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2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. II: Numerical Modeling

2015  Estimation of Polypropylene Concentration of Modified Bitumen Images by Using k-NN and SVM Classifiers

2015  Spatial Patterns of Distinct Urban Growth Forms in Relation to Roads and Pregrowth Urban Areas: Case of the Nanjing Metropolitan Region in China

2015  Surface Structuring of Wax in Complex Media

2014  2D Process-Based Morphodynamic Model for Flooding by Noncohesive Dyke Breach

2014  Bottom Profile Evolution of a Perched Nourished Beach

2014  Effect of Different Irrigation Levels on the Yield and Traits of Memecik Olive Trees (Olea europaea L.) in the Aegean Coastal Region of Turkey

2014  Extracting Urban Subzonal Land Uses through Morphological and Spatial Arrangement Analyses Using Geographic Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery

2014  Using Both Free Surface Effect and Sediment Transport Mode Parameters in Defining the Morphology of River Dunes and Their Evolution to Upper Stage Plane Beds

2013  Comparison of Morphological Properties of Different Types of Coarse Aggregates

2013  Effects of Different Layout Schemes on the Marine Environment of the Dalian Offshore Reclaimed Airport Island

2013  Influence of Slope Morphology on the Stability of Earthen Slopes

2013  Morphologic Investigation of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in North-central Pennsylvania

2013  Morphological Consequences of the Nodal Modulation on a Tidal Lagoon

2013  A Research on Tension Determination and Morphological Simulation Model of Mooring Lines

2013  Research on Traffic Accident Morphological Analysis Based on the Improved Grey Relational Method

2012  Balloon Photogrammetry along the Middle Fork John Day River, Oregon

2012  Channel Morphology Prediction with and without a Temporary Channel Upstream of the Elephant Butte Reservoir

2012  Correlating Micromorphology and Nanomorphology to High Strain Rate Performance of Nanoparticle Reinforced Polymeric Materials

2012  Effects of Vegetation on Turbulence, Sediment Transport, and Stream Morphology

2012  Hydromorphology: Scientific and Engineering Challenges for 2050

2012  Onshore Migration of Emerged Ridge and Ponded Runnel

2011  Analysis of Morphological Changes in the Gold Coast Seaway

2011  Effect of Stilling Basin Geometry on Clear Water Scour Morphology Downstream of a Block Ramp

2011  Flow Field and Morphology Mapping Using ADCP and Multibeam Techniques: Survey in the Po River

2011  Influence of Lateral Water Withdrawal on Bed Form Geometry in a Channel

2011  Optimal Sediment Control in Alluvial Rivers

2011  Predicting the Morphodynamic Response of Silt-Laden Rivers to Water and Sediment Release from Reservoirs: Lower Yellow River, China

2011  Regime Equations for Natural Meandering Cobble- and Gravel-Bed Rivers

2011  Sand Dunes in Steady Flow at Low Froude Numbers: Dune Height Evolution and Flow Resistance

2011  Seawall-Waves Interaction and Impact on Sediment Morphology

2011  Spreadsheet Tools for River Evaluation, Assessment, and Monitoring (STREAM)

2011  Using River2D Morphology to Predict Salmon Redd Survival during High Flow Events from Hydroelectric Dam Operations

2010  3D Calculations of Equilibrium Conditions in Loose-Bed Open Channels with Significant Suspended Sediment Load

2010  A Case Study on Geomorphological Characteristics of Cut Slope Failure in Soksil District, Korea

2010  Design of River Training Structures Using Morphological Modeling in the Magdalena River, Colombia

2010  Detection of Terrain Morphologic Features Using GPS, TLS, and Land Surveys: "Tana della Volpe" Blind Valley Case Study

2010  Effect of Inlet Morphology and Wave Action on Pollutant Pathways and Sediment Dynamics in a Coastal Stream

2010  Experimental Study on Interaction of Waves, Currents, and Dynamic Morphology Changes

2010  Hydraulic Geometry Relations for Stable Channel Design

2010  Morphology of Asphalt Mixture Rheological Master Curves

2010  Sediment Exchange between a River and Its Groyne Fields: Mobile-Bed Experiment

2010  Two-Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology to Identify Shoaling Reduction Alternatives near Matanzas Inlet in St. Johns County, Florida

2009  Effect of Nonuniformity of Flow on Hydraulic Geometry Relations

2009  The Guidance Significance of Eco-City Construction in Chengdu by the Mode of Rail Transit

2009  Integrating Fluvial Geomorphology and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic and Sediment Transport Modeling to Support Sustainable Design of Large River and Floodplain Improvements: The Trinity River Corridor Project, Dallas, Texas, USA

2009  Mathematical Morphology Based Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection

2009  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams. III: Model Application

2009  Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport and Morphological Change of JiJi Weir Reservoir

2009  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Floods and Morphological Changes Due to Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Storm

