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2015  Development of Processing Methods to Improve Strength of Concrete with 100% Recycled Coarse Aggregate

2015  Effect of Recycled Asphalt Pavement on Thermal Cracking Resistance of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2015  Novel Pattern Detection Algorithm for Monitoring Phase Change of Moisture on Concrete Pavement Using Surface Temperature Data

2015  Numerical Modeling of Geotextile-Reinforced Embankments over Deep Cement Mixed Columns Incorporating Strain-Softening Behavior of Columns

2014  Analytical Solution of a Model of Contaminant Transport in the Advective Zone of a River

2014  Assessment and Optimization of Soil Mixing and Umbrella Vault Applied to a Cross-Passage Excavation in Soft Soils

2014  Characterizing the Permeability of Kansas Concrete Mixes Used in PCC Pavements

2014  Cooling Time Estimation of Newly Placed Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement in Different Weather Conditions

2014  Derivation of a Statistical Framework for Strength Prediction in Deep Cement Mixing

2014  Dual-Shaft Deep-Cement Mixing Apparatus for Centrifuge Modeling

2014  Effect of a Passive Mixing Device on the Electrical Conductivity and pH Values of a Nutrient Solution

2014  Effect of a Sand Mix Interlayer on Thermal Cracking in Overlays

2014  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Binder Quantity on the Uniaxial Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2014  Effects of Scale and Discharge Variation on Similitude and Solute Transport in Water Treatment Tanks

2014  Evaluation of Hydraulic Permeability of Open-Graded Asphalt Mixes Using a Full Numerical Simulation

2014  Frequency and Temperature Interactive Effects on Hot Mix Permanent Deformation Using Response Surface Methodology

2014  Improving Hot Mix Asphalt Production Using Computer Simulation and Real Time Optimization

2014  Mixing at Cross Joints with Different Pipe Sizes in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Novel Testing Procedure for Assessment of Quality of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Binders

2014  Static Creep and Repeated Load as Rutting Performance Tests for Airport HMA Mix Design

2014  Workability Evaluation of Foamed Warm-Mix Asphalt

2013  Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Dynamic Modulus of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Aggregate Shape Properties

2013  Binder and Mixture Testing to Assess Rutting Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)

2013  Effect of Aging on Dynamic Modulus and Fatigue Life of Superpave Mixes

2013  Effect of Stress Level and Binder Composition on Secondary Compression of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2013  Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA): A Case Study

2013  Influence of Compaction Direction on Performance Characteristics of Roller-Compacted HMA Specimens

2013  Mix Design Method of Concrete Permeable Brick

2013  Predicting the Development of Asphalt Surfacing Properties in Ireland

2013  Quantification of Oxidative Aging of Polymer-Modified Asphalt Mixes Made with Warm Mix Technologies

2013  Robust SCC Mixes through Mix Design

2013  Roller-Integrated Compaction Monitoring for Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlay Construction

2013  Time Temperature Superposition Principle Validation for Bituminous Mixes in the Linear and Nonlinear Domains

2013  Use of Microwave Conditioning to Rapidly Age Asphalt Mixes

2013  Use of Wehner Schulze to Predict Skid Resistance of Irish Surfacing Materials

2012  Aggregate Blending via Robust Linear Programming

2012  The Business Case for Using Compressed Natural Gas Fuel in Concrete Mixer Trucks

2012  CFD Model to Evaluate Performance of a Kenics Static Mixer

2012  Development of a deep mixing model system on centrifuge platform

2012  Effects of Curing Time and Reheating on Performance of Warm Stone-Matrix Asphalt

2012  Effects of Lime Content on Moisture Susceptibility of Rubberized Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Using Warm Mix Additives in Terms of Statistical Analysis

2012  Field Evaluation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Technologies

2012  Grouting and Deep Mixing 2012

2012  In Situ Test on Soft Marine Clays with High Clay Content Improved by Bidirectional Dry Jet Mixing Method

2012  Mix Proportioning of Aggregates for Concrete by Three Different Approaches

2012  New Approach to Recycling Asphalt Shingles in Hot-Mix Asphalt

2012  Role of Mixing Energy in the Flocculation of Mature Fine Tailings

2012  Sustainable Rehabilitation of Porous European Mixes

2012  Thermography-Driven Distress Prediction from Hot Mix Asphalt Road Paving Construction

2012  Using Isothermal Calorimetry to Assess the Water Absorbed by Fine LWA during Mixing

2012  Wet Packing Method for Blended Aggregate and Concrete Mix

2011  Analysis of Aggregate Gradation and Packing for Easy Estimation of Hot-Mix-Asphalt Voids in Mineral Aggregate

2011  The Application of Artificial Neural Network for the Prediction of the Deformation Performance of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2011  Chemical Properties of Blended Cement Pastes

