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2015  Axially Moving Microscale Panel Model Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory

2015  Effect of Nanosilica on Rheology, Fresh Properties, and Strength of Cement-Based Grouts

2015  Effects of Interphase Regions of Particulate-Reinforced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Using a Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Model

2015  Fire Protection Performance of Nanocoating on a LPG Tank under Fire Based on the Wavelet Finite-Element Method

2015  MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid Passed through a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Thermal Radiation

2015  Microstructure of a Type G Oil Well Cement-Nanosilica Blend

2015  Modeling Random Short Nanofiber- and Microfiber-Reinforced Composites Using the Extended Finite-Element Method

2015  Nanoscale Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Hydrogels

2015  Poroelastic Properties of a Nanoporous Granular Material with Interface Effects

2015  Reinforcing Effects of Graphene Oxide on Portland Cement Paste

2015  Size-Dependent Thermomechanical Responses of Nano-Sized Multilayers

2014  Adherence Energy of Asphalt Thin Films Measured by Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy

2014  Adsorption Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Perchlorate on Carbon Nanotubes in Water

2014  Analytical Model of the Effect of Tangent Length between Vertical Curves on Train Derailments

2014  Anchoring Effect of Oblique Crack under Axial Tension Load

2014  Application of Nano-Technology in Pavement Engineering: A Literature Review

2014  Application of Nanotechnology in Pavements, Geological Disasters, and Foundation Settlement Control Technology

2014  Appropriate Conditions of Oxidation By-Product Bromate Removal from Drinking Water by Nanoparticle Zero-Valent Iron

2014  Barrier Performance of Bentonite-Polyacrylate Nanocomposite to Artificial Ocean Water

2014  Compressive Behavior and Deformation Mechanism of Nanoporous Open-Cell Foam with Ultrathin Ligaments

2014  Construction on Soft Ground Using Lightweight Tyre Bales

2014  Critical Duration of Rainfall Induced Landslides

2014  Cyclic Indentation Behavior of Layered Nanocomposites: Viscoplastic Numerical Study

2014  Debonding Inhibiting Mechanism of Strain Localization Plating System

2014  Designing, Manufacturing, and Testing a Self-Contained and Autonomous Nanospacecraft Attitude Control System

2014  Drainage Performance Evaluation of Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate

2014  Durability Quantification of TiO2 Surface Coating on Concrete and Asphalt Pavements

2014  Dynamic Viscoelastic Behavior of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Magnetorheological (MR) Nanocomposites

2014  Effect of Carbon Nanotube Waviness on the Load Transfer Characteristics of Short Fuzzy Fiber-Reinforced Composite

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. I: Experimental Results

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. II: Modeling and Theoretical Predictions

2014  Engineering Physical Properties of Asphalt Binders through Nanoclay-Asphalt Interactions

2014  Evaluation of Lumped-Mass Model for Studying Wave Propagation in a Depleted Oil Field

2014  Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Evaluation of Track Substructure Thickness Design via Geo-Reinforcement Techniques

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Experimental Evaluation of Cratering and Ground Vibration in Clay Soils Subjected to Airblast Loading

2014  Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Jointed Soft Rock Under Triaxial Compression Conditions

2014  Experimental Research for Dynamic Performance of Seals of the Hydraulic Steel Sluice Gate

2014  Fate of Green Tea Iron Nanoparticles in Calcareous Soils

2014  Finite Element Modeling of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Structural Members

2014  Front Matter

2014  Front Matter

2014  Generalized Matching Boundary Conditions Based on Fourier Transform Technique

2014  Geo-Hubei 2014 244-255, Sustainable Civil Infrastructure, Innovative Technologies and Materials

2014  Harbour Geotechnics: The Case of the Portuguese Small Harbours

2014  Image-Based Procedure for Biostructure Modeling

2014  Improvement of Settlement Problems of Fibrous Peat

2014  Innovative and Sustainable Use of Geomaterials and Geosystems

2014  Intensified Artificial Freezing Experiment and Numerical Simulation on Reaming Borehole Filled with Heat Conductive Material for Local Strata

2014  Investigation of the Stability of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Structures

2014  Macro- and Meso-Scale Mechanical Behavior of Caisson during Sinking

2014  Mechanics of Ti-Ni BMG-Based Alloys: Experimental Study

2014  Modified Nonlocal Mindlin Plate Theory for Buckling Analysis of Nanoplates

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Programmable Nanoporous Graphene

