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2015  Calibrating Markov Chain-Based Deterioration Models for Predicting Future Conditions of Railway Bridge Elements

2015  Case Study of Ground-Source Heat Pump Applications in Hot and Humid Climates

2015  Discriminatory Power of Heterogeneity Statistics with Respect to Error of Precipitation Quantile Estimation

2015  Finite-Element Reliability Analysis of Structures Subjected to Fire

2015  Influence of Bidding Mechanism and Spot Market Characteristics on Market Power of a Large Genco Using Hybrid DE/BBO

2015  Optimal Planning and Learning in Uncertain Environments for the Management of Wind Farms

2015  Optimal Work Pattern for Construction Workers in Hot Weather: A Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Prediction of Environmental Costs of Construction Noise and Vibration at the Preconstruction Phase

2015  Probabilistic Approach for Durability Design of Concrete Structures in Marine Environments

2015  Variance Correction Prewhitening Method for Trend Detection in Autocorrelated Data

2014  Bayesian Framework for Water Quality Model Uncertainty Estimation and Risk Management

2014  Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model for Determining Optimum Tender Price in Multifamily Housing Projects

2014  Bayesian Model Comparison and Characterization of Undrained Shear Strength

2014  Calibration of Resistance Factors of Soil Nails for the LBJ Express Project

2014  Characterization of Parameters for a Spatially Heterogenous Aquifer from Pumping Test Data

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  Effect of Spatial Variability on the Reliability-Based Design of Drilled Shafts

2014  Effects of Inflow Uncertainty on the Performance of Multireservoir Systems

2014  Evaluation of Climate Change Impact on Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operation

2014  Fast Automatic Procedure for Flutter-Clearance Assessment when in the Presence of Significant Structural Damage

2014  Group Decision Making for Stochastic Optimization of Time, Cost, and Quality in Construction Projects

2014  How Safe is Hydrologic Infrastructure Design? Analysis of Factors Affecting Extreme Flood Estimation

2014  Influence of Spatially Variable Geotechnical Properties of MSW on Stability of Landfill Slopes

2014  Investigation of Uncertainties in Surface Water Resource Assessment of Georgia’s State Water Plan

2014  Method to Determine the Probability of Failure for Annealed Monolithic Window Glass Loaded with a Uniform Wind Load

2014  Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Beams with Fractional Derivative Elements

2014  Nonstationary Stochastic Response Determination of Nonlinear Systems: A Wiener Path Integral Formalism

2014  Novel Approach to Detecting Pipe Bursts in Water Distribution Networks

2014  Reliability Analysis of Load and Resistance Factor Design of Slopes

2014  Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Design of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Simulation Study to Evaluate Temporal Aggregation and Variability of Stochastic Water Demands on Distribution System Hydraulics and Transport

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Analytical Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Single Degree-of-Freedom Systems to Nonstationary Random Excitations

2013  Assessment of Right-Tail Prediction Ability of Some Distributions by Monte Carlo Analyses

2013  Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Storm Water Model and Its Application to a Heavily Urbanized Watershed

2013  Bayesian Update Method for Contaminant Source Characterization in Water Distribution Systems

2013  Bayesian Updating of Soil Parameters for Braced Excavations Using Field Observations

2013  Buckling Loads of Two-Layer Composite Columns with Interlayer Slip and Stochastic Material Properties

2013  Contractor Selection Model for Highway Projects Using Integrated Simulation and Analytic Network Process

2013  Creep Effects on the Reliability of a Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge

2013  The Effects of Porosity Changes on Aging Cortical Bone Mechanics Using an Evolutionary Monte Carlo Algorithm

2013  Efficient Approach for Reliability Assessments on Aeroinstability of Long-Span Bridges

2013  Exploring the Effect of Reservoir Storage on Peak Discharge Frequency

2013  Fatigue Reliability of Stiffened Panels using Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations

2013  Methodology for Pavement Design Reliability and Back Analysis Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation

2013  Modeling Probability of Blockage at Culvert Trash Screens Using Bayesian Approach

2013  Monte Carlo Simulation-Aided Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach: Case Study of Assessing Preferred Non-Point-Source Pollution Control Best Management Practices

