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2014  Effect of Media Packing Density on the Performance of Anaerobic Hybrid Reactors for the Treatment of Complex Phenolic Wastewater

2014  Effects of Biochar-Amendment to Landfill Cover Soil on Microbial Methane Oxidation: Initial Results

2014  Enhanced Microbial Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soil Amended with Biochar

2014  Evaluation and Applicability of Flame Ionization Detector for Fugitive Emission

2014  Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Simulation of Methane Hydrate Dissociation in Porous Media

2013  Impact of Iron Salt Dosage to Sewers on Downstream Anaerobic Sludge Digesters: Sulfide Control and Methane Production

2013  Measurement of Adsorptive-Mechanical Properties of Fractured Coal Cores

2013  Nonisothermal Mathematical Model for Performance Evaluation of Passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

2013  On Nature of Earthquakes with Cause of Compressed Methane Gas Expansion and Migration in Crustal Rocks

2012  Abiotic and Biotic Compression of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Dynamic Response of Sulfate-Reducing and Methanogenic Activities of Anaerobic Sewer Biofilms to Ferric Dosing

2012  Evaluation of Methane Oxidation Efficiency of Two Biocovers: Field and Laboratory Results

2012  Investigation of the Stress-Strain and Strength Behaviors of Ice Containing Methane Hydrate

2012  NewsBrief: Microorganisms May Produce Clean, Renewable Methane Fuel (Stanford University)

2012  Study of Explosive Characteristics of Natural Gas in Pipelines

2011  Extreme Compaction Effects on Gas Transport Parameters and Estimated Climate Gas Exchange for a Landfill Final Cover Soil

2011  One-Dimensional Gas Flow Models for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Cylindrical and Spherical Symmetries

2011  A Study of CO2 Storage Capacity Estimation under Supercritical Conditions

2011  Worldwide Residential Soil Regulatory Guidance Values for Chlorinated Methanes

2010  Aerobic Methane Oxidation Coupled to Denitrification: Kinetics and Effect of Oxygen Supply

2010  Comparison between Field and Laboratory Methane Oxidation Rates

2010  Developing a Design Approach to Reduce Methane Emissions from California Landfills

2010  Development of EPA OTM 10 for Landfill Applications

2010  Diverting Electron Fluxes to Hydrogen in Mixed Anaerobic Communities Fed with Glucose and Unsaturated C18 Long Chain Fatty Acids

2010  Hydraulic Aspects of the Design of a Passive Methane Oxidation Biocover

2010  Life-Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using Municipal Waste Combustor Data

2010  Methane Emission Estimation and Control through the Life Cycle of MSW Landfills

2010  Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soils

2010  Performance of North American Bioreactor Landfills. II: Chemical and Biological Characteristics

2009  Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in the United States and Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Methane Yield

2009  Effect of the Sonophotocatalytic Pretreatment on the Volume Reduction of Sewage Sludge and Enhanced Recovery of Methane and Phosphorus

2009  Effects of Steam Addition on the Properties of High Temperature Ceramic CO2 Acceptors

2009  Effects of Temperature, Moisture Content, and Fertilizer Addition no Biological Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soils

2009  Influence of High-Permeability Layers for Enhancing Landfill Gas Capture and Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions from Landfills

2009  Long-Term Numerical Simulation of Methane Transport and Oxidation in Compost Biofilter

2009  Microalgal Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Potential for Replacement of Fossil Fuels and Animal Feeds

2009  NewsBriefs: Methane-Powered Asphalt Plant Opens

2009  NewsBriefs: Researchers Study Methane-Producing Sheep

2009  User-Friendly Mathematical Model for the Design of Sulfate Reducing H2/CO2 Fed Bioreactors

2008  Estimating Methane Emission and Oxidation from Earthen Landfill Covers

2008  Evaluation of Influent Medium Composition and Concentration in a Batch Reactor for Effective Startup of UASB Reactors

