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2015  Mechanical Behavior of Clean Sand at Low Confining Pressure: Verification with Element and Model Tests

2014  Centrifuge Model Tests on Dynamic Behavior of Quay Wall Backfilled with Granulated Cement-Treated Soil

2014  Flutter Mode Transition of a Double-Main-Span Suspension Bridge in Full Aeroelastic Model Testing

2014  Model Test on Lateral Loading Performance of Secant Pile Walls

2014  Physical Simulation on Failure around a Circular Cavern in Hard and Brittle Rock under High and Increasing Natural Stress Conditions

2014  Prediction of Multidimensional Deformation Behavior Based on Observed Values

2014  Profile and Frictional Capacity of a Mooring Line Embedded in Sand via Centrifuge Model Testing

2014  Sleeper End Resistance of Ballasted Railway Tracks

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests of Settling Characteristics about Extremely Deep Soft Subgrade Reinforcement by Composite Pile

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests on Influence of Slope Height on Stability of Soft Clay Slope

2013  A Comparative Study on Van der Meer (1988) and Van Gent et al. (2004) Stability Formulae

2013  Model Test Studies on Soil Restraint to Pipeline Buried in Bohai Soft Clay

2013  Model Test Study on Force and Deformation Characteristics of Steel Tubular Composite Piles

2013  Model Testing of Precipitation-Induced Landslides

2013  Performances of Large-Diameter Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe Piles and Pile Groups under Lateral Loads

2013  Physical Model Tests of Expansive Soil Slope

2013  Uplift Behavior of Vertical Piles Embedded in Oil-Contaminated Sand

2013  Velocity and Depth Distributions in Stream Reaches: Testing European Models in Ecuador

2012  Assessment of the Behavior of Buried Concrete Pipelines Subjected to Ground Rupture: Experimental Study

2012  Boundary Conditions in Physical Model Tests–The Influence of Deck Pinning on the Response of Piled Bridge Abutments in Laterally Spreading Soils

