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2015  Estimated Loss of Snowpack Storage in the Eastern Sierra Nevada with Climate Warming

2014  Analysis of External Water Pressure on the Support and Lining of Deep Mountain Tunnels below High Water Tables

2014  Improving the Evaluation of Slit-Check Dam Trapping Efficiency by Using a 1D Unsteady Flow Numerical Model

2014  Springtime Snowmelt and Streamflow Predictions in the Himalayan Mountains

2013  Curve Widening of Two-Lane, Two-Way Road: A Case Study of Mounainous Two-Lane Road in Southwestern China

2013  Experimental Study of a Wind Field in a Long-span Bridge Site Located in Mountainous Valley Terrain

2013  Interdependency Between Seismic Energy Parameters and Damage Indices of Four Types of Mountain Tunnels

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Lane Departure Warning System Design for Mountainous Freeways

2013  Modeling Crash Frequency of A Typical Mountainous Freeway

2013  Modelling Sediment Deposit Evolution Upstream of Slit-Check Dams in Mountain Streams

2013  Passenger Safety Analysis of Hybrid Highways in Mountain Areas and Rural Coach Choice

2013  Passenger Train Operation Adjustment Method of Railway Networks in Mountainous Areas under Disaster Conditions

2013  Research on the Impact Test Conditions of Safety Barriers on Mountain Rural Roads

2013  Review of Large-Scale Shaking Table Test of Mountain Tunnel

2013  Study on the Relationship between Transport Safety Situation and Economy Development

2013  Traffic Accidents’ Distribution in the Highway Tunnels of Mountainous Areas and Preventive Measures

2013  Uncertainty in Suspended Sediment Load Estimates for Mountain Rivers. Case of Study of Central Andes in Peru

2012  Analysis of the Influence of Reservoir Water Level Fluctuation on Bank Slope Stability

2012  Assessment of Roadside Safety on Mountainous Rural Highway Targeted by Traffic Engineering Facilities

2012  Curve Numbers for Nine Mountainous Eastern United States Watersheds: Seasonal Variation and Forest Cutting

2012  Design of 300 m High Artificial Mountain Using Geosynthetics

2012  Effect of Reconstruction and Expansion of Tourist Highway Circumscribing Changbai Mountain on Landscape Pattern

2012  Forest Recreation Opportunity Spectrum in the Suburban Mountainous Region of Beijing

2012  The Geohazards Features and Management of Zhongxian-Wuhan Gas Pipeline in Mountainous Areas

2012  NewsBriefs: Fault Line Threatens Japan’s Beloved Mount Fuji (AFP)

2012  Runoff Curve Numbers for 10 Small Forested Watersheds in the Mountains of the Eastern United States

2012  Study on the Indicator System for Evaluating the Suitability of Mountainous Land for Construction

2011  Adaptation of Precipitation Index for the Estimation of Antecedent Moisture Condition in Large Mountainous Basins

2011  Analysis of Hydraulic Destruction of Fill Slope in Mountain Areas

2011  Characteristic Features of Deep-Seated Landslides in Mid-Nepal Himalayas: Spatial Distribution and Mineralogical Evaluation

2011  Comparison of Rainfall Interpolation Methods in a Mountainous Region of a Tropical Island

2011  Crash Analysis and Proper Countermeasures for Xi-Han Freeway

2011  Curved Section of Road Safety Audit Model Based on Humanization on the Mountain Two-Lane Highway

2011  Depositional Patterns in Steep Mountainous Streams under Low Relative Submergence (LRS) Regime

2011  D-S Evidence Theory in the Mountainous Gas Pipeline Evaluation of Application

2011  Experiment Identifying Approach for Accident-Prone Locations of Highways in Mountainous District

2011  The Highway Design of Mountainous and the Research of Traffic Security

2011  Quantitative Testing of Model of Bedrock Channel Incision by Plucking and Macroabrasion

2011  Relationship of Linear Combination of Tunnel and Heart Rate Increase Rate

2011  Safety Evaluation Index of Driving Environment of Mountain Highway Based on Cluster Analysis

2011  Study on the Mountainous Freeway Vertical Alignment Safety Based on Typical Truck Climbing Characteristics in China

2011  Study on the Relationship between the Horizontal Alignment Indices and Traffic Safety in Mountainous Freeway

2010  Analysis of Accident Characteristics and Causes for Bridge-Tunnel Group Section of Mountainous Expressway

2010  Analytical Study on Wind-Induced Vibration of Transmission Line Systems in Mountainous Areas

2010  Assessment of Hazards in the Construction of Mountainous Expressway:MLES Approach

2010  Development of a Road Weather Information System for Mountain Expressways

2010  Flood Modeling in the Coastal Plains and Mountains: Analysis of Terrain Resolution

2010  Geometric Design Parameters Research of Two-Lane Highway in Mountainous Terrain Based on Drivers’ Anticipation

2010  Hydraulic Complexity Metrics for Evaluating In-Stream Brook Trout Habitat

2010  Identification of Abnormal Traffic State and Cause Analysis in Mountainous Highways

2010  Mastering a Mountain

2010  Modeling Differential Settlement in the Partial-Cut and Partial-Fill Embankments of the Mountainous Expressways of China

