conditions Based on Fourier Transform Technique

2014  Geo-Hubei 2014244-255, tainable Civil Infrastructure.Innovative Technologies and Materials

2014  Innovative and Sustainable Use of Geomaterials and Geosystems

2014  Mechanics of Ti-Ni BMG-Based Alloys: Experimental Study

2014  MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid Passed through a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Thermal Radiation

2014  Modeling Random Short Nanofiber- and Microfiber-Reinforced Composites Using the Extended Finite-Element Method

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Programmable Nanoporous Graphene

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Water and Ions Transported during the Nanopore Calcium Silicate Phase: Case Study of Jennite

2014  Multiscale Evaluation of the Composite Asphalt Binder in High-Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Elasticity and Fracture in Organic Nanotubes

2014  Nanoindentation Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Aging

2014  Nanomechanical and Microstructural Characterization of a Hybrid Clay-Lime-Starch Composite

2014  Nanomechanical Characterization Effect of Mica and Aging on Asphalt Binder

2014  Nanoscale Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Hydrogels

2014  Nanoscratch Simulation on a Copper Thin Film Using a Novel Multiscale Model

2014  Nano-Zero-Valent Iron: An Emerging Technology for Contaminated Site Remediation

2014  Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Fracture Growth Based on a Cohesive Zone Model with Microcracks

2014  Numerical Simulations of Longitudinal Elastic Behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites

2014  Performance Assessment of a Warm Asphalt Binder in the Presence of Water by Using Surface Free Energy Concepts and Nanoscale Techniques

2014  Peristaltic Flow of Johnson-Segalman Fluid with Nanoparticles

2014  Piezoelectric Effect on the Buckling of Piezoelectric Thin Film with Viscoelastic Substrate

2014  Poroelastic Properties of a Nanoporous Granular Material with Interface Effects

2014  Quantifying Cooperativity via Geometric Gyration-Based Metrics of Coupled Macromolecules

2014  Size-Dependent Fracture Toughness of Nanoscale Structures: Crack-Tip Stress Approach in Molecular Dynamics

2014  Size-Dependent Thermomechanical Responses of Nano-Sized Multilayers

2014  Synthesis of Nanomaterials from Physalis alkekengi L. and Their Removal of Bisphenol A in Water

2014  Transport of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles in Porous Media

2014  Utilization of Silica Fume to Stabilize the Dispersion of Carbon Nanofilaments in Cement Paste

2014  Variational Approach to Percolation Threshold of Nanocomposites Considering Clustering Effect

2013  Adsorption and Defect-Sensitive Structure of Single Wall Nanocarbons

2013  Appropriate Conditions of Oxidation By-Product Bromate Removal from Drinking Water by Nanoparticle Zero-Valent Iron

2013  Atomic-Level Shear Stress-Strain Behavior of β-Sn

2013  Attitude Stabilization for the Nano Remote Sensing Satellite PRISM

2013  Cesium Immobilization in Soil by Ball-Milling Treatment with Nanometallic Ca/CaO Additive

2013  Dimensionless Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Oscillators: Design Aspects

2013  Dynamic Viscoelastic Behavior of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Magnetorheological (MR) Nanocomposites

2013  Effect of Dispersant on Transport of Nanoscale Iron Particles in Soils: Zeta Potential Measurements and Column Experiments

2013  Effects of Dwell Time and Loading Rate on the Nanoindentation Behavior of Asphaltic Materials

2013  Effects of Physicochemical Properties of Nanofiltration Membranes on the Rejection of Small Organic DBP Precursors

2013  Efficient Numerical Evaluation of Semianalytical Models for Squeeze Film Damping for Torsion Mirrors

2013  Finite Element Based Characterization of the Creep Properties of the Cement Paste Phases by Coupling Nanoindentation Technique and SEM-EDS

