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2014  Applicability of Kinematic, Diffusion, and Quasi-Steady Dynamic Wave Models to Shallow Mud Flows

2014  Fluid Mud Properties in Nautical Depth Estimation

2014  Unified Model for Geomaterial Solid/Fluid States and the Transition in Between

2013  Sedimentation Patterns of Fine-Grained Particles in the Dam Area of the Three Gorges Project: 3D Numerical Simulation

2012  Accounting for Rough Bed Friction Factors of Mud Beds as a Result of Biological Activity in Erosion Experiments

2012  Effects of Tide and River Discharge on Mud Transport on Intertidal Flat

2012  Environmental Risk Assessment of Red Mud Contaminated Land in Hungary

2012  Modified Dynamic CPTU Penetrometer for Fluid Mud Detection

2012  Physical and Numerical Modeling of the Entrainment by a High-Concentration Mud Suspension

2012  Toxicity Characteristics of Drilling Mud and Its Effect on Aquatic Fish Populations

2012  The Use of Bentonite Mud in the MTBM of Rock Areas

2011  Application of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Crossing Gan River Project Adjacent to Shengmi Bridge

2011  Effect of Shearing Speed on Residual Shear Strength of Natural Soil Obtained from Mudstone

2011  Geopolymerization of Red Mud and Fly Ash for Civil Infrastructure Applications

2011  Performance of Ecotypic Wall-Protective Mud with Feather Fibers from Poultry

2011  Preparation and Recycling of Drilling Mud in Large Scale Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects in Mainland China

2011  Study on Correction of Safe Mud Weight Window (SMWW) for Horizontal Well

2011  SWAN-Mud: Engineering Model for Mud-Induced Wave Damping

2010  The Behavior of a Deep Retained Excavation in Soft San Francisco Bay Mud

2010  The Behavior of a Deep Retained Excavation in Soft San Francisco Bay Mud

2010  Influence of Shear Rate on Undrained Vane Shear Strength of Organic Harbor Mud

2010  Mean Velocity of Mudflows and Debris Flows

2010  Treatment of Drilling Wastewater by Combined Coagulation-Ultraviolet/Fenton-Pressurized Biological Processes

2009  Effects of Lime-Clay Modification on the Consolidation Behavior of the Dredged Mud

2009  Mud Ground and Saturated Loess Ground Treated by Deep Jet Cement Pile

2009  Muddy Sediment Erosion: Insights from Field Studies

2009  Spectral Collocation Model for Solitary Wave Attenuation and Mass Transport over Viscous Mud

2009  Time-Dependent Deformation of Dredged Harbor Mud Used as Backfilling Material

2009  Uniform Flow of Modified Bingham Fluids in Narrow Cross Sections

2008  Removing The Mississippi’s Mud Lump: Eads South Pass Navigation Works

2008  Variable-Concentration and Boundary Effects on Debris Flow Discharge Predictions

2007  Comparison of Physical Properties between Treated and Untreated Bauxite Residue Mud

2007  Effects of Mud Content on the Strength and Dry-Shrinkage Performance of HAS-Modified Aggregate

2007  Evaluation of Safety of Navigation in Muddy Areas through Real-Time Maneuvering Simulation

2007  A Fine Sediment Transport Modeling Framework and its Application to Fluid Mud Processes

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. I: Present State of Understanding on Character and Behavior

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. II: Measurement, Modeling, and Management

