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2015  Field Tests of Elevated Viaducts in Mexico City

2014  Assessment of Surface Runoff Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico

2014  California Road Project Could Ease Congestion at U.S.-Mexico Border

2014  Claves del Éxito en la Gestiön de Megaproyectos en México y los Estados Unidos: Un Estudio de Casos

2014  Keys to Success in Megaproject Management in Mexico and the United States: Case Study

2014  On the Web (

2014  On the Web (

2014  Risk Zone Prediction in Meandering Rivers by Using a Multivariate Approach

2013  Assessing the Market Potential for Housing Construction Products in Mexico

2013  Construction-Related Accidents in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

2013  Development of a Hydrological Model for the Rio Conchos Basin

2013  Risk Assessment for the Housing Market in Mexico

2013  Smallholder Response to Hurricane Dean: Creating New Human Ecologies through Charcoal Production

2012  The American Search for a Canal in Mexico, Nicaragua, or Panama

2012  Water Budget Considerations Regarding Groundwater Extraction Targets in the Calera Aquifer Watershed, Mexico

2011  Acueducto Rio Colorado Tijuana Project

2011  Analysis of Scenarios to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts in the Rio Conchos Basin

2011  Geotextile Tube Solution for Dos Bocas PEMEX Marine Facilities Beach Erosion Problem in Tabasco, Mexico

2011  Groundwater Banking in the Rio Grande Basin

2011  Groundwater Modeling of the Calera Aquifer Region in Central Mexico

2011  Integrated Hydrologic-Economic-Institutional Model of Environmental Flow Strategies for Rio Yaqui Basin, Sonora, Mexico

2011  A New Approach to Office Construction: Deacero Headquarters, Monterrey, Mexico

2011  NewsBriefs: No Room to Build Up? How about Down? (CNN)

2011  Public-Private Partnerships, Case Studies on Infrastructure Development

2011  Risk Analysis of the 1944 Treaty between the United States and Mexico for the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin

2011  Seismic Fragility Estimates and Optimization of Retrofitting Strategies for Reinforced Concrete Bridges: Case Study of the Fabela Bridge in Toluca, Mexico

2011  Water Quality Study for a Coastal Development at the Bahia de lost Sueños, Baja California, Mexico

2010  Concrete in the Inner Circuit: A Sustainable Solution for Mexico City

2010  Container Facilities at Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico

2010  Instrumentation of Dam Steel Gates for Stresses Evaluation, Malpaso, Chiapas, Mexico

2010  Manzanillo Container Terminal Redevelopment: Maximizing Throughput in a Limited Space

2010  Preserving Hydroelectric History in Mexico: Developing the Remate Project as an Interpretive Park

2010  Seismic Fragility Formulations for Segmented Buried Pipeline Systems Including the Impact of Differential Ground Subsidence

2010  Study of Transient Flow Caused by Rapid Filling and Drawdown in Protection Levees

2010  Transboundary Climate Change Effects on the Hydrologic Regime in the Rio Conchos Basin

2010  Water Planning under an Unsustainable Condition: Challenges for the Laguna Region, Mexico

2009  Currently Under Construction in Mexico City

2009  Green Approach for Coping with the High Cost of Infrastructure Services in U.S. Colonias

2009  Hydrologic Modeling and Flood Frequency Analysis of the Sonora River Watershed in Sonora, Northwest Mexico

2009  Hydrologic Modeling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts on the Water Resources of the Rio Conchos Basin

2009  Hydrological Feasibility of Environmental Flows in the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin

2009  Life-Cycle Cost Functions for Electrical Substations and Power Transmission Towers under Strong Winds in Mexico

2009  Reservoir Operation and Water Allocation to Mitigate Drought Effects in Crops: A Multilevel Optimization Using the Drought Frequency Index

2009  Social, Political, and Institutional Setting: Water Management Problems of the Rio Grande

2009  Strain-Rate Effects in Mexico City Soil

2009  Vulnerability of the Hydraulic Resources of the River Basin of the San Juan-Brave River with the Global Climatic Change

