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2015  Adhesion of Air Lime-Based Mortars to Old Tiles: Moisture and Open Porosity Influence in Tile/Mortar Interfaces

2015  Effects of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Thaumasite Formation in Cement Mortars

2015  Friction Influence between Particles in the Behavior of Flow of Lime-Rendering Mortars

2015  Influence of Treatment Methods on the Strength and Performance Characteristics of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

2015  Possible Role of Simple Ionic Solutions on the Water Transport Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Lime Mortars

2015  Prediction of Elastic Moduli Development of Cement Mortars Using Early Age Measurements

2014  Assessment of Compressive Behavior of Concrete Masonry Prisms Partially Filled by General Mortar

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Comparative Study of Different Cement-Based Inorganic Pastes towards the Development of FRIP Strengthening Technology

2014  Compressive, Flexural Bond, and Shear Bond Strengths of In Situ New Zealand Unreinforced Clay Brick Masonry Constructed Using Lime Mortar between the 1880s and 1940s

2014  Correlation between Cohesive Crack-Tip Local Fracture Energy and Peak Load in Mortar Beams

2014  Determination of Mechanical Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar via UPV Method

2014  Empirical Estimation of Pore Size Distribution in Cement, Mortar, and Concrete

2014  Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Peak Shear Stress of Brick Masonry Mortar Joint under Compression

2014  Experimental Study on Dynamic Tensile Strength of Cement Mortar Using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Technique

2014  Experimental Study on Evaluation Standard of Repair Mortar Performance for Rigid Pavement

2014  Fiber Reinforcement of DCPD-Modified Sulfur Mortar

2014  Fracture-Mechanical Properties of Mortar-to-Brick Interfaces

2014  Impact of the Properties and Reactivity of Rice Husk Ash on Lime Mortar Properties

2014  Influence of Clinoptilolite Replacement on Durability of Cement Mortars

2014  Mechanical Performance of Structural Concrete with the Incorporation of Coarse Recycled Concrete and Ceramic Aggregates

2014  Rational Procedure for Composition of Screed Mortar with Recycled Sand at a Construction Site

2014  Strength and Stiffness Characterization of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2014  Strengthening of Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with TRM: Study on the Development and Testing of Textile-Based Anchors

2014  Synthesis and Characterization of Fly Ash Geopolymer Sand

2014  Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Stiffness of Field-Extracted and Laboratory-Constructed Masonry Prisms

2013  Cement Mortar Liquidity Testing Method by Rheological Properties

2013  Diffusion Properties of Sodium and Lithium Silicates through Cement Pastes and its Mitigating Effect on Alkali-silica Reaction

2013  Effect of Asphalt Mortar on High-Temperature Properties of Asphalt Mixture

2013  Effects of High Volumes of Fly Ash, Blast Furnace Slag, and Bottom Ash on Flow Characteristics, Density, and Compressive Strength of High-Strength Mortar

2013  Effects of the Parent Concrete Properties and Crushing Procedure on the Properties of Coarse Recycled Concrete Aggregates

2013  Experimental Analysis of Drying Shrinkage Cracking in Coating Mortars by Digital Image Correlation

2013  Fracture Mechanisms of Polymer Cement Mortar: Concrete Interfaces

2013  Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe Sewers Temperature-Proof Leakage Construction Technology

2013  High-Calcium Bottom Ash Geopolymer: Sorptivity, Pore Size, and Resistance to Sodium Sulfate Attack

2013  Influence of Salt Freezing on Asphalt Mortar’s Stiffness Modulus

2013  Interface Bond Mechanism of EVA-Modified Mortar and Porcelain Tile

2013  Mechanical Properties and Freeze-Thaw Durability of Strengthening Mortars

2013  A Micro-Macro Model for the Mortar with Drying Effect

2013  Mortar Joint Maintenance - From Abomination to Preservation

2013  Mortars Made with Fine Granulate from Shredded Tires

2013  Response of Prefabricated Slab Track to Failed CA Mortar

2013  Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Cement-Asphalt Composites

2013  Strain Capacity and Cracking Resistance Improvement in Mortars by Adding Plastic Particles

2013  Stress-Strain Behavior and Statistical Continuous Damage Model of Cement Mortar under High Strain Rates

2013  Ultrasonic Measurement of Evolving Microstructure in Hydrating Mortar

2013  Use of Recycled Sand Produced at Construction Sites in Bedding Mortars

2013  Use of the Falling-Head Method to Assess Permeability of Freshly Mixed Cementitious-Based Materials

2012  Effect of Fly Ash Fineness on Temperature Rise, Setting, and Strength Development of Mortar

2012  Effects of Different Curing Regimes on Engineering Properties of Polymer-Modified Mortar

2012  Experimental and Numerical Study for the Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Textile-Reinforced Mortar