2007  Testing a Multiple Grain-Class Mud Deposition Algorithm

2007  Time Dependent Mud Fluidization and Irregular Wave Transformation on Muddy Profiles

2007  Wave Evolution on Fluid Mud Bottom

2006  Simulation of Wave Transformation on Muddy Coasts

2004  Construction of A Container Terminal On Bay Fill Created From Dredged Mud and Sand at The Port of Oakland

2004  Experiments on Reworking by Successive Unconfined Subaqueous and Subaerial Muddy Debris Flows

2003  Environmental Engineering: Mudslide Threat Forces Immediate Superfund Action

2003  A Nonlinear Model for Small-Strain Consolidation of Soft Muds

2003  Rheological Behavior of Fine and Large Particle Suspensions

2002  Flocculation and the Fate of Drill Mud Discharges

2001  1D Numerical Model of Muddy Subaqueous and Subaerial Debris Flows

2001  Development of a Geomaterial from Dredged Bay Mud

2001  Mudflow Rheology and Dynamics, by Philippe Coussot

2000  A Case Study for Drilled Shafts Base Mud Treatment

1999  Bypassing of Dredged Muddy Sediment and Thin-Layer Disposal, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

1999  Experimental Studies on the Estimation of Deposition and Erosion Parameters of Silty Mud

1999  Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Microtunneling in Soft Ground

1999  Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour with Fluid Mud Bottom

1999  Modeling of Mud/Debris Unsteady Flows

1999  Wave-Mud Interaction: Wave Attenuation and Mud Mass Transport

1998  A Mechanism for the Formation of Lutoclines by Waves

1998  Mudslide Repair Costs Caltrans $12 Million

1998  Post-Cyclic Response of Holocene Bay Mud from San Francisco

1997  1996 Tumalt Creek Debris Flows and Debris Avalanches in the Columbia River Gorge East of Portland, Oregon

1997  Ability of Muddy Debris to Remain Mobile at Low Flow Rates

1997  Analysis of Mud Mass Transport under Waves Using an Empirical Rheological Model

1997  Discrimination Between Inertial and Macroviscous Flows of Fine-Grained Debris with a Rolling-Sleeve Viscometer

1997  Erosion of Fluid Mud Layers. I: Entrainment Model

1997  Erosion of Fluid Mud Layers. II: Experiments and Model Validation

1997  A Flow Model of Hyperconcentrated Sand-Water Mixtures

1997  Map of the World Mudflow Phenomena

1997  The Necessity of an Ecological Foundation for Mudflow Defence Measures in the Highlands of the Central Caucasus

1997  Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

1997  Numerical Modeling of Mudflows

1997  On the Importance of Mud and Debris Flow Rheology in Structural Design

1997  On the Importance of Mudflow Routing

1997  One-Dimensional Routing of Mud/Debris Flows Using NWS FLDWAV Model

1997  A Perturbation Solution for Bingham-Plastic Mud Flows

1997  Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

1997  Prediction of Hazard and Risk of Mudflows

1997  Problems in Characterizing Dynamics of Mud Shore Profiles

1997  Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

1997  Transport of Fluid Mud Generated by Waves on Inclined Beds

1997  A Two-Dimensional Model for the Study of Debris-Flow Spreading on a Torrent Debris Fan

1996  Application of Circulation and Sediment Transport Modeling within San Diego Bay

1996  Aspects of River House Cleaning during Floods

1996  Experiments on Resuspension of Fluid Mud Using an Oscillating-Grid Tank

1996  Field Measurements of Erosion across a Shallow Water Estuarine Mudflat

1996  Floodplain Management in Los Angeles County

1996  Gravity Current of Fluid Mud on Sloping Bed

1996  Mitigation Measures for Eroding Muddy Shores

1996  Nailing A Landslide (Available only in the Geo/Environmental Special Issue)

1996  Operational Aspects of Warning

1996  Settling and Erosion Characteristics of Mud/Sand Mixtures

1995  Behaviors of Fluid Mud Under Oscillatory Flow

1995  Erosion of Layered Sand-Mud Beds in Uniform Flow

1995  An Integrated Remediation/Redevelopment Approach for a 31-Acre Site with Oil Field Drilling Waste Sumps

1995  Mud Transport and Muddy Bottom Deformation by Waves

1995  Sedimentation and Consolidation of a Neutralized Red Mud

1995  Settling Columns Parametric Tests Applied to Coastal Sediment Consolidation

1995  Tracking Dynamical Changes in Mud Bed Due to Waves

1995  Wave-Current Interaction with Mud Bed

1994  Banks, Glynn E.