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2015  Optimal Control of Coning Motion of Spinning Missiles

2013  Constrained Motion Approach to the Synchronization of the Multiple Coupled Slave Gyroscopes

2013  Practical Integration of Semidiscretized Nonlinear Equations of Motion: Proper Convergence for Systems with Piecewise Linear Behavior

2012  A Constrained Motion Approach to the Synchronization of Multiple Coupled Slave Gyroscopes

2012  Heave-Pitch Motions of a Platform Flying in Extreme Ground Effect

2012  Improved Model of Deep-Draft Ship Squat in Shallow Waterways Using Stepwise Regression Trees

2012  Near Real-Time Motion Planning and Simulation of Cranes in Construction: Framework and System Architecture

2011  Application of Dimension Reduction Techniques for Motion Recognition: Construction Worker Behavior Monitoring

2011  Computer Vision Techniques for Worker Motion Analysis to Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders in Construction

2011  Jaywalker Detection Based on Motion Path Analysis

2011  Motion of a Rigid Body in a Newtonian Field of Force Exerted by Three Attracting Centers

2011  Periodical Motion of a Tethered Satellite System around Collinear Libration Points

2009  Cross Correlations of Modal Responses of Tall Buildings in Wind-Induced Lateral-Torsional Motion

2009  Incipient Motion of Riverbank Sediments with Outflow Seepage

2009  Real-Time Optimized Trajectory Planning for a Fixed-Wing Vehicle Flying in a Dynamic Environment

2009  Relative Periodic Motion of a Rigid Body Pendulum on an Ellipse

2008  Nonstationary Response Analysis of Long Span Bridges under Spatially Varying Differential Support Motions Using Continuous Wavelet Transform

