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2015  It’s not a flying saucer but a 360-degree viewing platform that will hover over Chicago once the construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, founded by the movie director and producer George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, is completed...

2015  On the Web (

2015  On the Web (

2014  Iron Lady: The Eiffel Tower

2014  Liberty’s Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty By Elizabeth Mitchell. New York City: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2014

2014  On the Web (

2014  The points of a star similar to the one that millions of Jews were forced to wear as identification during World War II served as the inspiration for the winning design of Canada’s National Holocaust Monument, to be constructed in Ottawa...

2014  Volunteers and Donated Materials Combine to Bring a New Face to the National Mall

2014  The Washington Monument reopened on May 12 after a nearly three-year effort to assess and repair the damage to the 555 ft tall obelisk caused by the earthquake that struck on August 23, 2011...

2013  Center’s Design Recalls Energy of Civil and Human Rights Movements

2013  Elevated Art Exhibit Provides Close-up Views of Towering Columbus Statue

2013  News2Note

2012  Approximation of the Curvature of the Parthenon Stylobate Using Least Squares Techniques

2012  The Arch is a Storied Structure

2012  First Person: Monumental Challenge

2012  NewsBriefs: Monument Honors World’s Tallest Building (Khaleej Times)

2011  A Landmark For the Ages: The Gateway Arch

2011  Levee to Defend Downtown Washington, D.C.

2011  Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Undergoes Complete Overhaul

2011  Spitfire Monument Will Feature Replica Aircraft Atop 40 m Mast

2011  A Symbol of Democracy: The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

2010  Construction Begins on Flight 93 Memorial

2010  Engineering and the Sculptural Program of Hoover Dam

2010  Jefferson Memorial Seawall Project Is Under Way

2010  NewsBriefs: Lasers Will Model Mount Rushmore

2010  NewsBriefs: National War Memorial Proposed For Texas, Design Competition Held

2010  November/December 2009

2009  Carving the Worlds’ Largest Rock Monument: Where Art Meets Rock Mechanics

2009  NewsBriefs: Statue of Liberty’s Crown Reopens on Fourth of July

2009  Preliminary Design of a Special Monumental Structure

2009  The United States Capitol: Forming One Out of Many

2009  The United States Capitol: Forming One Out of Many

2008  Base Isolation for Seismic Retrofitting of Structures

2008  Differential Settlement Besets Jefferson Memorial

2008  Orchestrating the Obelisk: The Washington Monument

2007  Case Study: Seismic Retrofitting of a Medieval Bell Tower with FRP

2007  Enlightening the World: The Statue of Liberty

2007  Implications for the Removal of Invasive Species in Canyon de Chelly National Monument

2007  Proud Witness

2007  Restoration and Strengthening of Timber Structures: Principles, Criteria, and Examples

2007  San Jacinto Monument Case History

2007  Structures: Tower Lifts Olympic Torch to New Heights

2006  People: Biggs to Develop Restoration Guidelines for Monuments in Egypt

2006  ”Postcards” — Staten Island September 11th Memorial

2006  Structure for Twelve Dolphins

2005  Building the Great Pyramid in about 385 Days: A Case Study in Energy Management

2005  In the Field: Cuauhtemoc Monument Restored to Original Location

2004  Restoration: Seawall around Statue of Liberty Repaired

2004  Seismic Vulnerability of Post-Islamic Monumental Structures in Iran: Review of Historical Sources

2003  Deadline Approaches for Monument Inscriptions

2003  The Geology, History and Foundations of the Monuments on the National Mall

2003  NewsBriefs: Monument Tunnel Granted Preliminary Approval (Associated Press)

2002  Celebrating the Greatest Profession: Restoring the Monument

2002  The Geology, History, and Foundations of the Monumental Core

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: New Scheme Would Better Secure Washington Monument

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: Washington Monument’s Foundation Not Threatened by Memorial

2001  ASCE Monument to Honor American Civil Engineering

2001  Brooklyn Bridge

2001  Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture by Ross King

2001  Chicago Wastewater System and Hoover Dam Named Monuments of the Millennium by ASCE

2001  Commemorating Historic Engineering Landmarks in Canada

2001  Designating World Heritage Industrial Sites

2001  Galveston Seawall Designated a Landmark

2001  Houston Conference to Kick off Celebrations for 150th Anniversary

2001  Lack of Hearing Does Not Violate Contractors’ Rights

2001  Major Museum Exhibit Showcases American Engineering Marvels

2001  Millennium Selection Puzzling (ltr)

2001  Monument Category Debated (ltr.)

2001  Monuments of the Millennium Honored by ASCE

2001  Strengthening Historical Monuments with FRP: A Design Criteria Review

2001  Structures and Engineers (ltr.)

2001  Water Quality: Underground Treatment System Needed for World War II Memorial

2000  Access Scaffold System for the Evaluation and Restoration of the Washington Monument Facade

2000  Engineers, Engineering, and the Monument Syndrome

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "Panama Canal Named C.E. Monument of Millennium"(Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2000, pg. 2)

2000  Mount Rushmore: An Update

2000  New Foundation System Chosen for Monument

2000  Panama Canal Named C.E. Monument of Millennium

2000  Stability of the Confederate Memorial Carving: Stone Mountain Georgia

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  On Moving Lighthouses

1999  Scaling the Monument

1999  Taking Metric too far?

1998  In Chicago, Meet Me at Kahn Corner

1998  No Traveling Necessary

1998  Towers & Domes by F. Escrig

1998  Video System to Monitor Archeological Sites Using Ground-Based Photogrammetry

1997  Casa Grande: Survey and Analysis of Structural Stability of a Hohokam Monument

1996  Civil Engineering Education: An Historical Perspective

1996  Extending the Legacy: Planning America’s Capital for the 21st Century

1994  Civil Engineering and Civic Monuments: The Commissioning, Design and Public Perception of Urban Infrastructure Projects

1993  Monument Marking Battle for Texas Named ASCE Landmark

1992  Engineering a Monument, Evoking a Nightmare

1992  A Monumental Task

1991  Construction Completed on Astronauts Memorial

1991  Engineers Provide a View to a Monument

1991  Right-of-Way Surveying

1991  Safeguarding History