2010  Mountain Hazards in a Warming World

2010  Research on Allocation of the Driver’s Attention on the Tunnel Sections of a Mountain Freeway

2010  Research on Relationship between Operating Speed and Posted Speed Limit for Mountainous Freeway

2010  A Research on the Traffic Safety Characteristics of Two-Lane Highway in China’s Mountain Area

2010  Research on Traffic Accident Prediction Model for Mountainous Freeways

2010  Risk Assessment of Voids behind the Lining of Mountain Tunnels

2010  Safety Evaluation of Bridge-Tunnel Sections on Mountainous Expressway Based on Bayesian Network

2010  Safety Evaluation of Highway in Mountainous Area Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

2010  Study of Analysis of Traffic Accidents and Driving Safety at Junction Sections of Bridge and Tunnel on Expressways in Mountainous Areas

2010  Study on Safety Impact Factors of New Tour Project for the Mountainous Areas in the Southwest of China

2010  A Technique for Escape Ramp Location Determination in China’s Mountain Area Expressway

2009  Artificial Recharge in Multiaquifers of a Mountainous Watershed

2009  Atmospheric Model-Based Streamflow Forecasting at Small, Mountainous Watersheds by a Distributed Hydrologic Model: Application to a Watershed in Japan

2009  Characterizing Water Inputs to Catchments in the Santa Monica Mountains with δ18O and δD

2009  Choice of Reasonable Longitudinal Gradient at Alignments of Mountain Highways Based on Driver’s Physiological Reactions

2009  Construction Challenges for an 84-Inch Pipeline: TRWD’s Eagle Mountain Connection Project

2009  Design of a Hybrid Reinforced Earth Embankment for Roadways in Mountainous Regions

2009  Dynamic Compaction of Fill in a Mountainous Area

2009  Effects of Geometric Features on Rear-End Crash Incidence on Mountainous Two-Lane Highway

2009  Establishment of Construction Safety Early-Warning System for Mountainous Freeways

2009  Integrated Water Management in an Ancestral Water Scheme in a Mountainous Area of Southern Spain

2009  Research about the Regularization of Ground Surface Movement and Deformation Caused by Mountain Tunnel Excavation

2009  Road Construction Patterns Based on Rural Settlements Spatial Reconstruction of Mountainous Regions in Western Sichuan, China

2009  Using TDR Cables and GPS for Landslide Monitoring in High Mountain Area

2008  Equivalent Roughness of Gravel-Bed Rivers

2008  Occurrence of Protozoan and Bacterial Pathogens in Water Samples from Small Water Systems in Mountainous Areas of Taiwan

2008  pH and Acid Anion Time Trends in Different Elevation Ranges in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2008  Research on Measure of Road Traffic Environmental Carrying Capacity in Mountainous Scenic Spots

2008  Research on Risk Assessment for Talus Slope of Freeway in Mountain Area

2008  Validity of Regional Rainfall Spatial Distribution Methods in Mountainous Areas

2007  ADV Measurements around a Cluster Microform in a Shallow Mountain Stream

2007  NewsBriefs: China to Construct Road to Mount Everest Base Camp (Associated Press)

2006  The Development and Application of the Slope Management System

2006  Engineering and Geological Characteristics of Sliding Sand Hillslopes in Granitic Mountains of West China

2006  Geomorphic Meander Restoration of Incised and Aggraded Systems in the Blue Mountain Range in Washington State

2006  New Facility fo Study River Abrasion Processes

2006  Preliminary Study on the Classification and Types of Preferential Flow in the Dark Coniferous Forest Ecosystem of Gongga Mountain

2006  Temporal Variation of Dissolved Oxygen in a Mountain Stream Plunge Pool: An Example from Northern Turkey

2005  Case Study: Efficiency of Slit-Check Dams in the Mountain Region of Versilia Basin

2005  Characterization of Particle Cluster Bedforms in a Mountain Stream

2005  Highways: Road Widened through Landslide-Prone Canyon

2005  Karst in Appalachia — A Tangled Zone: Projects with Cave-Sized Voids and Sinkholes

2005  Mountain Streams – Modeling Hydraulics and Substance Transport

2005  Numerical Model of Sediment Pulses and Sediment-Supply Disturbances in Mountain Rivers

2005  Simulation of Metals Total Maximum Daily Loads and Remediation in a Mining-Impacted Stream

2004  Application of Remote Sensing and GIS to Model Mountainous Rivers

2004  The Best Management Practices of Tea Farm on High Mountain Areas