2006  Frequency Dependence of Human Response to Wind-Induced Building Motion

2006  Motion-Induced and Parametric Excitations of Stay Cables: A Case Study

2006  New Approach to Mission Design Based on the Fundamental Equations of Motion

2006  Viscous Effect on the Roll Motion of a Rectangular Structure

2005  Accounting for Multi-Axial Movement during the Lifting of a Long-Span Roof

2005  Constrained Motion of Tethered Satellites

2005  Dynamic Wind Effects on Buildings with 3D Coupled Modes: Application of High Frequency Force Balance Measurements

2005  Effect of Shape on Incipient Motion of Large Solitary Particles

2005  Experimental Sloshing Studies in Sway and Heave Base Excited Square Tanks

2005  Investigation of Silo Honking: Slip-Stick Excitation and Wall Vibration

2005  Motion-Dependent Forces in High-Rise Building

2005  Numerical Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Models of Ultraviolet Disinfection Channels

2005  Wind-Induced Motion Control of 76-Story Benchmark Building using the Hybrid Damper-TLCD System

2004  Comparison of Methods for Predicting Incipient Motion for Sand Beds

2004  Initiation of Motion of Calcareous Sand

2004  Initiation of Movement of Quartz Particles

2004  Measurement of Coarse Gravel and Cobble Transport Using Portable Bedload Traps

2004  Settling Distance and Incipient Motion of Sandbags in Open Channel Flows

2003  Elasticity of Space-Time: Basis of Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion

2003  Feasibility Study on Thruster-Assisted Turret-Moored FPSO by Coupled Dynamic Analysis

2003  Incipient Motion of Bivalve Shells on Sand Beds under Flowing Water

2003  Particle Densimetric Froude Number for Estimating Sediment Transport

2003  Sphere Drag and Settling Velocity Revisited

2002  About a Variational Principle in the Theory of Motivated Vehicle Motion

2002  Moving Loads Identification through Regularization

2002  Nonclassical Modes of Unrestrained Shear Beams

2002  The Research Thought and Signal Analysis on the Automobile Weight-in-Motion (WIM) Device

2002  Stochastic Incipient Motion Criterion for Spheres under Various Bed Packing Conditions

2002  Stochastic Prediction of Sediment Transport in Sand-Gravel Bed Rivers

2002  Water Resources: Air Bubbles Surface as an Unexamined Problem in Drinking Water Treatment

2001  The Effect of Small-Scale Fluid Motion on Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

2001  Evaluation of Thermocoax Piezoelectric Weight-in-Motion Sensors

2001  Frequency-Domain Analysis of Long-Span Bridges Subjected to Nonuniform Seismic Motions

2001  Incipient Motion Criteria for Rigid Sediment Grain on Rigid Surface

2001  Rocking Response of Anchored Blocks under Pulse-Type Motions

2001  Rocking Response of Free-Standing Blocks under Cycloidal Pulses

2000  Direct Numerical Procedure for Solution of Moving Oscillator Problems

2000  Electroactive Polymeric Composite Fin Design for Propulsion of Autonomous Aquatic Vehicles

2000  Predicting Incipient Velocity of Capsules in Pipe

1999  Analysis of Initiation of Sediment Suspension from Bed Load

1999  Back from the Brink

1999  Comparison of Bed Load Sampler and Tracer Data on Initiation of Motion

1999  Computer Vision Technique for Tracking Bed Load Movement

1999  Constructing Hydraulic Robot Models Using Memory-Based Learning

1999  Dispersion of Wave Action

1999  Dynamic Instability of Elastically Supported Beam under Traveling Inertia Load

1999  A Follow-the-Leader Approach to Serpentine Robot Motion Planning

1999  The Legend of A. F. Shields

1999  Measurement of Particle Movement in Granular Soils Using Image Analysis

1999  Riprap Incipient Motion and Shields’ Parameters

1999  Sensors ‘Weigh In’ at HITEC

1999  Stability and Mobility of Sand-Bed Channels Affected by Seepage

1999  Terminal Velocity of Cylinders Rolling in Uniform Flows

1999  Ultimate Bed Slope in Calabrian Streams Upstream of Check Dams: Field Study

1998  Adaptable User Interfaces and Supervision of Heavy Machines in Mining and Construction

1998  Clear-Water Contraction Scour under Bridges in Pressure Flow

1998  Experiments on Saltation of Sand in Water

1998  Forecasting Rig Heave for Drilling Operations in Harsh Environments

1998  Gravitational Fall Velocity of Sphere in Viscous Fluid

1998  Incipent Motion of Coarse Particles on a Slope by Regular or Irregular Waves

1998  Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions

1998  Motion Planning for Serpentine Robots

1998  On the Design of Joint Trajectory for a Flexible-Link Robot

1998  Parallel On-Line Motion Planning for Industrial Robots

1997  An Analysis of Particle Saltation Dynamics

1997  Detection of Hairpin Vortices Over Mixed Grain Sized Sediment Surfaces

1997  Dynamic Response of Railway Tracks to Oscillatory Moving Masses

1997  Incipient Motion of Breakwater Armor

1997  Modeling Separation of Flocculant Particles in a Horizontal-Flow Gravel Bed

1997  Particle Model for Alluvial Fan Formation

1997  Response of Elastic Continuum Carrying Moving Linear Oscillator

1997  Self-Diffusion and Convection in Vibrated Particle Beds

1997  Study on Incipient Motion of Bed Material with a Wide Size Distribution

1997  Turbulence Modulation and Particle Velocities over Flat Sand Beds at Low Transport Rates

1997  Velocity Profile of Sediment-Laden Flow in Transition From Saltation to Sheet-Flow

1997  Vibration of Elastic Continuum Carrying Accelerating Oscillator

1996  Adaptive Self-Tuning Control of Excavators

1996  An Analysis of Characteristics of Basset Force on Particles Accelerating in Arbitrary Flow Field

1996  Deformation Patterns in Biaxial Shear of Particulates

1996  Electrophoretic Mobility of Cryptosporidium Oocysts and Giardia Cysts

1996  Graphic-Based Interactive Path Planning for Large-Scale Bridge Maintenance Cranes

1996  Integration of CAD Drawings and Construction Robot Motion Controllers

1996  Measuring Coherency of Human-Induced Rhythmic Loads Using Force Plates