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2015  First-Generation ABC System, Evolving Design, and Half a Century of Performance: Michigan Side-by-Side Box-Beam Bridges

2015  Reinventing the Library

2014  Construction Begins on Detroit Steetcar Project

2014  First Full-Depth Deck-Panel Accelerated Bridge Construction Project in Michigan: Constructability Challenges and Lessons Learned

2014  On the Web (

2014  When Will This Tank Stop Sinking?

2013  Full-Scale Field Research and Demonstration of Septage Bioreactor Landfill Technology

2013  Keys to Green Streets: Collaboration and Sound Engineering

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Ann Arbor Prepares to Break Ground on Major Treatment Plant Upgrades

2012  Hierarchical Sampling for Efficient and Comprehensive Community Connectivity Analysis: A Michigan Case

2012  NewsBriefs: University of Michigan Tests ’Talking’ Cars (NPR)

2012  Pre-excavation Grouting Using Multiple Grouting Techniques for CSO Project in Dearborn, MI

2012  A Systems Approach to TMDL Policy Assessment: The Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2011  Capacity Evaluation of a Severely Distressed and Deteriorated 50-Year-Old Box Beam with Limited Data

2011  Integrated Systems Dynamics Model for TMDL Policy Assessment: A Lake Allegan Case Study

2011  Integrating Sustainability into Highway Projects: Sustainability Indicators and Assessment Tool for Michigan Roads

2011  An International Connection: The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

2011  Preliminary Dynamic Modulus Criteria of HMA for Field Rutting of Asphalt Pavements: Michigan’s Experience

2011  Prevalence and Survival of Enterococcus faecium Populations Carrying the esp Gene as a Source-Tracking Marker

2010  Art Museum Design Features Dramatic Slopes, ’Pleated’ Facade

2010  Can Climate Change Affect Sediment Transport in a Watershed?

2010  Development of a Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model Using TRANSIMS: A Case Study in the Southeast Michigan Area

2010  Management of Surface Water and Groundwater Withdrawals to Maintain Environmental Stream Flows in Michigan

2010  Phosphorus Budget and Remediation Plan for Big Platte Lake, Michigan

2010  Short Takes: Mackinac Bridge Designated a Civil Engineering Landmark

2010  Spatial and Temporal Temperature Distributions in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2010  Supreme Court Rules Against Michigan In Legal Battle over Chicago Canals

2009  A Campus Transportation System for Michigan Tech

2009  Inverted Funnel Canopy Graces Detroit Transit Center

2009  The Lawrence Technological University Greenroof Performance Evaluation Project

2009  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of Zambia and the University of Michigan: Conception and Subsequent Implementation Goals

2009  Michigan Initiates Statewide Groundwater Modeling

2009  NewsBriefs: Flexible, Light-Sensitive Material Could Be a Boon to Photography

2009  Plastic (HDPE) Pipe for Water Main Projects Is Growing...Solving Problems, Changing Attitudes, Saving Money and Even Creating Local Heroes!

2009  Repeated Lift-Off Testing of Single Bore Multiple Anchors for Dam Retaining Wall over a 5-Year Period

2008  City of Ann Arbor’s Multi-objective Monitoring Location Strategy

2008  Evaluation of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Practices Used by the Michigan Department of Transportation

2008  Generating Public Awareness and Political Action to Create a Program for Michigan’s Crumbling Dams

2008  Go Green! Go Lansing! and Ultra-Urban Bioretention

2008  Infrastructure: Detroit Reconstructs Interstate 75

2008  Institute Releases Study of Michigan’s Offshore Wind Potential

2008  An Investigation of Rain Garden Planting Mixture Performance and the Implication for Design

2008  Managing Risk to Groundwater Wells during Pump Station and Pipeline Construction — The Walnut Lake Project

2008  Photo and Caption: Detroit’s New Runway

2007  Geomorphic Response and Elements of Sediment Budget at St. Joseph Harbor, Southeast Lake Michigan

2007  Implementation and Enforcement of the Clean Water Act: Report from a Special Master and Monitor

2007  Restoration of Historic Metal Truss Bridges

2007  Settlement Monitoring for Bioreactor Landfill Airspace Management

2007  Shoreline Response to Dike Failure at Grand Marais Harbor, Lake Superior, Michigan

2007  Urban Redevelopment: Walkway Transforms Detroit Riverfront

2007  Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Test Beds Planned for Detroit

