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2015  Smaller is Beautiful

2015  Spread Footings Revisited: Geotechnical Advances Lead to Expanded Use for Bridge Abutments

2014  Numerical Studies of I-Shaped Levee Flood Wall at St. Paul, Minnesota Site

2013  Forensic Information Modeling: A New Forensic Tool

2013  FreewayConomics: Design and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bus-Only Shoulder Express Service

2013  Instrumentation and Modeling of I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2013  Investigation of Thermal Gradient Effects in the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2013  Near-Real-Time Embankment Settlement Monitoring for Construction Control

2013  On The Web (

2013  Prediction of Bridge Behavior Through Failure: A Case Study Of The Minnesota I-35W Bridge Collapse

2013  Stormwater to Base Flow? Investigating Surface-Groundwater Interactions for Stormwater Management and Ecosystem Enhancement

2013  A Tale of Two Cities: Chicago, Duluth, and The Birth of the Modern Vertical Lift Bridge

2012  Construction of MSE Walls at St. Anthony Falls (I-35W) Bridge

2012  Forensic Investigation Modeling (FIM) Approach: I35 West Bridge Collapse Case Study

2012  Risk Management in Real Time—Transient Control Testing on a Large Conveyance System

2012  Road Salt Impact on Lake Stratification and Water Quality

2011  Gap Acceptance by Older Drivers – A Field Investigation on Two-Lane Highways

2011  I35W Bridge Collapse: Lessons Learned and Challenges Revealed

2011  Impact of I-35W Bridge Failure on State Transportation Agency Bridge Inspection and Evaluation Programs

2011  Maccaferri Terramesh System, Gabion Face MSE Walls at St. Anthony Falls (I-35W) Bridge

2011  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Critical Gusset Plates in the I-35W Bridge in Minnesota

2011  Progressive Pavements

2011  Projecting the Impact of Climatic Change on Coldwater Fish Habitat in Minnesota Lakes

2011  Simple Check for Yielding in Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections

2011  Simplified Method for Spatial Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential in the St. Louis Area

2011  Simulating Hydrologic Effects of Raised Roads within a Low-Relief Watershed

2010  Attenuating Excessive Sediment and Loss of Biotic Habitat in an Intensively Managed Midwestern Agricultural Watershed

2010  Automation Innovations in Stormwater Modeling Case Study: City of Ramsey, Minnesota, Surface Water Management Plan

2010  Bridge Scour Monitoring Technologies: Development of Evaluation and Selection Protocols for Application on River Bridges in Minnesota

2010  Comparison of Block-Shear and Whitmore Section Methods for Load Rating Existing Steel Truss Gusset Plate Connections

2010  I-35W Bridge Collapse

2010  The Impact of Navigation Chevrons in St. Louis Harbor

2010  Marketing for Behavior Change and Nutrient Reduction

2010  Modeling the Thermal Impact of Land Use Change in the Vermillion River Trout Stream Watershed, MN

2010  New Baseball Stadium ’Fits’ Minneapolis Fine

2010  NewsBriefs: Facility to Help Scientists Answer Questions about Climate Change

2010  NTSB Had Evidence Of Gusset Plate Problems

2010  Roadway Lighting Shows Safety Benefits at Rural Intersections

2010  Steel Sheet Pile Used as Permanent Foundation and Retention Systems-Design and Construction

2010  The Use of Loop Anchorages in Single-Span Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Bridges

2010  Vermillion River Watershed Hydrologic Study of Existing Conditions

2009  Analysis of Critical Gusset Plates in the Collapsed I-35W Bridge

2009  Appellate Court Validates I-35W Bridge Procurement

2009  A Bayesian Framework for Cost Effective Management of Sediment Reduction in the Minnesota River Basin

2009  Chatfield Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements: A Design and Operational Review, Focused on Cold Weather Issues

2009  Constructed Rock Beach Winter Installation

2009  Construction Aggregate Potential of Minnesota Taconite Industry Byproducts

2009  Funding Stimulates Debate

2009  Further Discussion of I-35 W Bridge

2009  Further Discussion of I-35 W Bridge

2009  I-35W Bridge May Indicate Other Problems

2009  I-35W Bridge was Overloaded

2009  Inadequate Gusset Plates Probable Cause of I-35W Bridge Collapse

2009  Minnesota’s Preservation of State-Owned Historic Bridges for Long-Term Transportation Use

2009  MnROAD Pavement Temperature Profiles

2009  Natural Groundwater Recharge Response to Urbanization: Vermillion River Watershed, Minnesota

2009  NTSB Should Clarify Its Conclusions

2009  Porous Asphalt Proven Successful in Cold Region: WBUUC Porous Parking Lot

2009  Warm-Mix Asphalt for Rural County Roads

2009  What Did We Learn from the I-35W Bridge?

2009  What Did We Learn from the I-35W Bridge?

2008  Arches, water, and reflection — these are the themes that inspired the design of the new bridge in Minneapolis that carries Interstate 35 West over the Mississippi

2008  Braced for the Future

2008  Bridges Can Be Checked Quickly

2008  Bridges: Inspections Uncover More Gusset Plate Issues on Minnesota Crossings

2008  Bridges: Underdesigned Gusset Plates Cited by NTSB in I-35W Bridge Collapse Investigation

2008  A Call to Action on Infrastructure

2008  Champion Needed

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Corroded Gusset Plate Problem More Widespread

2008  Crumbling Infrastructure Needs Private-Sector Boost

2008  Dye Tracing within the St. Lawrence Confining Unit in Southeastern Minnesota

2008  Geotechnical Data Sharing and Electronic Data Exchange at Minnesota DOT

2008  Gusset Plate Problems Should Have Been Caught

2008  Hypogenic Karst and Its Implications for Minnesota Hydrogeology

2008  Invest in the Future as We Did in the Past

2008  More Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  More Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Restraining the Red River of the North

2008  Special Report: The Infrastructure Crisis

2008  Spring Characterization Methods and Springshed Mapping

2008  Water Quality Data for Lake Nutrient TMDLs: How Much Is Enough?

2007  ASCE Responds to 1-35W Bridge Collapse

2007  Bridges: Construction Begins on Replacement of Collapsed Minneapolis Bridge

2007  Champion Needed

2007  Drinking Water: Minneapolis Constructs Continent’s largest Pressurized Ultrafiltration System

2007  Forensic Engineering: Bridge Collapse Prompts Investigations, Raises Questions

2007  In Wake of Infrastructure Tragedies, ASCE Offers Insight and Leadership

2007  Lake Street Lessons

2007  NewsBriefs: Mall of America to Become Largest in Western Hemisphere (Mall of America)

2007  NewsBriefs: University of Minnesota Students Take Class on I-35W Collapse (Star Tribune)

2007  Overview of the First Ten Years of the Minnesota Road Research Project

2007  Policy Briefing: House Members, Administration Debate Bridge Safety Proposal

2007  Remove the Conflict of Interest

2007  Setting the Stage

2007  Some Thoughts on Bridge Failures

2007  Strings Attached?