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2011  Autogenous Curing of Cold-Bonded Fly-Ash-Aggregate Concrete

2001  Bedform Migration on a Sheltered Sandy Beach in Southwestern Australia

2001  Mechanisms and Rates of Knickpoint Migration in Cohesive Streambeds: Hydraulic Shear and Mass Failure

2001  A Methodology for Predicting Channel Migration NCHRP Project No. 24-16

2001  Nearshore Morphology Characterization Based on a Predictive Model for Sandbar Migration

2000  Grain Boundary Migration in Metals: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Applications by G. Gottstein and L. S. Shvindlerman

2000  Knickpoint Erosion and Migration in Cohesive Streambeds

2000  Major Environmental Laws Face Challenges

2000  Methodology for Predicting Channel Migration: NCHRP Project No. 24-16

1999  Barrier Morphology and Inlet Types: Low Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, North Carolina

1999  Changing of Local Wave Climate due to Ebb Delta Migration

1999  Cyclic Channel Movement at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington, U.S.A.

1999  Dune Migration and Aeolian Transport along Ceara (Northeastern Brazil): Downscaling and Upscaling Aeolian Induced Processes

1999  Effects of Soil Layering and Interfacial Tension on Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) Migration in Subsurface Environments

1999  Geophysical Surveys of a Known Karst Feature: Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

1999  Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

1999  Interactions Among Inlet Migration, Spit Extension, and Shoreline Change in a Southern New Jersey Barrier System

1999  Laboratory Evaluation of Geosynthetic Fabric Containers for Contaminant Migration

1999  NIST Measures Pollution Migration Potential

1999  Nitrate Electromigration in Sandy Soil in the Presence of Hydraulic Flow

1999  Particle Migration between a Dam and Its Foundation: Laboratory Study

1999  Slurry Walls for Control of Contaminant Migration: A Comparison of UK and US Practices

1999  Toxics Migrating from Contaminated Marine Sediment

1998  Bacteria Movement in Soil Matrix, Macropores, and Partially Blocked Macropores

1998  Bed Shear Stress in Sine-Generated Channels

1998  Bendway Weirs and Highway Protection in Colorado: A Case Study on the Blue River

1998  Temporal Variations in Point Bar Morphology Within Two Incised River Meanders, Goodwin Creek, Mississippi

1997  Capillary Barrier System to Prevent Contaminant Releases from Landfills

1997  Conditioning Three-Dimensional Velocity Fields on Measurements in Heterogeneous Geological Media

1997  Impact of Aperture Variability on Flow and Transport Properties of a Single Fracture

1997  Long-Term Brine Migration Through an Engineered Shaft Seal System

1997  Solute Dispersion and Migration in Unsaturated Porous Media Under Different Hydraulic and Atmospheric Conditions

1997  Transport Analysis for Liners Underlain by Fractured Clays of the Valley of Mexico

1997  Vacuum Induced Remediation of Subsurface Contamination with Horizontal Wells

1996  Engineering Aspects of Wetland Mitigation

1996  Numerical Modeling of Deep Well Injection Near a Fault

1996  A Screening Level Model for Estimation of Vadose Zone Leaching and Saturated Zone Mixing: VLEACHSM

1996  Significance of Geologic Features on the Contaminant Migration from Landfill Sites

1996  Surface Bypass-Collector Concepts and Performance

1996  A Surface Collection Design Approach on the Lower Columbia River

1996  Vertical Migration of Diesel into Silty Sand Subject to Cyclic Freeze-Thaw

1995  Assessing Volcanic Hazard at Yucca Mountain Using Expert Judgment

1995  Assessment of Clay Colloid Transport and the Associated Transport of Herbicides in Subsurface

1995  Assuring “End-Game” Integrity: Testbed Approach to Deployment of Detector Systems

1995  A Capillary Network Model for Gas Migration in Engineered Barriers

1995  Coupling Between Water Chemistry and Thermal Output at Unsaturated Repositories

1995  Gasgeodynamical Method for the Assessment of Rock Massif for Raw Disposal

1995  Partitioning of VOCs in Clay Liner Materials

1995  Radiocolloid Migration Through Backfill-Surrounding Porous Media in Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Geometry