2006  Bridges: Michigan Bridge Engineers Score Big in Time for Super Bowl

2006  Court Decisions: Zoning Ordinance Does not Deny Due Process

2006  Environment: First Great Lakes Legacy Act Project Completed

2006  South Clear Well Roof Collapse: Hydraulic Uplift or Excessive Construction Loading?

2006  Wastewater: Design Begins of Detroit’s Combined Sewer Overflow Solution

2005  Court Decisions: Zoning Rule Governing Density is Rational, Not Arbitrary

2005  Decision Support Within the Au Sable River Watershed

2005  Detroit People Mover: Automatic Train Control Upgrade (ATCU) Project

2005  Detroit People Mover: Past, Present and Uncertain Future (?): Lessons Learned

2005  Distributed-Parameter Large Basin Runoff Model. II: Application

2005  Enhanced Waste Decomposition in Bioreactor Landfill with Septage Additions

2005  GPR Imaging Evaluation of the Napier Avenue Interchange on I-94 Culvert

2005  Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation of Safety Performance Functions for Two-Lane Highways using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Modeling

2005  Leachate Recirculation Using Geocomposite Drainage Layer in Engineered MSW Landfills

2005  Mosquito Production from Storm Water Catchment Systems in Michigan

2005  Numerical Simulation of Post Dam Removal Sediment Dynamics along the Kalamazoo River Between Otsego and Plainwell, Michigan

2005  Regional Rainfall Frequency Analysis for the State of Michigan

2005  Roped Automatic People Mover Systems

2005  Short Duration Rainfall Frequency Analysis in Michigan using Scale-Invariance Assumptions

2004  Exceeding Expectations

2004  High Capacity Micro Piles for Utility Retrofit: A Case History at D.E. Karn Power Plant in Bay City, Michigan

2004  Instrumented Geofoam and Sheet Pile Wall for a Roadway Lane Addition in a Peat Marsh

2004  Micropiles to the Rescue

2004  Post Grouted Single Bore Multiple Anchors at Hodenpyl Dam, Michigan

2004  Stream Restoration Design Using the Stable Channel Analytical Model (SAM)

2004  Structures: New Detroit High School under Construction

2003  Border Infrastructure: Governments Accelerate Planning for Michigan-Ontario Crossing

2003  Dams: Two Dams Fail in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

2003  Detroit District Perspective on CDF Performance

2003  Evaporite Karst in Michigan

2003  How Long-Term Dredging Can Benefit the Community: Embracing Placement Sites In Holland, MI

2003  How Long-Term Dredging Policies Can Impact the Community: Finding A Dredged Material Placement Site In St. Joseph, MI

2003  Michigan Technological University’s Pavement Enterprise

2003  Quantifying Environmental Dredging Contaminant Losses with a Multimedia Chemodynamic Model

2003  Systems Integration: Automotive Research Center

2002  Interpretation of Probabilistic Slope Analyses for Shoreline Bluffs

2002  The Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study

2002  Michigan Section Scholarship, Toll Tokens Commemorate Mackinac Bridge Status

2002  Planning and Assessment of BMPs in the Rouge River Watershed

2002  Quantifying the Optimum Urban Runoff Pollutant Load Reductions Associated with Various Street and Catchbasin Cleaning Practices

2002  Replacement of Forcemain without Service Interruption

2002  Sewers Under Stress: A Comprehensive Approach to an Aging Problem

2001  APM System in Northwest Airlines Detroit Midfield Terminal

2001  Application of a Partial Duration Series Model for Regional Rainfall Frequency Analysis in Michigan

2001  Detroit Mayor Wants Help from Washington

2001  Detroit People Mover Reconstruction

2001  Modeling Contaminated Sediments in a Shallow Bay

2001  Replacement Strategy