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2015  Outlook for a Power Generation Fuel Transition in the MENA Region

2015  Performance Evaluation of Full-Scale Sections of Asphalt Pavements in the State of Qatar

2014  Arbitration in Kuwait: Study of Current Practices and Suggestions for Improvements

2014  Critical Factors Determining Bid/No Bid Decisions of Contractors in Qatar

2014  Geophysical Investigation of Solid Waste Dumpsite at Ballouneh in Lebanon

2013  Causes of Construction Delays for Engineering Projects: An Egyptian Perspective

2013  Climate Change and Hydropower Planning in the Middle East: Implications for Iran’s Karkheh Hydropower Systems

2013  Conceptual Designing and Numerical Simulation of the ASR Technique Operations - Case Study Kuwait

2013  Corrosion Assessment of RC Deck in a Jetty Structure Damaged by Chloride Attack

2013  Integrating Relief and Recovery with Effective, Sustainable, Progressive Development in Yemen

2013  Pavement Subgrade Stabilization Using Polymers: Characterization and Performance

2013  Temperature and Precipitation Trends in Lebanon’s Largest River: The Litani Basin

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for a Middle East Water Supply System

2013  Work Begins on Dramatic Marina Mall

2012  Construction and Maintenance of Concrete Piles in Corrosive and Destructive Marine Environments Based on Study of the Persian Gulf Marine Installations

2012  Developing a Methodology to Evaluate the Environmental Performance of an Existing Building in Developing Countries

2012  Foundation Challenges for Tall Buildings in the Middle East

2012  On Pile Driving in the Offshore of the Arabian Peninsula: The Status Quo and Major Concerns

2012  Review of Existing Transportation Sustainability Initiatives and Their Applicability to Qatar

2012  Shallow Foundation Design over Diagenetic Limestone along the Arab Gulf Coast: An Overview

2012  Survey of Traditional Wind Catchers of the Middle East

2011  Behavior of Driven Piles in the Arabian Gulf—Consequences of Imperfections and Lessons Learned

2011  Comparative Risk Analysis for Reconstruction of a Partially Failed Dike System

2011  Coupled Regional Hydroclimate Model and Its Application to the Tigris-Euphrates Basin

2011  Impact of Water Resources Utilization on the Hydrology of Mesopotamian Marshlands

2011  Numerical Simulation of Oil Spill Trajectory in Marina Environment

2011  On Shallow Foundation Design along the Coast of Qatar

2011  Planning and Procurement of an Urban People Mover System in Doha, West-Bay

2011  Racing Red

2011  Water Balance Study for the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin

2010  Application of Microgravity Survey to Detect Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain

2010  The Burj Khalifa Triumphs: Reaching toward The Heavens

2010  Construction Safety in Kuwait

2010  Energy generated by wind, water, and the sun will power the Alpha Project, a mixed-use development planned for Doha, Qatar ...

2010  Flooding Impacts and Modeling Challenges of Tropical Storms in Eastern Yemen

2010  Geotechnical Characterization of the Simsima Limestone (Doha, Qatar)

2010  High-Rise Building Foundations—A Limit State Design Approach

2010  Hydraulic Modeling of Flash Floods in Sana’a

2010  Hydrologic Analysis for a Hyper-Arid Region in the Middle East

2010  Hydrologic Analysis of Flash Floods in Sana’a, Yemen

2010  NewsBriefs: Qatar Announces $1-Billion Solar Power Plant

2010  Renowned Paris-based architect Jean Nouvel conceived the new National Museum of Qatar with the beauty of nature in mind...

