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2008  Research on the Position-Controller for Lifted Hoist Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer

2000  3 Dimensional Photogrammetry System Using Digital Still Camera and Personal Computer

2000  Construction Scheduling Updated through Palm-Held Technology

2000  Distributed Genetic Algorithm Model on Network of Personal Computers

2000  Hand-Held Multimedia Documentation for Tunnel Inspections

2000  New Advances in Parallel Computing for Structural Engineering Applied to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

2000  Opportunities to Use Speech Recognition for Bridge Inspection

2000  A Study of Technology for Diagnosing Bridge Soundness by Using Portable Computer

2000  A System to Control Civil Engineering Design

1998  Classification of Pavement Surface Distress with an Embedded Neural Net Chip

1997  Applications of Pen Based Computing in Bridge Inspection

1997  Construction Change Order Impact Assessment Using Influence Diagrams

1997  A PC-Based Decision Tool for Roadway Incident Management

1997  Pen-based Computers and JavaScript

1997  Pen-based Computing Comes to Hydro Operations

1996  Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

1996  Application of Mathematical Models for Flood Forecasting in Sri Lanka

1996  FLODRO 2.0: A User Friendly Personal Computer Package for Flood and Drought Frequency Analyses

1996  Parallel Structural Analysis with Computers and Engineers

1995  Application of GIS in Regional Earthquake Loss Estimation

1995  ARP: A PC-Compatible Scheme for Generating Origen-S Cross Section Library

1995  Automated Labor and Equipment Card (ALEC)

1995  Comprehensive Software Library for Highway Noise Analysis

1995  Computer Integration Throughout an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

1995  Computing Methods for Transportation Management Systems

1995  Contribution to Concurrent Engineering Through Integrated Stochastic Simulation and Optimisation of Cost Significant Operations: Exploiting Visualisation

1995  Creating Windows Based Engineering Software Applications Using Microsoft Visual Basic

1995  Decision Support in M&R Planning of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works

1995  Design/Construction Integrated Education Through Project-Based Interactive Multimedia

1995  An Expert System for the Identification of Causes of Failure of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

1995  Feasibility of Applying Embedded Neural Net Chip to Improve Pavement Surface Image Processing

1995  Flodro: A User Friendly Personal Computer Package

1995  Information Technology and Education: Towards the Virtual Integrated Architecture/Engineering/Construction Environment

1995  Microcomputer Tool for Management of Utility Cuts

1995  Not Just a Black Box: Personal Computer Use in Undergraduate Structural Analysis Courses

1995  PC Reservoir Simulation System (PCRSS) - Development and Calibration of a Reservoir Simulation Model for the Salt River Project

1995  PC-Based Design of Channel Protection Using Permanent Geosynthetic Reinforcement Mattings

1995  Probability and Simulation Based Reliability Assessment of Structures

1995  Simplification Errors in the Classic Truss Model: Are They Still Tolerable in This Age of Microcomputers?

1995  To Engineer is to Venture: Be a FRONTIER-VENTURER

1994  Advanced Uses of Pen Computers in Building Inspection

1994  Application of Pen Computing to Construction Inspection

1994  Applying Portable Computing and Hypermedia to Construction

1994  Bridge Rating Using Influence Surface for Curved Bridge Structures

1994  Bringing the Construction Foreman Into the Computer Age

1994  Computer Buying Guide for Engineering Students

1994  Computer Model for Infiltration System Design

1994  A Computerized Methodology for Conducting Pedestrian Gap Studies

1994  Decision Support System for Conjunctive Use Under Complex Water Right Conditions

1994  DETMOD: A Desktop Estuarine Transport MODel

1994  An Infrastructure Records Management System Using PC-based Image Scanning Technology

1994  Integrating Pen Computers with Other Keyless Data Systems for Construction Applications

1994  Microcomputer-Aided Analysis and Design of Spandrel Concrete Beams Subjected to Combined Bending and Torsional Loads

1994  PC Networking - A Case Study

1994  A PC-Based Stochastic Project Scheduling and Costing Module

1994  Pen Computers in Civil Engineering

1994  Personal Computer Model to Evaluate Performance of Construction Systems/Services

1994  Practical Solution of the Flexibility to Stiffness Transformation Problem With a Mathematical Assistant for the Personal Computer

1994  Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building Using Finite-element Techniques

1994  Simulating Learning Development for Construction

1994  Software Interface in Engineering Applications

1994  Teaching with Multimedia: Example and Issues

1994  A User Friendly Microcomputer Program for Liquefaction Potential Analysis

1994  Using Pen Computers in Post-Disaster Insurance Claim Settlements

1993  Automation of Design at the New Denver Airport

1993  Buying a PC

1993  CADD Applications in Transportation: Beyond Highway Design

1993  Computer Scheduling and Construction Specs

1993  Estimating Load Impacts on Highway Structures Using the National Bridge Inventory Database

1993  Estimating Network Model Parameters from Mail Survey Data

1993  General Purpose Microcomputer Software for Transportation Engineering Applications

1993  A GIS-Based Program Management System: An Approach to Integrate Transportation Management Systems

1993  Guidelines for PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems for Hydraulic Engineering

1993  A Highway Maintenance Operation Database

1993  Historical Pavement Management Database Feasibility Study

1993  Implementation of a Real-Time, Paratransit Scheduling System at DART

1993  An Integrated System for Evaluation, Rating and Management of Bridges

1993  Integration of a Municipal Pavement Management System with a Geographic Information System

1993  Managing Stormwater with a Microcontroller Operated System

1993  Microcomputer Implementation of Pavement Network Optimization System

1993  Microcomputer Model for Design and Location of Runway Exits

1993  A Microcomputer Model to Estimate the Benefits of Volume Generated Auxiliary Passing Lanes on Two-Lane, Two-Way Highways

1993  A Microcomputer Program to Evaluate Low Cost Modifications on Urban Freeways

1993  Microcomputers in Transportation

1993  Operations Simulation of Rocky Mount to Charlotte Rail Route

1993  Simulative Calculation of Highrise Building Structure Under Vertical Loads

1993  Storing Your Computer Data: Is There Such Thing as Security?

1993  Strategies to Lower PC Costs and Reduce Pollution

1993  Tennessee’s Integrated Rural Transit Microcomputer Software

1993  Transport and Communications Information System for Africa

1993  Travel Demand with Forecasting Microsimulation

1993  Trends in Digital Road Map Databases for Microcomputer Applications in Transportation

1993  Urban Trip Distribution in Practice. II: Quick Response and Special Topics

1993  Use of Construction Simulation in Claims Analysis

1993  Use of TRAF-NETSIM to Estimate the Traffic Impacts of an Urban-Resort Area Development

1993  Using Geographic Information Systems for Traffic Control Inventory Management

1993  Using Interactive Simulation to Model Driver Behavior Under ATIS

1993  Validating Expert System Prototypes Using the Turing Test

1993  Validation and Application of THE Model’s Trip Table Estimation Process

1992  3D Analyses of Complex Buildings on Micros