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2014  Exploratory Study to Identify Perceptions of Safety and Risk among Residential Latino Construction Workers as Distinct from Commercial and Heavy Civil Construction Workers

2013  Outcomes-Based Assessment: Driving Outreach Program Effectiveness

2012  César Pelli Designs Unconventional Chapel for Historically Black Catholic University

2012  Horace King: A Bridge-Building Life

2011  Differences in Perspectives regarding Labor Productivity between Spanish- and English-Speaking Craft Workers

2011  Localizing and Designing Computer-Based Safety Training Solutions for Hispanic Construction Workers

2010  Call for Papers: Special Bilingual Issue on Engineering in the Americas

2010  Immigration and Construction: Analysis of the Impact of Immigration on Construction Project Costs

2009  Design for National Museum of African American History and Culture Unveiled

2009  NewsBriefs: Council Calls for Measures to Improve Access to Math and Science Education, Careers

2009  Surveying Methods for Bilingual Construction Workers

2008  Diversity in Engineering Education: An African American Female Professor’s Perspective

2008  People: Fleming Receives Educator of the Year Award

2007  People: Jackson Honored for Entrepreneurship

2007  People: NSBE Names Jackson Entrepreneur of the Year

2007  Photo and Caption

2006  Development of New Faculty: Summary of the NSF-CMS WEE Workshop

2005  Differences in Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Construction Workers

2005  NewsBriefs: Columbia Aims To Increase Women, Minorities On Faculty (Columbia University)

2005  NewsBriefs: Texas Initiative To Aid Minority Groups Recognized (University of Texas at El Paso)

2004  Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Wage Differentials: Implications for United States Construction Industry

2004  Innovation-Engineering a Better Engineer for Today’s Workforce

2003  Implementing an Inclusive Curriculum for Women in Engineering Education

2003  What’s Wrong with Working in Construction? How Image and Diversity Issues are Affecting the Shortage of Skilled Labor

2002  ASCE Journal Addresses Diversity

2002  Best Practices in Managing Diversity

2002  A Bigger Tent

2002  A Deeper Look at “Diversity”

2002  Diversification of the U.K. Construction Industry: A Framework for Change

2002  Diversity Discussions

2002  Diversity: The Future of Engineering

2002  Mentoring—New Twists on a Familiar Topic

2002  Message from the President: Diversity: Supporting an Inclusive Soceity at ASCE

2002  A Promise Deferred

2002  Successful Government Funded Projects in Rural Alaska: The 3 C’s: Challenges for Community Involvement

2001  Beyond Race and Gender: Unleashing the Power of Your Total Work Force by Managing Diversity by R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.

2001  Differences in Nonverbal Communication Styles between Cultures: The Latino-Anglo Perspectives

2001  Diversity by the Numbers

2001  Diversity in Engineering

2001  Diversity Is Smart Business for True Success

2001  ’Diversity Without Adversity’ Session Set

2001  Engineering Academic Diversity: It’s the Nondiverse Who Need to Participate

2001  Face Value: The Silent Diversity Challenge

2001  Forum

2001  Land of Plenty: Diversity as America’s Competitive Edge in Science, Engineering, and Technology

2001  Mentoring

2001  A New Day for ASCE

2001  Questions and Answers for Managers

2001  Retention of Nontraditional Engineering and Construction Professionals

2001  Structural Engineering for Attaining and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

2000  Environmental Engineering Professionals Needed for Educational Outreach

2000  Q. Where Does ASCE Stand on Diversity? A. Society Is Headed in the Right Direction.

2000  Student Competition Offers Hope of Engineering Diversification

1999  Choosing a Career at Age 13

1999  Discrimination Dispute

1999  Everybody Wins

1999  Facilitating the Success of Middle to High School Minority Students towards Engineering

1999  Hands-On Beam-Bridge Experiments for Junior and Senior High School Students

1999  Increasing Diversity in Science Mathematics Engineering and Technology (SMET) through High School 9–12 Transition Activities

1999  Where Do We Go from Here?: Comments on Equal Opportunity and Equality in Environmental Engineering

1998  Engineering at a Crossroads

1998  Engineers Use Internet to Help Close Gender Gap

1998  Harris Poll Shows Engineering Remains ‘Stealth Profession’ Among Women and Minorities

1998  Minorities in Engineering

1997  Engineering Educator Gets Top Teaching Award

1997  Is It Sunset Time for Affirmative Action and Set-Aside Programs?

1997  Minority Owner Alliance Expands

1996  Commentary on MBE and FBE Participation in the Construction Industry

1996  Environmental Justice: The Department of Energy’s Response to Executive Order 12898

1996  Minority Set-Aside Unconstitutional

1995  Brooks Law Protects the Established

1995  Federal Program Upheld

1995  Too Much Experience is as Bad as not Enough

1994  Civil Engineering Partnerships for Education

1994  Conduct and Competitiveness Determine Acceptance

1994  Education and Research in Water and Environment: Collaboration Between Minority and Majority Institutions

1994  Engineers Should Create Their Own Opportunities

1994  Heed the Call for Enhanced Opportunities

1994  Human-Resource Management for Twenty-First Century: Managing Diversity

1994  Improving Effectiveness of Equal Business Opportunity Programs

1994  Minority Contractors: Framework for New Policy Development

1994  Past, Present, and Future of ASCE: Equal Opportunity Programs

1994  Prejudice Comes in All Forms

1994  Prejudices and Stereotypes Are Still Around

1994  Problems Faced by Faculty in Minority Institutions

1994  Procurement Issues

1994  Seminar Subjects Don’t Target Profession’s Problems

1994  Summer Engineering Outreach Program for Native Americans

1994  Water Resources Education and Research at a Model HBCU Water Resources Center

1994  ‘White Male Engineers’ Encouraged Her Career

1993  Court Clarifies MBE Ownership

1993  Education, Research and Training Model for Minority Students in Irrigated Agriculture

1993  Future Directions in Water Resources Education

1993  More Women and Minorities Now Study Engineering

1993  Percentages of Women, Minorities Hit New High

1992  County Defines Minority Program Too Broadly

1992  Dutton, Tennessee Educator, Dies at 82

1992  Integrating the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum

1992  It’s Time to Redefine Minority Businesses

1992  Milwaukee Summer Institute Gives Students CE Project Experience