2010  Robust Optimization of the Water System in Amman, Jordan

2010  Water Quality Analysis in a Residential Area of Kuwait

2009  The Behaviour of Tuned Liquid Dampers—Experiment and Analytical Solution

2009  Driven Pile Foundation in the Offshore Fields of Qatar: Installation Problems, Challenges, and Potential Solutions

2009  Framework for Improving Water Security in the Middle East

2009  NDIA APM: Building an APM in a Terminal Building

2009  Planning and Procurement of the Doha, West-Bay APM

2009  Water Sustainability Index: Application of CWSI for Ahwaz County

2008  Cavities Detection and Treatment at a Residential Area under Development in the State of Kuwait

2008  Effect of Curing Conditions on the Service Life Design of RC Structures in the Persian Gulf Region

2008  Fate Transport of Organic Pollutants in the Coastal Water of United Arab Emirates

2008  Laboratory Tests on Two Remolded Carbonate Soils from the Arabian Gulf Shore

2008  Middle Eastern Hydrologic History and Water Developments

2008  NewsBriefs: Red Sea Bridge Considered

2008  Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Containing Granular Volcanic Ash

2008  A Reverse Curve Cable Stay Bridge in Jordan

2007  Master Planning for a New Seaport in Doha, Qatar

2007  Network and Transient Modelling of Dual Pressure Distribution Systems

2007  Quality Management System for Design Consultants: Development and Application on Projects in the Middle East

2007  Re-setting the Productivity Bar: Conceptual Planning of Jebel Ali New Container Terminal, Dubai

2007  Structures: Tower Lifts Olympic Torch to New Heights

2007  Sustainable Design: Sail-Shaped Office Towers Support Wind Turbines

2007  Transboundary Water Resources: Hydrodiplomacy for Peace in the Middle East

2006  3D Model Application to Study Residual Flow in the Arabian Gulf

2006  Artificial Intelligence Designing, Study, and Behaviour Using the Movable Joints and Structural Dynamic Properties

2006  Behavior of High Performance Concrete Exposed to Internal Sulfate Attack (Gypsum-Contaminated Aggregate)

2006  Buildings: Skiers Enjoy Column-Free Indoor Slope In Middle East

2006  Influence of Fines on the Properties of Arid Climate Sand Deposits

2006  Salt Encrusted Desert Flats (Sabkha): Problems, Challenges and Potential Solutions

2006  Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Ruwais Coastal Area of United Arab Emirates

2006  Water Resources Management and Modeling in Iraq, the Middle East, and the Nile Basin: Towards Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

2004  Breakwater for Service Harbour, Gulf of Aden

2004  Expansion of Middle Eastern Port Overcomes Difficult Ground Conditions

2004  An Overview of the Two Seas Canal and Its Implication

2004  Siltation Behind Dams in Antiquity

2004  Wave Agitation Studies for Port Expansion - Salalah, Oman

2003  Impact of Subsidized Water Supply on Domestic and Public Water Consumption in Qatar

2002  Climate Change and Water Resources in Lebanon and the Middle East

2002  Strategic Implementation of Infrastructure Priority Projects: Case Study in Palestine

2002  Three-Dimensional Thermal Modeling of the RasGas Cooling Water Outfall

2001  Channel Upgrade for Mesaieed Port, Qatar

2001  Evaluation of Port of Casablanca Operations on Air Quality in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Casablanca, Morocco

2001  Sustainable Water Resources Development Plan for the Middle-East Countries

2001  Value Engineering and Optimal Building Projects

1999  The History of Trenchless Technology in the Middle East

1998  Planning a High Density Hub Terminal at Mina Raysut

1998  Polymer Modification of Arab Asphalt

1997  New Port Puts Oman at Crossroads

1995  The Gulf of Aqaba: A Common Cause in the Middle East Peace Process

1995  The Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources In the Middle East - An Historical Perspective

1995  The Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources In the Middle East - An Historical Perspective

1995  Water Supplies Versus Demand in Countries of Arabian Peninsula

1994  Influence of Geotextiles on Performance of Saline Sebkha Soils

1994  Middle Eastern Concrete Deterioration: Unusual Case History

1993  Oil in the Intertidal and Subtidal Sediment of the Saudi Arabian Coast One Year After the Gulf War Oil Spill

1992  Investigation of Concrete at a Middle East Plant

1990  Water Basins in the Middle East

1989  Potential of Irrigated Agriculture in Syria