2012  Centrifuge and Numerical Study on the Behavior of Clay-Based Landfill Covers Subjected to Differential Settlements

2012  Evaluation of Shape Effects for Rectangular Anchors in Dense Sand: Model Tests and 3D Finite-Element Analysis

2012  Model Test Studies on Ground Subsidence and Cracks Induced by Tunneling in Weak Rock Mass with High Water Content

2012  Stability Formula for Tetrapods

2012  Testbed for Structural Health Monitoring of Long-Span Suspension Bridges

2012  Wood-Based Prefabricated Composite-Acting Bridge Deck

2011  The Arching Phenomena Observed in Experimental Trap Door Model Tests

2011  Clayey Soil Reinforced with Stone Column Group: Model Tests and Analyses

2011  Evaluation of Two Vacuum Preloading Techniques Using Model Tests

2011  Experimental Study of Wellbore Instability in Clays

2011  A Model Test on Buried Pipeline Crossing Xi’an Ground Fissures

2011  Model Test on Vertical Capacity of Inclined Pile Groups with Center Pile in Layered Strata

2011  Model Test Study of Soil Variation Impact on Shield Tunnel Segment Structure

2011  Model Tests and Analyses of Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Stiff Ground with Voids

2011  Physical Model Test of Land Subsidence Caused by Groundwater Withdrawal

2011  Progress in the Model Testing of Shield Tunneling

2011  Rational Design of a Pump-Sump and Its Model Testing

2011  Transparent Soil Model Tests and FE Analyses on Tunneling Induced Ground Settlement

2010  Centrifuge Model Tests of Slopes with Weak Layer under Rainfall

2010  Laboratory Model Tests for a Strip Footing Supported on Geocell Reinforced Sand Bed

2010  Model Test and PFC2D Numerical Analysis on Soil Arching Effects Surrounding Passive Laterally Loaded Piles

2010  Model Test Research on the Compaction Effect of Jacked Pile in Layered Soil

2010  Model Test Study on Dynamic Responses of Loess Slope by Dynamic Compaction

2010  Model Test Study on Dynamic Responses of Step-Shaped Loess Slope with Dynamic Compaction

2010  Model Tests and Numerical Simulations on Pile-Soil Interaction of Passive Piles

2010  Optical Model Test on Work Mechanism of Single Pile with Cap

2010  Physical Modeling of Lateral Clay-Pipe Interaction

2010  Pile Responses Due to Lateral Soil Movement of Uniform and Triangular Profiles

2010  A Scale Model Test on Dynamic Soil-Tunnel Interactions

2010  Simulation of a Centrifuge Model Test of Pile Foundations in CDSM Improved Soft Clays

2009  Bubble Movement in Downward-Inclined Pipes

2009  Centrifuge Model Tests on Instability of Automotive Pile Drivers

2009  Experimental and Theoretical Studies for the Behavior of Strip Footing on Oil-Contaminated Sand

2009  Failure Mechanisms in Sand over a Deep Active Trapdoor

2009  Interference of Two Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Sand Using Model Tests

2009  Model Test Study of System Transformation for Jiangdong Bridge

2009  Numerical Simulation of the Behavior of Geocell Reinforced Sand in Foundations

2009  Performance of Long-Driven H-Piles in Granitic Saprolite

2009  Pile Bearing Capacity Factors and Soil Crushability

2009  Stochastic Modeling of Load-Induced Settlement in Loose Granular Materials

2009  Study on the Key Technology of Captive Model’s Numerical Test

2008  Earth Pressure due to Vibratory Compaction

2008  Fatigue Loading and Temperature Distribution in Single Cell Segmental Box Bridges

2008  Lateral Behavior of Vertical Pile Group Embedded in Stabilized Earth Slope

2008  Model Test on Inundation Swelling Deformation of Expansive Soil Foundation

2008  Model Tests on Discontinuities in Subsurface Barrier Installed by the Vibrating Beam Method

2008  Observations on Sand Boils from Simple Model Tests

2008  Penetration Resistance of Offshore Skirted Foundations and Anchors in Dense Sand

2008  Study of the Efficiency of Aircraft Safety Barriers in Madeira Airport

2008  The Turkey Flat Blind Prediction Experiment for the September 28, 2004 Parkfield Earthquake: General Overview and Models Tested

2008  Wave Overtopping of Póvoa de Varzim Breakwater: Physical and Numerical Simulations

2007  Experimental and Numerical Study of Uplift Behavior of Shallow Circular Anchor in Two-Layered Sand

2007  Pullout Response of Inextensible Sheet Reinforcement Subject to Oblique End Force

2006  3D Effects in Excavation Problems: Model Tests and Numerical Simulations

2006  Distribution of Compressive Stresses in Transversely Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Decks

2006  Dynamic Uplift Scenarios for Floating Ice

2006  Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Geocell-Supported Embankments

2006  Model Test and Deformation Analysis for Failure of a Loose Sandy Embankment Dam by Seepage

2005  Behavior of Circular Footings Resting on Confined Granular Soil

2005  Comparison of Laboratory and Field Spar Platform Response Behavior

2005  Design and Experimental Study of a Harp-Shaped Single Span Cable-Stayed Bridge

2005  Strip Footing Behavior on Pile and Sheet Pile-Stabilized Sand Slope

2004  Analysis of Gravity Dam on a Complicated Rock Foundation Using an Adaptive Block Element Method

2004  Behavior of a Contractile Floating Reservoir for the Confinement and Recovery of Oil Slicks

2004  Behavior of Model Rafts Resting on Pile-Reinforced Sand

2004  Centrifuge Model Test and Numerical Analysis of Embankment Widening on Soft Ground

2004  Experimental and Analytical Modal Analysis of Steel Arch Bridge

2004  Experimental Investigation of a Small-Scale Bridge Model under a Moving Mass

2004  Experimental Load-Transfer Curves of Laterally Loaded Piles in Nak-Dong River Sand

2004  Lateral Resistance of Short Single Piles and Pile Groups Located Near Slopes

2004  Model Tests to Determine Ground-Wind Loads on Launch Vehicles

2003  Distorted Polyester Lines for Reduced Model Testing of Offhore Mooring Lines

2003  Model Tests and Time-Domain Coupled Analysis of a Dicas-Moored FPSO in Deep Water

2002  Structural Damage Identification using Modal Data. II: Test Verification

2002  Transparent Amorphous Silica to Model Clay

2001  Damage Development on Stone-Armored Rubble Mounds

2001  Designing for Low Frequency Waves

2001  Determination of Smear Zone around Vertical Drains

2001  Effect of Random Multidirectional Wave Fields on Wave Loads on Vertical and Composite Breakwaters

2001  Field Wave and Current Model Testing for Pipelines