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2013  Aircraft Icing Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Chemical Propulsion: Greater than 60 Years of Leadership and Innovation at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Communications Research and Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  History of Electric Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: 1956 to Present

2013  Microgravity Fluids and Combustion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  NASA Glenn Combustion Research for Aeronautical Propulsion

2013  Power and Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: Historic Perspective of Major Accomplishments

2013  Prototype Development of an Integrated Mars Atmosphere and Soil-Processing System

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2012  NASA Overhauls Vehicle Assembly Building

2012  NewsBrief: NASA’s Mobile Laboratory to Search For Signs of Life On Mars (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

2012  NewsBriefs: NASA: Human Activity, Not Solar Activity, Driving Global Warming (NASA)

2012  NewsBriefs: NASA Space Shuttles To Be in New Homes By Year’s End (NASA)

2011  Editor’s Note

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Develops Map of Carbon Stored in the Earth’s Tropical Forests (NASA)

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Gives Private Spacecraft Green Light to Dock with ISS (The Wall Street Journal)

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Research Names 2010 as One Of the Two Warmest Years on Record (NASA)

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Scientists Discover Arsenic-Eating Bacteria (The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, and NASA)

2010  Deep Drilling and Sampling via Compact Low-Mass Rotary-Hammer Auto-Gopher

2010  Design and Tele-Operation of a Lunar Excavator for the NASA Centennial Challenge

2010  Development of a NASA 2018 Mars Landed Mission Concept

2010  The Development of a Silicon-Drift-Detector-Based X-Ray Spectrometer for Remote Surface Analysis

2010  Dust-Tolerant Power Connector Test Results

2010  Field Testing of K10 with HYDRA at NASA Ames Research Center

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit Project Overview

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit Project: Test Operations

2010  NASA’s Applied Sciences for Water Resources

2010  NewsBriefs: NASA, GM Develop Next Generation of Humanoid Robots

2010  NewsBriefs: NASA Plans Mission To Unlock the Sun’s Biggest Mysteries (NASA)

2010  Pneumatic Regolith Transfer Systems for In Situ Resource Utilization

2010  Quick Attach Docking Interface for Lunar Electric Rover

2010  Tumbleweed: A New Paradigm for Surveying Mars for In Situ Resources

2009  NewsBriefs: NASA Peeks inside Moon’s Shadowed Craters

2009  Overview of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Subsonic Rotary Wing Aeronautics Research Program in Rotorcraft Crashworthiness

2009  Shuttle Debris Impact Analysis: Postreturn to Flight Real-Time Mission Support

2008  Overview of the NASA Subsonic Rotary Wing Aeronautics Research Program in Rotorcraft Crashworthiness

2007  Opportunities for the Water Resources Community in NASA’s Applied Sciences Program

2007  People: Binienda Honored by NASA

2006  Advantages of Modularity and Commonality in a Spacecraft Architecture

2006  Capability Investment Strategy to Enable JPL Future Space Missions

2006  NewsBriefs: NASA Relies on Its Past To Power Its Future (Associated Press)

2006  Space Traffic Control Mission Assurance

2006  The Surface Endoskeletal Inflatable Module (SEIM)

2005  Hurricane Surge at Johnson Space Center

2005  NewsBriefs: Bush To Nominate Michael Griffin To Head NASA (The White House)

2005  NewsBriefs: NASA Launches Central American Monitoring Facility (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

2004  The NEEMO Project: A Report on How NASA Utilizes the “Aquarius” Undersea Habitat as an Analog for Long-Duration Space Flight

2004  Process Induced Errors in Replicated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mirrors

2004  Structural Dynamic Response of a Square Solar Sail under Solar Pressure and Thermal Loading

2003  Decision Tree Assessment of Challenging Technologies for Mission to Europa

2002  Aeronautical Engineering: NASA Adds Initial Segment to Space Railroad

2002  Deployable Structures: Analysis and Design by C. J. Gantes

2002  NASA Plans Best Wishes From Afar

2002  Technology: Miniature Bulldozers May Rove Mars Surface

2001  Consortium Seeks to Bolster Safety Software

2001  Space Solar Power: A Major New Energy Option?

2001  Space Solar Power: An Assessment of Challenges and Progress

2001  Space Solar Power: Environmental Questions and Future Studies

2001  Technical Assessment of Space Solar Power Research Program

2001  Technology: New Satellite Maps Pinpoint Storm-Water Runoff

2000  Advanced Life Support Systems

2000  Concept for Disrupting Tornado Formation with Space Solar Power

2000  Deep Space I: Robotic Exploration in the New Millennium

2000  Looking at Stars: The Need to be Closer

2000  A Metric for Evaluating Penetration and Sampling Devices for the NASA Mars Sample Return Missions

2000  NASA Needs Extremely Tall Tower for Space Elevator Concept

2000  The New Millennium Program Space Technology 5 (ST5)

2000  Satellite Communications

2000  Why NASA Needs to Continue Current Funding for the International Space Station

1998  An Archenemy Revisited: The 1979 Moon Treaty

1998  Continuing Development of the NASA Human Mars Mission Design

1998  Feds Join Forces on Base Support

1998  NASA Pretreatment Facility Uses Microfilters, Membranes

1998  The NASA-STA Cooperative Space Tourism Study

1998  Robotic Precursors to Human Mars Missions

1998  Space Debris in Low-Earth Orbit

1998  Wetlands Pose for NASA Snapshot

1997  Considerations for Return to the Moon and Lunar Base Site Selection Workshops

1997  NASA Tests Behavior of Soil in Space

1997  NASA’s New Road Repair System

1996  Acquisition of Subsurface Comet Samples

1996  Architectural Considerations in Design of Lunar-Based Astronomical Observatories

1996  Building on the Moon

1996  Control of Legged Robots

1996  Control Systems Governing Gravity-Dependent Plant Growth

1996  Dynamic Effects from the Space Shuttle Liftoff

1996  The Economics of Space Solar Power

1996  “Fifteen Years of Commercial Space in Retrospect”

1996  Flight Crew Equipment Development and Integration with the International Partners

1996  High Frequency Access to Low Gravity Experimentation in Organic Crystal Growth from Solutions

1996  Inflatable Habitat Option for a Human Lunar Return Mission

1996  International Space Station Traffic Model Development

1996  Johnson Space Center Crew Return Vehicle Activities

1996  Mechanical Properties of JSC-1 Lunar Regolith Simulant

1996  The NASA Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Program

1996  Overview of International Space Station Extra Vehicular Robotics

1996  Overview of the International Space Station Extra Vehicular Robotics Verification

1996  Plant Growth Experiments in Johnson Space Center’s Advanced Life Support System Program

1996  Solar Power Satellites

1996  Spheres of Influence: Federalism, Politics, and Engineering Design