2013  Finite-Element Modeling of Circular Nanoplates

2013  Found in Translation: from Adsorption Thermodynamics to Poromechanics of Nanostructured Solids

2013  Fractal Geometric Characterization of Functionally Graded Materials

2013  Fundamental Characterization of Asphalt Clay Nanocomposites

2013  Identification of the Composite Relaxation Modulus of Asphalt Binder Using AFM Nanoindentation

2013  Image-Based Procedure for Biostructure Modeling

2013  An Insight into Molecular Scale Interactions and In-situ Nanomechanical Properties of Kerogen in Green River Oil Shale

2013  Lyophobic and Magnetized MWCNTs-Based Nanofluidic System: High-Performance Damping Structure

2013  Materials Genome for Graphene-Cement Nanocomposites

2013  Microstructure Improvement of Cementitious Systems using Nanomaterials: A Key for Enhancing the Durability of Concrete

2013  Modified Nonlocal Mindlin Plate Theory for Buckling Analysis of Nanoplates

2013  Multiscale Modeling of Inclusions and Precipitation Hardening in Metal Matrix Composites: Application to Advanced High-Strength Steels

2013  Multi-Scale Permeability of Murine Bone Measured by Nanoindentation

2013  NANO-CREEP of Synthetic CSH Produced using 1.5 and 0.7 CAO/SIO2 Mixture Ratios

2013  Nanomechanical Investigation of Internal Curing Effects on Sustainable Concretes with Absorbent Aggregates

2013  Nanosatellite Cluster Launch Collision Analysis

2013  Nanoscale Numerical Study of C-S-H Precipitation and Gelation

2013  Nanotechnology as a Preventive Engineering Solution to Highway Infrastructure Failures

2013  New and Improved Analytical Solutions for the Self-Folding Problem of Carbon Nanotubes

2013  New Experimental Approach to Study Creep and Shrinkage Mechanisms of Concrete on the Nano-scale Level

2013  Out-of-Plane Buckling of Microstructured Beams: Gradient Elasticity Approach

2013  Photodegradation of Dyes Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube and Ferrous Ion

2013  Proteinate-Capped Silver Nanoparticle Transport in Water-Saturated Sand

2013  Rheological Properties and Chemical Bonding of Asphalt Modified with Nanosilica

2013  Short- and Longer-Term Consolidation Effects of Portlandite (CaOH)2 Nanoparticles in Carbonate Stones

2013  The Significance of Nanosilica on Degradation of Oil Well Cement in Carbonated Brine Environments

2013  Stiffness-Based Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics

2013  Swelling Pressure in Expansive Porous Media Derived from Nano/Macro Homogenization Including Ion Size Correlation Effects

2013  Synthesis of Amine-Functionalized Magnetic Ferrite Nanoparticle and Its Dye Removal Ability

2013  Thermal Buckling Behavior of Nanobeams Using an Efficient Higher-Order Nonlocal Beam Theory

2013  Water Melting Induced Deformation of Ordered Nanoporous Silica

2013  Water Sorption Hysteresis in Cement Nano Slits

2012  Character and Treatment of Organic Colloids in Challenging and Impacted Drinking Water Sources

2012  Characterization of Nano Particles Released during Asphalt and Concrete Laboratory Activities

2012  Correlating Micromorphology and Nanomorphology to High Strain Rate Performance of Nanoparticle Reinforced Polymeric Materials

2012  Design of Radio Telescope Calibration Payload for a Nano-Satellite

2012  Development of a High-Density, High-Strength, Cementitious Grout Using Colloidal Silica Nano-Particles

2012  Enhanced Adsorptive Removal of Cadmium from Water by Immobilized Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids on Nano-Silica Sorbents

2012  Evaluation of the Disinfectant Performance of Silver Nanoparticles in Different Water Chemistry Conditions

2012  Exploring the Interactions of Chloride Deicer Solutions with Nanomodified and Micromodified Asphalt Mixtures Using Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Fabrication of Piezoresistive CNT/CNF Cementitious Composites with Superplasticizer as Dispersant

2012  Heat Wave Driven by Nanoscale Mechanical Impact between C60 and Graphene

2012  Mechanical Energy Absorption Characteristics of Hollow and Water-Filled Carbon Nanotubes upon Low-Speed Crushing