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Found 68 Records with the keyword term of "Microwaves"

2015  Photolysis of Carbon Disulfide by Interior Microwave Discharge Electrodeless Iodine Lamps

2013  Computational Modeling and Experimental Microwave Processing of JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Disinfection of Bacillus globigii Spores Using an Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma System

2013  High-Temperature Microwave Dielectric Properties and Processing of JSC-1AC Lunar Simulant

2013  Interrupted Flow Link Travel Time Estimation Based on Video Detector Data and Microwave Detector Data

2013  Use of Microwave Conditioning to Rapidly Age Asphalt Mixes

2012  The Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Microwave Sensor for Wastewater Nutrient Detection

2012  Experimental Investigation of Fracture Toughness Reduction and Fracture Development in Basalt Specimens under Microwave Illumination

2012  Microwave Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Absorption Properties of Treated Waste Rubber Aggregates

2012  Use of Complex Resistivity Tomography for Moisture Monitoring in a Flooded Masonry Specimen

2011  Comparison of Municipal and Coke Wastewater Sludges in Disintegration and Acidogenesis by Microwave

2011  Distant Damage-Assessment Method for Multilayer Composite Systems Using Electromagnetic Waves

2010  Degradation of Chlorobenzene in Water Using Nanoscale Cu Coupled with Microwave Irradiation

2010  Efficient Microwave Technology to Immobilize Heavy Metal Copper (Cu) Contaminated Soil by Microwave Energy

2010  Microwave-Enhanced Thermal Desorption of Polyhalogenated Biphenyls from Contaminated Soil

2010  Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification by Microwave Catalytic over FeCoCu/Zeolite 5A Catalyst

2009  Damage Identification Using Electromagnetic Waves Based on Born Imaging Algorithm

2009  Nondestructive and Noncontacting Testing of Hardened Mortar Specimens Using a Free-Space Method

2008  Environmental Perspectives of Microwave Applications as Remedial Alternatives: Review

2008  Heat Transfer Model and Numerical Simulation for Microwave Hot In-Place Recycling of Asphalt Pavements

2007  Free-Space Nondestructive Characterization of Young Mortar Samples

2007  Preliminary Study for Strength and Freeze-Thaw Durability of Microwave- and Steam-Cured Concrete

2007  Safety Management of RF Radiation Sources in the United Arab Emirates

2006  Microwave Induced Carbothermic Reduction of Iron Oxides in Lunar Soil Simulant

2006  Microwave Processing Apollo Soil: Products for a Lunar Base

2005  Microwave Sintering of Lunar Soil: Properties, Theory, and Practice

2005  Streamflow Properties from Time Series of Surface Velocity and Stage

2004  Microwave Subsurface Imaging Technology for Damage Detection

2004  Microwave Technology for Treatment of Fume Hood Exhaust

2004  Near-Field Microwave Detection of Disbond in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Used for Strengthening Cement-Based Structures and Disbond Repair Verification

2004  The Potential of Microwaves in Processing Martian Soil: Metals Extraction Using Microwaves

2003  Decontamination of Radionuclides from Concrete by Microwave Heating. I: Theory

2003  Decontamination of Radionuclides from Concrete by Microwave Heating. II: Computations

2003  Nondestructive Testing of Mortar Specimens using the Microwave Free-Space Method

2002  Directional Spectra of Short Sea Waves and Comparison with Microwave Backscatter

2002  Use of Microwaves for Damage Detection of Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Wrapped Concrete Structures

2001  Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Microwave Antenna Towers due to Wind

2001  Status of Roller Mountable Microwave Asphalt Pavement Density Sensor

2000  Heat and Mass Transfer during Microwave Steam Treatment of Contaminated Soils

2000  Wideband Microwave Imaging of Concrete for Nondestructive Testing

1998  Pulse-Echo Microwave Tomographic Imaging and Object Recognition for NDE of Civil Structures and Materials

1996  Rocket Experiments and Demonstrations for Microwave Power Transmission (MPT)

1996  Solar Power Satellites as an Alternative Energy Source

1996  “SPS 2000” and its Internationalisation

1996  Studying the Ozone Layer from Space

1995  Imaging of Reinforced Concrete: State-of-the-Art Review

1995  Microwave Thawing of Frozen Soils and Gravels

1994  The History and Present Status of Microwave Aircraft

1994  Microwave Process Strips Structures of Lead Paint Safely and Cheaply

1994  Solar Power Satellites

1993  Technology Assessment and Development of Large Deployable Antennas

1992  Physicochemical and Rheological Properties of Microwave Recyled Asphalt Binders

1992  Simple and Efficient Methods to Produce Construction Materials for Lunar and Mars Bases

1991  Microwave Application to TRU Wastes Conditioning System

1991  Microwave Measurements of the Water Content of Bentonite

1991  Rapid Water Content by Computer-Controlled Microwave Drying

1990  Experimental Microwave Processing of Lunar Regolith Simulant for the Recovery of Volatiles

1990  Interaction of Microwave Radiation with Matter: a Thermodynamic Approach

1990  Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture Applied to Hydrologic Modeling

1990  Prefabrication of Ceramic Segments by Compaction and Microwave Fusion Technology

1989  Researches Embed Tags to Test Materials

1989  Rock Excavation with Microwaves: A Literature Review

1979  Concrete Microwave Tower is Award Winner

1979  The Importance of “Interim Standard Microwave Landing System” for Small Community Airports

1978  Microwave Interference Detection of Subsurface Water

1971  Tellurometer Ground Swing over Ice Surface

1963  Electronic Surveying: Accuracy of Tellurometer Over Short Distances

1963  Electronic Surveying: Electronic Distance Measurements