2009  A Process-Based Unsteady Model for Wave-Current-Morphodynamic Changes in Two-Dimensions

2009  Stochastic Model for Embayed Beaches

2008  Bacillus Thuringiensis Fermentation of Primary and Mixed Sludge: Rheology and Process Performance

2008  Bed-Load Sediment Transport on Large Slopes: Model Formulation and Implementation within a RANS Solver

2008  Case Study of Fluvial Modeling of River Responses to Dam Removal

2008  Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. II: Texture and Shape Characteristics

2008  Computational Simulations of Morphological Responses to Extreme Hydrological Conditions at an Estuary

2008  Impacts of River Morphology Changes on Floodplain Zoning: A Case Study

2008  Influence of Harbor Construction on Downcoast Morphological Evolution: Santa Barbara, California

2008  Modification of River Hydraulics by the Invasive Diatom Didymosphenia geminate

2008  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Flood and Morphological Change Due to Hazardous Hydrological Conditions at Coast and Estuary

2008  Simulation of Morphological Evolution near Sediment Mining Pits Using a 1-D Mixed-Regime Flow and Sediment Transport Model

2008  Using Telemetry and a Fish Behavioral Model to Assess Fish Habitat Changes Caused by Alteration of River Morphology

2008  Validation of a Coastal and Estuarine Model for Long-Term Morphodynamic Simulations Driven by Tides, Storms, and River Floods

2007  Analysis of Sebastian Inlet, FL, Morphologic Changes Using Complex Empirical Orthogonal Functions (CEOF)

2007  Approaches to Understanding Multiple-Inlet Stability

2007  Automatic Identification of Pavement Cracks Using Mathematic Morphology

2007  Case Study: Promoting the Stability of the Óbidos Lagoon Inlet

2007  Channel Morphology Tool (CMT): A GIS-Based Automated Extraction Model for Channel Geometry

2007  Coupling Bank Stability and Bed Deformation Models to Predict Equilibrium Bed Topography in River Bends

2007  Destruction and Recovery of Internal Structure in Polymer-Modified Asphalts

2007  An Efficient Approach for Slant Correction of Vehicle Licenses Based on Hough Transform and Mathematics Morphology

2007  Infragravity Waves in Mobile-Bed Laboratory Experiments

2007  Intertidal Multiple Sand Bars in a Low-Energy Environment

2007  Longshore Migration of Coastal Features Observed with X-Band Radar

2007  Morphologic Approach in Studying Urbanized and Suburbanizing Watersheds

2007  Present Hydrodynamics of Ancão Inlet, 10 Years after its Relocation

2007  Simulations of Morphodynamic Changes Due to Waves and Tides in an Estuary Using CCHE2D-Coast Model

2006  Application of a Morphodynamic Modelling System to an Idealized Inlet

2006  Breakwater Morphological Modelling: Predicting Equilibrium Morphologies Using Entropy Based Techniques

2006  Broad-Scale Analysis of Morphological and Climate Impacts on Coastal Flood Risk

2006  Coastal Dynamics 2005, State of the Practice

2006  Coastal Inlet Functional Design: Anticipating Morphologic Response

2006  Data-Based Approaches to Analysing and Modelling Beach Morphological Changes at Duck, North Carolina

2006  Flow Energy, Time, and Evolution of Dynamic Fluvial Systems: Implications for Stabilization and Restoration of Unstable Systems

2006  Generation and Nonlinear Evolution of Nearshore Oblique Sand Bars

2006  A Hybrid Modelling Approach to Coastal Morphology

2006  Hydrodynamic and Morphological Evolution in the Estuary of RiverEume (Galicia, Spain)

2006  Integrating Field Research, Modeling, and Remote Sensing to Quantify Morphodynamics in a High-Energy Coastal Setting, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California

2006  Intertidal Morphology and Wave Run-Up Observations during a Storm Event with X-Band Nautical Radar

2006  Long-Term Evolution of Offshore Sandbank Morphology: Case Study — Great Yarmouth Sandbanks, U.K.

2006  Modeling Channel Morphologic Change in the West Jordan River, Utah

2006  Modeling Nearshore Morphological Evolution at Seasonal Scale

2006  Morphodynamic Control on Extreme Coastal Drivers

2006  Morphodynamic Evolution Analysis of Beaches Adjacent to L’ Hospitalet Marina after Nourishment Project

2006  Morphodynamic Mobility of Intertidal Bars on a Macrotidal "Ridge and Runnel" Beach, Dunkerque-Est, Cote D’Opale, Northern France

2006  Morphodynamic Modeling of Nearshore Crescentic Bar Dissymmetry on an Open Coast: Aquitanian Coast, France

2006  Morphodynamics of Bars on the Ebb Delta of a Megatidal Inlet (Normandy, France)

2006  Morphodynamics of Beachrock Infected Beaches: Vatera Beach, Northeastern Mediterranean

2006  Morphodynamics of Trenches and Pits under the Influence of Currents and Waves — Simple Engineering Formulas