1995  Radionuclide Migration Experiments Under In Situ Conditions

1995  Remediation of Free-Product TCE

1995  Rural Migration Decision Relating to Yucca Mountain

1995  A Simple Model for Determining Radionuclide Release and Migration to the Biosphere

1995  Theoretical Framework for Simulating Sustainable Geo-Environmental Technologies

1995  TOUGH2 Model of the G-Tunnel Heater Test

1995  Uniform Surface Complexation Approaches to Radionuclide Sorption Modeling

1995  The Use of Upward Hydraulic Gradients to Arrest Downward DNAPL Migration in Fractures

1995  Vertical Cutoffs and Bottom Sealing by Jet Grouting

1994  Dispersivity in Heterogeneous Permeable Media

1994  Dredged Material Disposal and Migratory Birds

1994  Dust Levitation on the Moon

1994  Engineering Implications of Levitating Lunar Dust

1994  FY93 Thermal Loading Systems Study

1994  How Should the Migration and Retardation of Colloids be Characterized?

1994  The Levitation of Lunar Dust Via Electrostatic Forces

1994  Migration of Backward-Facing Step

1994  Migration of Conservative and Poorly Sorbing Tracers in Granite Fractures

1994  Numerical Studies of Radionuclide Migration in Layered Porous Media

1994  Precipitation Kinetics of Radioactive Elements and Their Effect Upon Redox Conditions of the Nearfield

1994  Radionuclides Migration in Fractured Porous Rock: Analytical Solutions for Various Boundary Conditions

1994  Saturation and Gas Migration Within Clay Buffers

1994  Simulated Waste Package Test in Salt

1994  Stochastic Modeling of Spatial Heterogeneities Conditioned to Hydraulic and Tracer Tests

1994  Wetting Phase Permeability in a Partially Saturated Horizontal Fracture

1993  Carbon-14: Some Evidence of Migration and Experiments on Immobilisation

1993  Channel Network Models for Solute Migration and Dispersal

1993  Experience in Modeling for Environmental Physics and Biogeochemistry

1993  Managing Snake River Operations for Juvenile Salmon Migration

1993  Migration of Rectangular Mining Pit Composed of Uniform Sediments

1993  Modeling Gas and Brine Migration for Assessing Compliance of the WIPP

1993  Modelling Gas Migration Experiments in Repository

1993  Radionuclide Migration to the Aquifer Through the Porous Medium

1993  Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses of Pit-Migration Model

1993  Use of Coupled Geochemical and Transport Calculations for Nuclear Waste Problems

1992  Deterministic and Probabilistic Performance Assessment Methods Applied to Radionuclide Migration Through Fractured Geologic Medium

1992  Discrete Fracture Simulations of the Hydrogeology at Koongarra, Northern Territory, Australia

1992  Effects of Viscosity on Migration of Spills of Hazardous Liquids

1992  Method to Inhibit Technetium Migration in a Geologic Repository

1992  Methodology Developed by the French National Nuclear Waste Management Agency (ANDRA) for the Performance Assessment of a Deep Geological Repository

1992  Migration of Spilled Oil from Ruptured Underground Crude Oil Pipelines in the Memphis Area

1992  Moisture Migration Through Concrete Floor Slabs

1992  New Tools to Aid in Scientific Computing and Visualization

1992  Quantitative Comparison Between Colloidal and Solute Transport

1992  The Role of Natural Analogues in Performance Assessment: Applications and Limitations

1991  Atlantic Salmon Smolt Movement and Behavior at Vernon Hydroelectric Station

1991  Chemical Composition, Physical Properties and Off-Site Migration of Municipal Landfill Gas

1991  Contaminant Migration Evaluation at a Hazardous Waste Management Facility

1991  Development of Hanford Site Lysimeter Facilities

1991  Dredge Spoil and Inner Shelf Investigations off Tauranga Harbour, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

1991  Geomorphology and Sedimentation Patterns of Tidal Inlets: A Review