2012  FRP-Masonry Debonding: Numerical and Experimental Study of the Role of Mortar Joints

2012  Influence of Filler Addition on Mechanical Behavior of Cementitious Mortar-Rubber Aggregates: Experimental Study and Modeling

2012  Influences of Polymer Modification and Exposure Conditions on Chloride Permeability of Cement Mortars and Composites

2012  Investigation of the Age-Dependent Constitutive Relations of Mortar

2012  The Key Technologies for Construction Quality Control of Cement Emulsified Asphalt Mortar of CRTS Ballastless Slab Track for High-Speed Railway

2012  Review of Thaumasite Sulfate Attack on Cement Mortar and Concrete

2012  Rheological Behavior of Fresh Cement Asphalt Mortar

2012  Structure of Portland Cement Pastes Blended with Sonicated Silica Fume

2012  Treatment of Covered Karst Using LMG and JG: Natura Case Revisited from the Perspective of an Application of the Observational Method

2012  Using Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Effective Diffusivity in Mortars

2012  Water Absorption and Electrical Conductivity for Internally Cured Mortars with a W/C between 0.30 and 0.45

2012  Water Extraction in Natural Hydraulic Lime Based Mortar

2011  Abrasion Resistance of Cement Mortar with Different Pozzolanic Compositions and Matrices

2011  Bond Strength of Lap-Spliced Bars in Concrete Confined with Composite Jackets

2011  Characterization of Mortar Using Calcified Cell-CaCO3by Microbial Biomineralization

2011  Development and Study of the Strength of Self-Compacting Mortar Mixes Using Local Materials

2011  Effect of D-Galacturonic Acid on Hydration of Cementitious Materials

2011  Effect of Recycled Sand Content on Characteristics of Mortars and Concretes

2011  Evaluation of Seven Flexible Linings to Determine Suitability As an Alternative to Mortar Lining

2011  Influence of Metakaolin on Resistivity of Cement Mortar to Magnesium Chloride Solution

2011  Influence of the Oxidation Process of Carbon Material on the Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortars

2011  Interactions between Organic and Inorganic Phases in PA- and PU/PA-Modified-Cement-Based Materials

2011  Light Polymer Cement Mortar Pavement for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2011  Loose Mortar-Set Roof Tile Falsehood

2011  Mechanical and Durability Properties of Mortars Modified with Combined Polymer and Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2011  Mechanical Behavior of Anchorages for Reinforcing Marine Stone Structures Subjected to Sea Waves

2011  Mechanical Properties of Mortar with Recycled Clay-Brick-Powder

2011  Moisture Measurements in Masonry Materials by Time Domain Reflectometry

2011  Role of Lightweight Synthetic Particles on the Restrained Shrinkage Cracking Behavior of Mortar

2011  Strength Mechanism of Cement-Asphalt Mortar

2011  Textile-Reinforced Mortar versus FRP as Strengthening Material for Seismically Deficient RC Beam-Column Joints

2011  Uplift Capacity and Impact Resistance of Roof Tiles

2011  Use of CEM Approach to Develop and Optimize High-Performance Underwater Concrete

2010  Assessment of Mortar and Brick Strength in Earthquake-Affected Structures in Peru Using a Schmidt Hammer

2010  Causes of Etiwanda Pipeline Mortar Lining Failure

2010  Detecting Deteriorating Thinning PCCP Pipe Mortar Coating

2010  Durability and Environmental Performance of Alkali-Activated Tungsten Mine Waste Mud Mortars

2010  Effect of Temperature on the Setting Behavior of Concrete

2010  Environment-Friendly Concrete and Cement Mortar Mixed with Steel Slag

2010  Experimental and Numerical Quantification of Plastic Settlement in Fresh Cementitious Systems

2010  Experimental Study on Electric Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Mortar

2010  Experimental Study on Mechanical Performance of Interface between Mortar and Aggregate in Concrete

2010  Influence of the Micro-Gradation of Fly Ash and Slag on the Properties of Cement Mortar

2010  Investigations on Pastes and Mortars of Ordinary Portland Cement Admixed with Wollastonite and Microsilica

2010  Light Polymer Cement Mortar Overlay for Bridge Decks

2010  Material Characterization of the Historical Unreinforced Masonry Akaretler Row Houses in Istanbul

2010  Mechanical Characterization of Polyacrylate Emulsion Modified Mortars

2010  Nondeformability of Ventilated and Mortar-Embedded Marble Facade Panels

2010  Proportioning Design and Mechanical Properties Research of Polypropylene Fiber and Polymer Emulsion Reinforced Cement Mortar