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2015  Automated Progress Monitoring Using Unordered Daily Construction Photographs and IFC-Based Building Information Models

2015  Bridge Monitoring with Wavelet Principal Component and Spectrum Analysis Based on GPS Measurements: Case Study of the Mansoura Bridge in Egypt

2015  Effect of Superstructure Temperature Changes on Intermediate Pier Foundation Stresses in Integral Abutment Bridges

2015  Effects of Changing Surrounding Conditions on the Thermal Analysis of the Moste Concrete Dam

2015  Fault Early Recognition and Health Monitoring on Aeroengine Rotor System

2015  In Situ Change Analysis and Monitoring through Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2015  Inclined Approach Slab Solution for Jointless Bridges: Performance Assessment of the Soil-Structure Interaction

2015  Industry: Health Screening for Geotechnical Assets

2015  Integral Lifting of a Three-Span Continuous Beam Bridge

2015  Integration of Multinomial-Logistic and Markov-Chain Models to Derive Land-Use Change Dynamics

2015  Interaction Mechanism between Two Large Rock Caverns

2015  Location-Aware Sensor Data Error Impact on Autonomous Crane Safety Monitoring

2015  Long-Term Performance Monitoring of a Hillside Retaining Wall

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2014  Analysis of the Output from a Radar-Based Levee-Monitoring System Using In Situ Soil Data

2014  As I See It: Performance Monitoring of Geotechnical Structures

2014  Automatic Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS) for Dam and Levee Monitoring

2014  Bridge Constructed with GFRP-Reinforced Precast Concrete Deck Panels: Case Study

2014  Bridge Structure Effect in the Crack Analysis of the Steel Deck Pavement

2014  Challenge Studies of the Hach GuardianBlue Early Warning System

2014  Comparison of Wireless and Wired Structural System Identification

2014  Cost-Effectiveness of Rut Treatments for Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt Pavement

2014  Curvature Monitoring of Beams Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Damage/Deterioration Detection for Steel Structures Using Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

2014  Data Management System and Construction Monitoring Results from Wolf Creek Dam Rehabilitation

2014  Definition of Dynamic Datum for Deformation Monitoring: Carmel Fault Environs as a Case Study

2014  Design and Development of a Nonintrusive Pressure Measurement System for Pipeline Monitoring

2014  Design and Implementation of Geophysical Monitoring and Remote Sensing during a Full-Scale Embankment Internal Erosion Test

2014  Design of an Optimal Compliance Monitoring Network and Feedback Information for Adaptive Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2014  Detection of High-Speed Railway Subsidence and Geometry Irregularity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Displacement Monitoring of Expansion Joints of Long-span Steel Bridges with Viscous Dampers

2014  Dynamic Behavior of the Palazzo Lombardia Tower: Comparison of Numerical Models and Experimental Results

2014  Elastic Visco-Plastic Behaviour of Soft Soils Improved with Preloading and Vertical Drains

2014  Energy Harvesting from Train-Induced Response in Bridges

2014  Evaluation of Polyester Grout for Use in Dowel Bar Retrofit Treatments

2014  Experimental Assessment of Fly-ash Stabilized Mixes Exposed to Freezing and Water Immersion

2014  Experimental Study on Performances of Various Bond-Breaking Layers atop Cement-Stabilized Bases

2014  Fracture Behaviors of an Old CCP Structure under Impact Rolling Load

2014  Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Performance Quality of Railway Network Infrastructure: Hellenic Railways Case Study

2014  Front Matter

2014  Functional Evaluation of Pavement Condition Using a Complete Vision System

2014  The Future of Underground Construction Monitoring

2014  Improvement of Low Plasticity Clayey Soils Using Polypropylene Fibers

2014  Improving Construction Quality by Seeing What’s Hidden Underground

2014  Innovative Road Maintenances for an Economical Treatment to Winter Distresses

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2014  Loading Duration Effect on the Compressibility Characteristics of Treated Semi-Arid Soil

2014  Material Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator (MSWI) Ash As Road Construction Material

2014  Multiobjective Monitoring Network Design for Efficient Identification of Unknown Groundwater Pollution Sources Incorporating Genetic Programming-Based Monitoring

2014  Multiscale Monitoring for Health Assessment of Levees in New Orleans

2014  Nonlinear Guidance and Control Laws for Three-Dimensional Target Tracking Applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2014  Pavement Performance Monitoring, Modeling, and Management

2014  Pavement Stabilization Techniques to Restore Flood-Affected Roads in Queensland

2014  Performance of a Highway Bridge under Extreme Natural Hazards: Case Study on Bridge Performance during the 2009 Typhoon Morakot

