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2013  Performance of Missouri River Levee System and Flood Fighting Efforts at Eppley Airfield during 2011 Flood Event

2013  Stability Analysis of the L-575 Levee Failure on the Missouri River

2011  Evaluation of ADCP Apparent Bed Load Velocity in a Large Sand-Bed River: Moving versus Stationary Boat Conditions

2010  Innovative Methods of Integrating Conservation Planning Methods, Conceptual Ecological Models, USACE Planning Requirements, and NEPA to Develop a Comprehensive Plan: Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan Case Study

2009  Back Matter

2009  Case History: Value Engineering of Driven H-Piles for Slope Stability on the Missouri River

2009  Constructing a Big Dam after the 1951 Missouri River Flood: Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Kansas

2009  Front Matter

2009  Great Rivers History, Proceedings and Invited Papers for the EWRI Congress and History Symposium

2009  How to Wrestle a Mighty River: The Missouri River Channel Project

2009  Importance of Levees in the Kansas City Area

2009  Multi-Criteria Assessment of Pallid Sturgeon Habitat Restoration for the Missouri River

2009  Natural Hydrograph of the Missouri River near Sioux City and the Least Tern and Piping Plover

2009  Riverside-Quindaro Bend Levee (L-385) on the Missouri River: The Essential Role of O&M and Documentation

2009  Sediment Management for Shallow Water Habitat Creation on the Missouri River

2008  Application of a Routing Model for Detecting Channel Flow Changes with Minimal Data

2008  Evaluating NEXRAD Estimates for the Missouri River Basin: Analysis Using Daily Raingauge Data

2008  GSTARS3-HTC Model Development and Evaluation as Part of the Lewis and Clark Lake Sediment Management Study

2007  Bridges: Missouri River Span Blends Economy, Aesthetics

2007  Creating Wet Acres in the Missouri River for Fish Populations

2007  Evaluating Constructed Backwater Habitat and Sandbar Islands on the Missouri River

2007  Field Assessment of Alternative Bed-Load Transport Estimators

2007  Risk and Consequence Analysis Focused on Biological Invasions Potentially Associated with Surface Water Transfers from the Missouri River to the Red River Basins

2007  Two-Dimensional Modeling Applications for Use with Missouri River Restoration

2007  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport in a Gravel Bed Channel: The Salt River

2006  Creating Wet Acres in the Missouri River for Fish Populations

2006  History of the Pick-Sloan Program

2006  Past, Present, and Future of the Pick-Sloan Program for the Missouri River Basin: Operations of Dams under the Pick-Sloan Program

2005  Climate Change Impacts on Missouri River Basin Water Yields: The Influence of Temporal Scales

2005  Physical Habitat Assessment and Historical Water Quality Analysis on the White River, South Dakota

2004  Dealing with Change: Recreating Missouri River Backwater Habitat

2004  Herding More Cats: Developing Vision, Principles, and Priorities for an Integrated Stormwater Management Program

2004  Ice Influences on Channel Stability: Insights from Missouri’s Fort Peck Reach

2004  Kansas River Bank Stabilization

2004  Water Management: Corps Releases Contentious Plan to Control Missouri River

2003  Incorporating Bank-Toe Erosion by Hydraulic Shear into the ARS Bank-Stability Model: Missouri River, Eastern Montana

2003  A Nuclear Power Plant on Karst Terrane?

2003  Water Resources: Conflicting Rulings Issued Over Corp’s Management of Missouri

2002  Case Study: Channel Stability of the Missouri River, Eastern Montana

2001  Analysis of Trends and Persistence in Hydrologic Records

2001  Lake Sharpe Sediment Flushing Analyses

2001  Restoration of Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat on the Missouri River Overton Bottom Site

2001  Water Yield Responses to High and Low Spatial Resolution Climate Change Scenarios in the Missouri River Basin

2000  Bank Instabilities along the Missouri River: The Role of Positive Pore-Water Pressures and Flow Releases

2000  Development of Methodology to Reduce Suspended Sediment Sample Collection on the Missouri River at Sioux City, Iowa

2000  Ice-Induced Thalweg Oscillations along the Fort Peck Reach of the Missouri River

2000  Sediment Modeling of Big Bend Reservoir, South Dakota

1999  The 1997 Missouri River Flood That Did Not Occur

1999  Including Long-Term Biological Index Performance in a Multi-Criteria Decision Support System

1999  Long-Term Simulation of Thermal Regime of Missouri River

1999  Solutions to Spillway Tainter Gate Icing Problems

1998  Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Mitigation: Benedictine Bottoms Mitigation Site

1998  Nontraditional Erosion Control Projects Constructed on the Missouri River

1998  Using RCHARC to Evaluate Large River Restoration Alternatives

1997  Hydropower’s Role in Corps of Engineer’s Basin Studies

1996  Impacts of Climate Change in the Missouri River Basin

1996  Operating Rule Optimization for Missouri River Reservoir System

1995  Analysis of Negative Effects of Major Floods on Man

1995  Channel Degradation in Southeastern Nebraska Rivers

1995  The Great Flood of 1993--What If?

1995  Management of Regional Flood Damages to Railroads

1995  Missouri River Bidges Gain Landmark Status

1995  A Post-Development Audit of the Pick-Sloan Program

1995  Sustainable Stormwater Management

1995  Two-Dimensional Sediment Transport Model of the Missouri - Platte River Confluence

1994  Analysis of Missouri River System Operations Alternatives

1994  Development and Application of Long Range Study (LRS) Model for Missouri River System

1994  Development of a Wetland/Riparian Resource Model for the Missouri River System

1994  Development of Fisheries Models for the Missouri River System

1994  Development of Missouri River Navigation Analysis

1994  Lewis and Clark Rural Water System: A Regional Approach to Solving Domestic Water Supply Problems for a Tri-State Area

1994  Missouri River Economic Impacts Model

1994  Missouri River Least Tern and Piping Plover Model Development

1994  Missouri River Master Manual Review and Update

1994  Missouri River Recreation Economic Analysis

1994  Optimization and Reservoir Operations for the Missouri River

1994  When the Levee Breaks

1993  Fort Peck - Power Plant No. 1 Penstock Replacement

1993  Haunted by the Past

1993  RCHARC: A New Method for Physical Habitat Analysis

1993  Scour Analysis for Bridges over Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

1992  Numerical Modeling of Reservoir Tailrace Hydraulics for Water Quality and Habitat Analysis

1992  Prescriptive Model for Missouri River Reservoir-operation Analysis

1990  Pump-Station Intake-Shoaling Control with Submerged Vanes

1989  Stream Bank Erosion and Bed Evolution Model

1988  Prediction of Scour Depth Under Armoring Conditions

1988  Project Alternatives to Benefit Endangered Species

1988  Simulation of Irrigation and Reservoir Water Use

1987  Missouri River Basin Water Accounting System

1986  Armoring and Sorting Simulation in Alluvial Rivers

1986  Construction of Yellowtail Dam & Power Plant 63-65

1986  Pumping Fill Solves Flood Problems

1986  Simulation of Missouri River Bed Degradation

1983  Regulation of Missouri River Main Stem Reservoirs

1981  Navigation on the Missouri--70 Years in the Making

1981  Trihalomethane Precursor Control by Adsorption

1980  Cooling Potential of Missouri River in Missouri

1978  Model for Shore-Attached Thermal Plumes in Rivers

1978  Resistance to Flow in Sand-Bed Channels

1978  Temperature and Missouri River Stages near Omaha