2013  Nanosatellite Cluster Launch Collision Analysis

2013  New Methodology for Calculation of Required Prestressing Levels in Continuous Precast Bridge Decks

2013  Performance-Based Reliability Analysis of Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts

2013  Probabilistic Analysis and Optimization to Characterize Critical Water Distribution System Contamination Scenarios

2013  Promoting the Sustainability of Relational Contracting through Addressing Third Party Insurance Obstacles

2013  Quantitative Risk Analysis of Oil-Gas Pipeline Corrosion Damage

2013  Real Option Approach to Sharing Privatization Risk in Underground Infrastructures

2013  Real Options-Based Approach for Valuation of Government Guarantees in Public-Private Partnerships

2013  Regional Sensitivity Analysis of the M-E Flexible Pavement Design Using the Monte Carlo Filtering Method

2013  Reliability Analysis of Vehicle Stability on Combined Horizontal and Vertical Alignments: Driving Safety Perspective

2013  Reliability Analysis on Anti-Overturning Stability of Supporting Structure of Excavation Using Monte-Carlo Method

2013  Response and First-Passage Statistics of Nonlinear Oscillators via a Numerical Path Integral Approach

2013  Risk Assessment of Lake Flooding Considering Propagation of Uncertainty from Rainfall

2013  Sensitivity and Reliability Analysis of a Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge

2013  Simulating Construction Duration for Multistory Buildings with Controlling Activities

2013  Statistical Analysis of Non-Pressure-Compensating and Pressure-Compensating Drip Emitters

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Seepage under Hydraulic Structures Resting on Anisotropic Heterogeneous Soils

2013  Stochastic Traffic Assignment Algorithm Based on Probit Model

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for Stream Depletion Tests

2013  Value of Information in the Design of Resilient Water Distribution Sensor Networks

2013  Variance-Reduced Particle Filters for Structural System Identification Problems

2012  Alternative Methodology for Determining Gap Acceptance for Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections

2012  Application of Monte Carlo Simulation to Laterally Loaded Piles

2012  Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Planning to Maximize Postearthquake Transportation Network Capacity

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Optimal Timing of Road Infrastructures

2012  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Fatigue Properties of Corroded Parallel Wire Cables

2012  Full Bayesian Method for the Development of Speed Models: Applications of GPS Probe Data

2012  Generalized Variability Response Functions for Beam Structures with Stochastic Parameters

2012  Hierarchical Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation for Modeling Transverse Cracks in Highway Pavements

2012  Identification of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data with Regard for Uncertainty

2012  Insurance Pricing for Windstorm-Susceptible Developments: Bootstrapping Approach

2012  Modeling Correlations in Rail Line Construction

2012  Modeling Mechanical Response of a Perpetual Pavement Test Road

2012  Monte Carlo Study of the Effect of Measurement Noise in Model Updating with Regularization

2012  Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic Response of an Offshore Platform with a Pile-Soil Foundation System Subjected to Random Waves and Currents

2012  Random Scenarios Generation with Minimum Energy Consumption Model for Sectoring Optimization in Pressurized Irrigation Networks Using a Simulated Annealing Approach

2012  Relative Importance of Input Parameters in the Modeling of Soil Moisture Dynamics of Small Urban Areas

2012  Reliability-Based Underseepage Analysis in Levees Using a Response Surface-Monte Carlo Simulation Method

2012  State and Parameter Estimation with an SIR Particle Filter in a Three-Dimensional Groundwater Pollutant Transport Model

2012  Stratified Response Surfaces for System Probabilistic Evaluation of Slopes

2012  Using Cluster Analysis of Hydraulic Conductivity Realizations to Reduce Computational Time for Monte Carlo Simulations

2011  Analysis of Representative Volume Element for Asphalt Concrete Laboratory Shear Testing

2011  Analysis of the Viability of an Urban Renewal Project under a Risk-Based Option Pricing Framework

2011  Appraisal of Statistical Predictability under Uncertain Inputs: SST to Rainfall

2011  Bearing Capacity of Spatially Random Cohesive Soil Using Numerical Limit Analyses

2011  Build-Up of Discolouration Potential in Networks As Function of Treatment Performance

2011  Bus Route Travel Time Reliability Analysis Based on Travelers’ Perceptions

2011  Computing Three-Axis Orientations of a Tunnel-Boring Machine through Surveying Observation Points

2011  Critical Assessment Indicators for Measuring Benefits of Rural Infrastructure Investment in China

2011  Data-Driven Methods for Threshold Determination in Time-Series Based Damage Detection

2011  The Effects of Deteriorating Bridges on Bridges on the Bridge Network Connectivity

2011  Effects of Spatial Variability of Soil Property on Slope Stability

2011  Efficiency Comparison of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation with Subset Simulation (MCMC/ss) to Standard Monte Carlo Simulation (sMC) for Extreme Event Scenarios