2014  A Photogrammetric Method to Evaluate the Erosiveness of Fairbanks Silt with Different Treatments

2014  Pile Damage Prevention and Assessment Using Dynamic Monitoring and the Beta Method

2014  Prediction of Soil-Cement Mechanical Properties by EC2 Modified Approach Based on Early Age Test Results

2014  Preliminary Study of Geophysical Monitoring of Bioclogging Caused by Bacterial Biopolymer Accumulation in Sands

2014  Quantifying the Effects of Modeling Simplifications for Structural Identification of Bridges

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Virtuality for Prevention of Excavation Related Utility Strikes

2014  Robotic Monitoring for Turbidity Management in Multiple Reservoir Water Supply

2014  Structural Data Analysis for Monitoring the Deformation of Oil Storage Tanks Using Geodetic Techniques

2014  Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment: New Challenges Require New Thinking

2014  Synthesis of Performance Measures for Highway Cost Estimating

2014  Tracking the Trajectory of Space Debris in Close Proximity via a Vision-Based Method

2014  Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring

2014  Vision-Based Tower Crane Tracking for Understanding Construction Activity

2013  Acceleromter-Based Measurement of Construction Equipment Operating Efficiency for Monitoring Environmental Performance

2013  Analysis and Design Approach for Large Storage Caverns

2013  Application of a Monitoring Plan for Storm-Water Control Measures in the Philadelphia Region

2013  Application of Orthogonal Decomposition Approaches to Long-Term Monitoring of Infrastructure Systems

2013  Application of Unequal Time Interval Grey Forecast Method on Tunnel Displacement Monitoring

2013  As-Built Error Modeling for Effective 3D Laser Scanning on Construction Sites

2013  Atomic-Scale Simulation of Sensor-Enabled Geosynthetics for Health-Monitoring of Reinforced Soil Slopes and Embankments

2013  Automated Monitoring of Pilot Tube Microtunneling Installations through Pattern Recognition in Time-Series Data of Hydraulic Pressure

2013  Automated Real-Time Monitoring System to Measure Shift Production of Tunnel Construction Projects

2013  Benefits of Proactive Monitoring of Traffic Signal Timing Performance Measures - Case Study of a Rapidly Developing Network

2013  Building of Technology System of Pipeline Geohazard Monitoring Based on Its Characteristics

2013  Characterization of Landslides Using Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques, Standard Monitoring Techniques, and Laboratory Testing

2013  Characterizing Transient Storage and Nitrate Uptake for Pre-restoration Monitoring of Lost Creek

2013  Classification Methodology for Landfill Leachates

2013  Combined Model-Free Data-Interpretation Methodologies for Damage Detection during Continuous Monitoring of Structures

2013  Comprehensive Real-Time Field Monitoring at Active Embankment subjected to Tidal Loading

2013  Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure in Europe: Recent Developments and What Might Be Ahead

2013  Construction Monitoring of a Municipal Gas Pipeline during Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  Critical Issues, Condition Assessment and Monitoring of Movable Bridges: Image Processing for Open Gear Monitoring

2013  Data Fusion of Real-Time Location Sensing and Physiological Status Monitoring for Ergonomics Analysis of Construction Workers

2013  Decision Criteria of Slope Hazards by Multi-step Monitoring using a WSN

2013  Design of Remote Monitoring System for Inland Water Tanker Hold Based on AIS

2013  The Design of the Multisource Remote Real-time Monitoring System for Structure Safety of Dashanpo Tunnel

2013  Development of a Multiscale Monitoring and Health Assessment Framework for Effective Management of Levee Infrastructure

2013  Development of Improved 4D CAD System for Horizontal Works in Civil Engineering Projects

2013  Displacement Monitoring of Marble Panels Under the Application of Gravity, In-Plane Lateral and Out-of-Plane Lateral Loads

2013  Evaluating the Impact of Location-Aware Sensor Data Imperfections on Autonomous Jobsite Safety Monitoring

2013  Fatigue Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Existing Steel Bridges by Integrating SHM into a Probabilistic Bilinear S-N Approach

2013  Fiber Optic Sensored Geotechnical Testing and Field Monitoring

2013  Field Monitoring of Embankment Constructed by Volcanic Soil and Its Evaluation

2013  Field-Monitoring System for Suction and Temperature Profiles under Pavements

2013  Ground-based Interferometric Radar for Monitoring Slopes and Embankments

2013  Housing Monitoring Indicator System under the New Housing Regulatory Policies