2008  Development Tasks for Civil Engineers

2008  Evaluation of Water Management Scenarios for the Rio Grande/Bravo

2008  How Investment in Wastewater Infrastructure Has Improved Water Quality along the Mexico-Texas Border

2008  Hydro-Economic Analysis of Water Supply for Baja California, Mexico

2008  Pavement Design Issues and Embankment Construction for the Second Runway at Cancn International Airport, Mexico

2007  Beach Nourishment Evolution in the Cancún Beach, Quintana Roo, México

2007  Cozumel’s International Cruise Terminal: Hurricane Wilma Recovery and Reconstruction

2007  Mexico-US Cross-Border Resolution of Waste Tire Disposal

2007  People: Leal Named Mexico City’s Secretary of Public Works

2007  Storm Surge and Sediment Process Owing to Hurricane Isidore in Terminos Lagoon, Campeche

2007  Water Supply Analysis for Restoring the Colorado River Delta, Mexico

2006  Buildings: Tower in Mexico City Development Will Feature a Honeycomb Exterior

2006  Case Study: Dam Safety during Construction, Lessons of the Overtopping Diversion Works at Aguamilpa Dam

2006  Interpretation of CPTU Tests Carried Out in Lacustrine Mexico City Soft Clay

2006  Performance and Analyses of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls in the Tecomán, Mexico Earthquake

2006  Scientific Infrastructure: Enormous Telescope Rise on Mexican Volcano

2005  Adapting to Long Term Water Shortages in the Lower Rio Grande River Basin

2005  Argüelles Receives Mexican Award

2005  Changing Policies in the U.S. Mexico Border Region: Effects on Water, Wastewater, and Other Environmental Projects under the Expanded Border Definition

2005  Drought Frequency Analysis and Prediction in Sonora, Mexico

2005  In the Field: Cuauhtemoc Monument Restored to Original Location

2005  Multicriteria Analysis in an Irrigation District in Mexico

2005  Probabilistic Approach to Residence-Time Distribution in Water Treatment Units

2005  Resilience and Vulnerability of Water Resources Management in the Conchos River Basin to Climate Change

2005  Review of the Hydraulic Capacity of Bridges in a Coastal Area

2005  What is the Background of Future Construction Leaders in Mexico?

2004  Application of Two Drain Spacing Formula for Mexico’s Humid Tropical Zone

2004  A Flushing System to Clean up Coastal Lagoons

2004  Institutional Innovations for Coping with Severe and Sustained Drought in an International Basin

2004  Khufu and Kukulcán

2004  Manzanillo Mexico’s SSAMM Terminal: Lessons Learned from 1995 and 2003 Earthquakes

2004  Rosarito III Power Plant Expansion: Design Build of the Cooling Water Intake Works and Pipeline

2004  Second Stage of Coatzacoalcos Port Breakwater Lengthening With Underwater Sand - Filled Textile Containers

2004  Stochastic Residential Water Demand Characterization

2004  Structural Model for Stress Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Pipes of The Cutzamala System

2003  How Should the U.S. and Mexico Manage Their Transboundary Water Quality?

2003  Nonlinear Model for Drought Forecasting Based on a Conjunction of Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks

2003  Seismic Vulnerability Function for High-Diameter Buried Pipelines: Mexico City’s Primary Water System Case

2003  Structures: Quake-Prone Mexico City Tops off Record Skyscraper

2003  Super Structure

2003  SuperJet Grouting Reduces Foundation Settlement for La Rosita Power Plant in Mexicali, Mexico

2002  Modes of Failure of Coastal Slopes as a Result of Wave Action

2002  Tsunami Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Industrial Ports of Mexico

2002  Wave Modeling for Dos Bocas Harbor, Mexico

2001  The Acapulco Vehicular Tunnel

2001  Developing Guidelines for the Development of an International Water Quality Management Plan

2001  Environmental Engineering in Mexico

2001  The International Boundary & Water Commission: A Model for International Cooperation on Water Resources Issues

2001  International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, United States Section

2001  Larry and Judy Wade Die in Mexico Plane Crash

2001  Management Strategies for the Hueco Bolson in the El Paso, Texas, USA and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Region

2001  Mexican Civil Engineering: Meeting with History

2001  Mexico City Soil Behavior at Different Strains: Observations and Physical Interpretation

2001  Monterey Accord Forms North American Civil Engineering Alliance