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2014  Shear Strength of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beams with Minimum Transverse Reinforcement

2012  Analytical Solution for Flexural Response of Epoxy Resin Materials

2011  Effect of Transverse Reinforcement on the Flexural Behavior of Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP

2011  FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams: Unified Approach Based on IC Theory

2010  Analysis of Moment Redistribution in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Plated RC Beams

2010  Flexural Behavior of Continuous FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams

2010  Influence of Early Temperature Rise on Movements and Stress Development in Concrete Decks

2010  Moment Redistribution in Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Beams with Compact Cross Section

2010  Regional Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts

2009  Lateral Buckling Strength of Simply Supported LiteSteel Beams Subject to Moment Gradient Effects

2009  Regional Flood Estimations in Red River Using L-Moment-Based Index-Flood and Bulletin 17B Procedures

2007  Effect of Reinforcement Type on the Ductility of Suspended Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2007  Live-Load Analysis of a Curved I-Girder Bridge

2007  Simplified Moment Redistribution of Hybrid HPS 485W Bridge Girders in Negative Bending

2006  Live-Load Distribution Factors for Prestressed Concrete, Spread Box-Girder Bridge

2004  Simplified Method of Lateral Distribution of Live Load Moment

2003  Effects of Velocity Head and Momentum Exchange on Critical Stable Sectional Area of Downstream Throttled Surge Tank

2000  Experimental Verification of Horizontally Curved I-Girder Bridge Behavior

2000  Moment Redistribution Caused by Beam Fracture in Steel Moment Frames

2000  Punching of Concrete Slabs due to Column Moment Transfer

1999  Simply Supported Curved Composite Cellular Bridges: Simplified Design Method

1997  Basic Influence Line Equations for Continuous Beams and Rigid Frames

1997  Behaviour of Composite Joints and Their Influence on Semi-Continuous Composite Beams

1997  MNH-SMRF Connection System: Solving Pre-Northridge Steel Frame Dilemmas Using Simple and Reliable Post-Northridge Innovation

1997  A New Design Method for Continuous Composite Beams Allowing for Rotation Capacity

1997  Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

1997  Study of Moment Redistribution in Prestressed Concrete Beams

1997  Theoretical Investigation of Moment Redistribution in Composite Continuous Beams of Different Classes

1996  Girder Moments in Continuous Skew Composite Bridges

1995  Inelastic Moment Redistribution for Bridges

1994  Structural System Changes by Means of Forcedly Applied Restraints

1994  Test Experience with Heavy Angle Dead End Lattice Transmission Towers

1993  Minimum-Weight Design of Continuous Composite Girders

1993  Optimum Limit Design of Continuous Prestressed Concrete Beams

1992  Prevention of Stress Relaxation in Viscoelastic Structures

1992  Yield Safety, Cracking Control, and Moment Redistribution

1991  Slender Reinforced Concrete Bridge Towers under Cyclic Lateral Load

1990  Analysis of Cast-in-Place Concrete Segmental Cantilever Bridges

1989  Prestressed-Steel Continuous-Span Girders

1988  Behavior of Partially Prestressed Concrete Joints Under Cyclic Loading

1987  Building Frame Analysis in Basic

1987  The Moment Distribution Method using a Spreadsheet

1986  Elastic Frame Analysis - Corrections Necessary For Design Of Short Columns In Braced Frames

1986  General Behavior of WF Steel Shear Link Beams

1985  Flexure of Statically Indeterminate Cracked Beams

1985  Partial Moment Redistribution in Cold-Formed Steel

1985  Warping Moment Distribution

1984  Analysis of All the Elastic-Support Continuous Arches by the Method of Distribution

1984  Seismic Behavior of Coupled Wall Systems

1983  Creep in Continuous Beam Built Span-by-Span

1983  Distribution of Deformations

1983  Moments in Edge Panels of Flat Plate Floors

1983  Pure and Warping Torsion Analysis of Rigid Frames

1981  Appropriate Design by Geometric Series

1981  Moment Distribution Factors for Pipe Encasements

1981  Simultaneous Relaxation in Structural Dynamics

1979  Concrete Beams with Prestressed Elements

1979  Continuous Composite-Bridge Model Tests

1978  Bending of Strip with Semielliptic Notches or Cracks

1975  Plastic Rotations in Continuous Encased Beams

1973  Practical Approach to Two-Way Slab Design

1972  Double Overlap Beam

1972  Hardy Cross and the Rise of Numerical Methods

1972  Iterative Method for Solving Rectangular Plates

1972  Optimum Plastic Design of Steel Frames

1971  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles: II-Pile Groups

1971  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles: I-Single Piles

1971  Continuous Beams with Prestressed Reinforcement

1969  Moment-Resistant Connections in Precast Concrete

1968  Influence Surface for Continuous Plates

1968  Limit Analysis of Continuous Prestressed Beams

1968  Matrix Distribution

1967  Simple Method of Analysis of Vierendeel Structures

1966  Analysis of Nonprismatic Continuous Structures

1966  Flexural Analysis of Coplannar Frames

1966  Limit Design by Successive Moment Distribution

1965  Design of Laterally Loaded Piles

1964  Flow Graph of Moment Distribution

1964  Lateral Resistance of Piles in Cohesive Soils

1964  Moment Equations for Computer Analysis of Frames

1964  Pressure Testing of Thick Reinforced Concrete Cell

1964  Three Moment Equation for Variable Depth Beams

1963  Constant Shear Moment Distribution

1963  Moment Coefficients for Frame Analysis

1963  Moment Distribution Constants from Cardboard Analots

1962  Analysis of Vierendeel Truss by Influence Moments

1961  Moment-Distribution Constants from Cardboard Analogs

1961  Moments at Selected Points in Continuous Girders

1959  Analysis of Continuous Trusses by Carry-over Moments

1959  Fixed Point Method of Moment Design

1959  Vierendeel Bents with Nonprismatic Members

1958  Analysis of Braced Frames

1958  Analysis of Continuous Beams by Carry-Over Moments

1958  Analysis of Frames with Curved and Bent Members

1958  Design of Pier Bent and Rigid Frames by a Computer

1958  Moment-Distribution Constants from Models

1958  Moments in Beams by the Method of Partial Moments

1957  Pin-Ended Gabled Frames

1956  Internal Ties in Slope Deflection and Moment Distribution: Internal Ties in Slope Deflection and Moment Distribution

1956  Simplified Analysis of Rigid Frames