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Water and Ions Transported during the Nanopore Calcium Silicate Phase: Case Study of Jennite

2014  Multiscale Evaluation of the Composite Asphalt Binder in High-Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Elasticity and Fracture in Organic Nanotubes

2014  Nanoindentation Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Aging

2014  Nanomechanical and Microstructural Characterization of a Hybrid Clay-Lime-Starch Composite

2014  Nanomechanical Characterization Effect of Mica and Aging on Asphalt Binder

2014  Nanoscratch Simulation on a Copper Thin Film Using a Novel Multiscale Model

2014  Nanotechnology on Trackless Tacks

2014  Nano-Zero-Valent Iron: An Emerging Technology for Contaminated Site Remediation

2014  Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Fracture Growth Based on a Cohesive Zone Model with Microcracks

2014  Numerical Simulations of Longitudinal Elastic Behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites

2014  Numerical Study on Enhancing the Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation Using Geosynthetics

2014  Outlier Analysis for Correlation Verifying Test of Roller Integrated Compaction Measurement

2014  Performance Assessment of a Warm Asphalt Binder in the Presence of Water by Using Surface Free Energy Concepts and Nanoscale Techniques

2014  Peristaltic Flow of Johnson-Segalman Fluid with Nanoparticles

2014  Piezoelectric Effect on the Buckling of Piezoelectric Thin Film with Viscoelastic Substrate

2014  Production of Heavy Duty Asphalt Mixes with MWCNT/SBS Nanocomposite Modified Asphalt-Binder

2014  Quantifying Cooperativity via Geometric Gyration-Based Metrics of Coupled Macromolecules

2014  Recycling of Dredged Soil Waste Using Air-foam Stabilization Method as Highway Construction Material

2014  Reflective Cracking on Cement Treated Base (CTB) Pavements in Zambia: An Analytical Study

2014  Refurbishment of the "Terreiro do Trigo" Dockyard for the New Lisbon Cruise Terminal

2014  Research of Sustainable Development on Waterway Transportation in China

2014  Research on Consolidation Characteristics of Composite Foundation in the Throat Area of a High-Speed Railway Station

2014  Reservoir Sediment Reinforced with Geobag for Backfill Applications

2014  Size-Dependent Fracture Toughness of Nanoscale Structures: Crack-Tip Stress Approach in Molecular Dynamics

2014  Stiffness-Based Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics

2014  Study on Assessment Model of Water Inrush Hazards in Karst Tunnel

2014  Study on Highway Construction Lead to the National Compensation

2014  Surface Wave Survey Method and Accelerometer-Based Field Testing Cases

2014  Synthesis of Nanomaterials from Physalis alkekengi L. and Their Removal of Bisphenol A in Water

2014  Test Research on the Development of Negative Skin Friction on Piles under Vertical Loads and Surcharges

2014  Transport and Reactivity of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles for Remediation of DNT in Subsurface Soils

2014  Transport of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles in Porous Media

2014  Utilization of Silica Fume to Stabilize the Dispersion of Carbon Nanofilaments in Cement Paste

2014  Variational Approach to Percolation Threshold of Nanocomposites Considering Clustering Effect

2014  Vertical Displacement Distributions of Double-Track High-Speed Railways’ Ballastless Track Infrastructure

2014  Vibration Propagation of Dynamic Compaction in Widening Highway Foundations

2013  Adsorption and Defect-Sensitive Structure of Single Wall Nanocarbons

2013  Atomic-Level Shear Stress-Strain Behavior of β-Sn

2013  Attitude Stabilization for the Nano Remote Sensing Satellite PRISM

2013  Cesium Immobilization in Soil by Ball-Milling Treatment with Nanometallic Ca/CaO Additive

2013  Dimensionless Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Oscillators: Design Aspects

2013  Effect of Dispersant on Transport of Nanoscale Iron Particles in Soils: Zeta Potential Measurements and Column Experiments

2013  Effects of Dwell Time and Loading Rate on the Nanoindentation Behavior of Asphaltic Materials

2013  Effects of Physicochemical Properties of Nanofiltration Membranes on the Rejection of Small Organic DBP Precursors