2011  Compaction of Noise-Reducing Asphalt Mixes in the Laboratory

2011  Comparative Study on Temperature Stresses in Asphalt Material Using Nonlinear Viscoelastic Approach

2011  Development and Study of the Strength of Self-Compacting Mortar Mixes Using Local Materials

2011  Discussion on Calculation Method for Side Friction of Mixing Pile with Stiffness Core under Subgrade

2011  Effect of Long Term Oven Aging on Dynamic Modulus of Hot Mix Asphalt

2011  Effectiveness of Advera in Warm Mix Asphalt

2011  Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt

2011  Evaluation of Sasobit Warm Mix Rubber Asphalt Properties

2011  Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Produced at Various Temperatures through Dynamic Modulus Testing and Four Point Beam Fatigue Testing

2011  Gradation Determination of Impermeable Asphalt Mix on Subgrade Surface Layer for Ballastless Track in High-Speed Railway Lines

2011  Influence of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Temperature on Mix Design Process of Cold In-Place Recycling Using Foamed Asphalt

2011  Influence of Warm-Mix Additives and Reduced Aging on the Rheology of Asphalt Binders with Different Natural Wax Contents

2011  Investigation into Gradation Optimization of Hot Mix Asphalt

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Effects of Soaked Duration on Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt Mix

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Pre-Devulcanized Crumb Rubber–Modified Asphalt as a Binder in Hot-Mix Asphalt

2011  Laboratory Performance Characteristics of Sulfur-Modified Warm-Mix Asphalt

2011  Laboratory Performance Evaluation of an Asphalt Mix Modified with Qingchuan Rock Asphalt

2011  Microstructure Index of Hot Mix Asphalt

2011  Mix Design and Performance of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt SMA

2011  Modeling Viscoelastic Crack Growth in Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Using a Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Test

2011  Near-Field Mixing Downstream of a Multiport Diffuser in a Shallow River

2011  One-Dimensional Mixing Model for Surcharged Manholes

2011  Performance Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Mixture Using Warm Mix Asphalt Technology

2011  Performance of Low-Carbon Environmental Warm Mix Asphalt

2011  Polyvoids: Analytical Tool for Superpave HMA Design

2011  Preliminary Dynamic Modulus Criteria of HMA for Field Rutting of Asphalt Pavements: Michigan’s Experience

2011  Preliminary Study from Korea: Warm-Mix Asphalt

2011  Quantification of Damage in the Dynamic Complex Modulus and Flow Number Tests Using X-Ray Computed Tomography

2011  Statistical Analysis for Strength Variation of Deep Mixing Columns in Singapore

2011  Strength and Deformational Characteristics of Foamed Bitumen Mixes under Suboptimal Conditions

2011  Study of Mixing at Cross Junction in Water Distribution Systems Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

2011  Thin-Layer Gravity Current with Implications for Desalination Brine Disposal

2011  Three-Dimensional Simulations of Asphalt Pavement Permanent Deformation Using a Nonlinear Viscoelastic and Viscoplastic Model

2011  Transverse Mixing in an Unregulated Northern River

2011  Utilization of Foaming Technology in Warm-Mix-Asphalt Mixtures Containing Moist Aggregates

2010  Accelerated Laboratory Polishing Device for Hot Mix Asphalt

2010  Assessment of the Use of Hot-Mix Recycled Asphalt Concrete in Plant

2010  Characterization of Fly Ash Bituminous Concrete Mixes

2010  Comparison of Performance between Cross Shaped and Conventional Deep Mixed Columns for Three-Layered Soft Ground Improvement under Embankment Load

2010  Design and Application of Risk Adjusted Cumulative Sum for Strength Monitoring of Ready Mixed Concrete

2010  The Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Testing Procedure for the Prediction of the Cracking Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt

2010  The Effect of Recycled Asphalt Materials on Hot Mixed Asphalt Pavement Performance

2010  Effects of Soil Improvement by Mass Mixing on the Lateral Capacity of Pile Group Using Finite Element Method

2010  Field Investigation of Acoustic Performance of Various Asphalt Surface Mixes

2010  Field Measurements of Mean Velocity Characteristics of a Large-Diameter Swirling Jet

2010  Filling of a Flooded Gypsum Mine with a Flowable Soil-Cement Mix