2008  Laboratory Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Hydrate-Bearing Sands

2008  Methane Oxidation on a Coverage Layer Study

2008  NewsBriefs: Methane Captured, Used by Energy Utility

2007  Application of Fuzzy Logic to Estimate Flow of Methane for Energy Generation at a Sanitary Landfill

2007  Comprehensive One-DImensional Mathematical Model for Heat, Gas, and Moisture Transport in Methane Biofilters

2007  Potential for 17β-Estradiol and Estrone Degradation in a Recharge Aquifer System

2007  RT-RiboSyn Used to Investigate the Specific Growth Rate of Methanogenic Populations in Anaerobic Digesters

2006  Characterization of Methane Flux and Oxidation at a Solid Waste Landfill

2006  Environmental Engineering: Engineers Remove Methane from African Lake

2005  Anaerobic Digestion of Food Industry Wastes: Effect of Codigestion on Methane Yield

2005  Combined Effects of Aging and Cosolvents on Sequestration of Phenanthrene in Soils

2005  Dispersion in Varying-Geometry Rivers with Application to Methanol Releases

2005  Geosynthetics Aspects of a Methane Gas Storage Bladder

2005  Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture: Extent of Problem and Controls

2005  One-Dimensional Gas Flow Model for Horizontal Gas Collection Systems at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2004  Microbial Dechlorination of Hexachlorobenzene by Untamed Sediment Microorganisms in Taiwan

2004  Model for In Situ Perchloroethene Dechlorination via Membrane-Delivered Hydrogen

2004  Production of Methane from the Lunar Regolith for Use as Propellant

2004  Stochastic Model for Landfill Gas Transport and Energy Recovery

2003  Biodegradation of Mixtures of Phenolic Compounds in an Upward-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor

2003  Biogeochemical Evaluation of Mechanisms Controlling CaCO3(s) Precipitation in Landfill Leachate-Collection Systems

2003  NewsBriefs: Methanol Cools Laptop Computers, Promotes Efficacy (Sandia National Laboratories)

2003  Production of Soluble Microbial Products (SMP) in Anaerobic Chemostats under Nutrient Deficiency

2002  Enrichment of Methane Concentration via Separation of Gases Using Vortex Tubes

2001  Field Experiments to Determine Gas Transfer at Gated Sills

2001  Numerical Model for Biological Oxidation and Migration of Methane in Soils

1999  Evaluating a Model of Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Wastes through System Identification

1999  Evolution of Design: LA Metro Underground Structures

1999  Exopolysaccharide Control of Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soil

1999  Interactions of Methanogens and Denitrifiers in Degradation of Phenols

1999  Methanogenic Characteristics of Formate-Utilizing Sludge

1999  Subsurface Biological Activity Zone Detection Using Genetic Search Algorithms

1999  Successful Urban Rock Tunneling in Spite of Encountering Gasoline, Cleaning Solvents, and Methane Gas

1999  Transformation of Chlorinated Methanes by Nanoscale Iron Particles

1998  Hydrogen Sulfide Production During Decomposition of Landfill Inputs

1998  Mathematical Model for Methane Production from a Landfill Bioreactor

1998  Multi-Fed Upflow Anaerobic Filter: Development and Features

1998  Nothing Wasted

1998  Potential for Anaerobic Treatment of Airport Deicing Fluids

1998  Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorophenols in Methanogenic Cultures

1998  Sodium Toxicity in Methanogenic Systems: Rates and Modeling

1997  Landfill Operators Combat Smell of Methane Retrieval

1997  Measurement of Effective Saturation Concentration for Gas Transfer

1997  Reaeration Measurements Using a Methane Tracer at Six Dams in the Ohio River Basin

1996  Anaerobic Treatment of High-Sulfate Wastewater and Substrate Interactions with Isopropanol

1996  Biodegradation of Dichloromethane in Leachate

1996  Coupled Processes of Gas Hydrates Dissociation and Fluid Filtration in Saturated Porous Media

1996  Pilot Study Shows Higher Methane Yields

1996  Protective Film Helps Landfills Make Energy

1996  Pulling Propellants Out of Thin Air: Demonstration of an End-to-End Mars In-Situ Propellant Production Unit

1996  Reductive Pyrolysis for the Destruction of Chloromethane: A Reaction Pathway Model Based on Thermodynamic and Thermokinetic Considerations

1996  Waste Not in Wisconsin

1995  Apparatus for Down-Well Oxygen Transfer into Contaminated Aquifer

1995  UASB Treatment of Wastewater Containing Concentrated Benzoate

1994  Buoyant Advection of Gases in Unsaturated Soil

1994  Fluid Inclusion Studies of Calcite Veins from Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Tuffs: Environment of Formation

1994  Landfill Leachate Treatment by Evaporation

1994  Model for Treatment of Trichloroethylene by Methanotrophic Biofilms

1994  Pros and Cons of Developing Recreational Facilities on Closed Landfills