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2015  Comparison of Pipeline Failure Prediction Models for Water Distribution Networks with Uncertain and Limited Data

2014  Explicit Water Quality Model Generation and Rapid Multiscenario Simulation

2014  Operating Rules for an Off-Stream Blending Reservoir to Control Nitrate in a Municipal Water System

2014  Rapid Response

2014  Seismic Enhancements for Delivering Water to the City of Los Angeles across the San Andreas Fault in the Elizabeth Tunnel

2013  Gravity-Powered Chemical Dose Controller for Sustainable, Municipal-Scale Drinking Water Treatment

2013  Integrated Approach to Simulate Stream Water Quality for Municipal Supply under a Changing Climate

2013  Municipal LID Regulations: What Is Important to Include to Be Successful?

2013  Municipal Water/Wastewater Project Delivery Performance Comparison

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2013  Performance Contracting and Sustainable Management of the Municipal Water Infrastructure

2013  Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California

2012  Baffled Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

2012  Biological Nutrient Removal in Municipal Wastewater Treatment: New Directions in Sustainability

2012  Rehabilitation of Large Diameter PCCP: Relining and Sliplining with Steel Pipe

2012  Restoring Water Network Reliability and Control in the City of Baltimore

2012  Stacked Filters: Novel Approach to Rapid Sand Filtration

2012  Stockton Delta Water Project Construction Challenges

2011  Balancing the Triple Bottom Line in Water Supply Planning for Utilities

2011  Intermittent Media Infiltration of Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Prediction Based on FREN for Fecal Coliform Removal

2011  Managing Water Quality in Saskatchewan Municipal Distribution Systems

2011  Minimize Impact or Maximize Benefit: The Role of Objective Function in Approximately Optimizing Sensor Placement for Municipal Water Distribution Networks

2011  Patterns in Potential Impacts Associated with Contamination Events in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Regulatory Requirements and Sustainable Management of Wastewater Sludges

2010  AC Pipe in North America: Inventory, Breakage, and Working Environments

2010  Comparison of Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for Peak Urban Water-Demand Forecasting: Evaluation of Different ANN Learning Algorithms

2010  Event-Based Microbial Risk Assessment and Response Analysis of Cryptosporidium in Municipal Water Distribution Networks

2010  Relationship between Pump Horsepower and Energy Usage in Municipal Water Networks

2010  Seasonal Residential Water Demand Forecasting for Census Tracts

2009  Designing Contamination Warning Systems for Municipal Water Networks Using Imperfect Sensors

2009  Development of a National GIS Database for Municipal Water and Wastewater Pipe Infrastructure System

2009  Development of a Probabilistic Timing Model for the Ingestion of Tap Water

2009  Eastern Municipal Water District—Water Facilities Master Plan

2009  Emerging Use of Plastic (HDPE) Pipe in Dynamic Municipal Water Systems and Trenchless Technologies for Improved Infrastructure Performance

2009  Failure Assessment Modeling to Prioritize Water Pipe Renewal: Two Case Studies

2009  Impact of Booster Chlorination on Chlorine Decay and THM Production: Simulated Analysis

2009  Membrane Treatment of Rio Grande Water for Municipal Water Production during the Non-Irrigation Season

2009  Municipal Water Systems in the Columbia River Basin: A Portfolio Management Approach for Multiple Benefits

2009  One Agency’s Perspective on a Change from Steel to Plastic Pipe

2009  Source Control: The Solution to Stormwater Pollution

2009  Using Water Main Break Data to Improve Asset Management for Small and Medium Utilities: District of Maple Ridge, B.C.

2009  WDS Water Quality Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty

2008  Development of a Comprehensive Solute Mixing Model (AZRED) for Double-Tee, Cross, and Wye Junctions

2008  Effect of Demand on Energy Use in Municipal Water Distribution Systems

2008  Estimating the Impacts and Uncertainty of Climate Change on a Municipal Water Supply System

2008  Impact of Climate Change on Hydraulic Performance in Water Distribution Networks

2008  Importance of Exposure Model in Estimating Impacts When a Water Distribution System is Contaminated

2008  Low-Memory Lagrangian Relaxation Methods for Sensor Placement in Municipal Water Networks

2008  Peak Daily Water Demand Forecast Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  Pilot Plant Comparison between the AFBR and the UASB Reactor for Municipal Wastewater Pretreatment

2008  Sizes for Self-Cleaning Pipes in Municipal Water Supply Systems

2007  Event Detection from Water Quality Time Series

2007  Filtration of Municipal Water Supplies in the United States

2007  Implementation of Pressure and Leakage Management Strategies on the Gold Coast, Australia: Case Study

2007  Issues in Energy Consumption by Municipal Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2007  Lake Tawakoni Water Supply Project, Critical Path Issues and Lessons Learned: Fast-Tracking a $100 Million Water Transmission Project

2007  New Desalination Configurations and Technologies for Recovery Increase and Concentrate Minimization

2007  North Carolina — Virginia Conflict: The Lake Gaston Water Transfer

2007  Probabilistic Estimation of Water Conservation Effectiveness

2007  What’s the Water Demand and Where Does it Go?

2007  When Less is More

2006  Assessment Model of Water Main Conditions

2006  Asset Management Strategies for Metallic Municipal Transmission Pipelines

2006  Delay between Sensing and Response in Water Contamination Events

2006  Sensor Placement in Municipal Water Networks with Temporal Integer Programming Models

2005  Canada’s CSO Technologies Manual — A Comprehensive Design and Resource Manual

2005  A Comparison of Navier Stokes and Network Models to Predict Chemical Transport in Municipal Water Distribution Systems

2005  Identifiability of Contaminant Source Characteristics in Steady-State and Time-Varying Network Flows

2005  Sensor Placement in Municipal Water Networks

2005  Simulating Exposures to Deliberate Intrusions into Water Distribution Systems

2004  Addressing Modeling Uncertainties in Sensor Placement for Community Water Systems

2004  A General Integer-Programming-Based Framework for Sensor Placement in Municipal Water Networks

2004  A Multiple-Objective Analysis of Sensor Placement Optimization in Water Networks

2004  Simulating Accidental Exposures to Deliberate Intrusions

2004  State-of-the- Art Review of Municipal PVC Piping Products

2004  Time Dependent Contamination Source Determination: A Network Subdomain Approach for Very Large Water Networks

2003  Development and Application of a Decision Support System for Municipal Water Infrastructure Planning: Challenges and Successes

2003  Effect of User Demand on Water Quality and Hydraulics of Distribution Systems

2003  Modeling Water Pipe Breaks—Three Case Studies

2003  Temporal Scale Consideration for Water Quality Modeling in Municipal Distribution Systems

2002  Reliability/Availability Analysis of Municipal Water Distribution Networks: Case Studies

2001  Estimation of Dispersion in Unsteady Random Flow Condition in Dead-End Pipes of Water Distribution System

2000  Arsenic Occurrence and Speciation in Municipal Ground-Water-Based Supply System

2000  A Dynamic-Stochastic Simulation Model of a Municipal Water System

2000  Joint Operations Plan: Enhanced Fisheries without Imposed Bypass Flows

2000  Protecting the Source

2000  Structure and Cost of the Water Supply Market in Sana’a City, Yemen

2000  Urban Drought Planning vs. the Real Thing

1999  CMWD Infrastructure Reliability Program for PCCP

1999  Derivation of water Rationing Rules Using Goal Programming

1999  Modeling Indoor and Outdoor Residential Water Use as the Superposition of Two Poisson Rectangular Pulse Processes

1999  System Calibration Sampling Design by Genetic Algorithm

1999  Wastewater Privatization: A Beneficial Alternative

1998  The Chicagoland Man-Made Waterways

1998  Deep Tunnel’s Twists and Turns-CSO Control in Metro Chicago

1998  Detecting Accidental Contaminants in Municipal Water Networks: Application

1998  Detecting Accidental Contaminations in Municipal Water Networks

1998  Development of an Integrated Toxic Loading Permit Model for both Municipal and Industrial Applications

1998  Evaluation of a Conventional Drinking Water Treatment Facility Using Particle Size Distributions

1998  Evolution of MWRDGC Treatment Plants