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2012  Innovative Trend Analysis Methodology

2012  VIPMET: New Real-Time Data Filtering-Based Automatic Agricultural Weather Station

2011  Assessment and Comparison of SPI and RDI Meteorological Drought Indices in Selected Synoptic Stations of Iran

2011  Economic Viability of Water Pumping Systems Supplied by Wind Energy Conversion and Diesel Generator Systems in North Central Anatolia, Turkey

2010  Regional Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts

2009  Test of Wave Hindcast Model Results Against Measurements During Four Different Meteorological Systems

2008  Comparison of Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Equations in Southern Spain

2008  Coupling of Meteorology, Ocean, and Nearshore Models for Predicting Coastal Inundation along Delaware’s Coast

2008  Effects of Urban Sprawl on the Vulnerability to a Significant Tornado Impact in Northeastern Illinois

2008  Expressway Safety Management System under Adverse Weather

2008  Storm QuickLook and Reporting Tools: Coastal Oceanographic and Meteorological Monitoring and Analysis for Tropical Cyclone Events

2007  Call for Collaboration in WMO Project for the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments and Techniques

2007  Effects of Urban Land Use on Surface Temperature in Berlin: Case Study

2005  Case Study: Watershed Modeling with Distributed Weather Model Data

2004  Climate Regionalizing for the Assessment of ENSO, NAO and SST Effect on Regional Meteorological Drought: Application of Fuzzy Clustering

2004  Dual-Gauge System for Measuring Precipitation: Historical Development and Use

2004  Rainfall Estimate for Flood Management Using Meteorological Data from Satellite Imagery

2003  Weighted-Climate Parametric Hydrologist Forecasting

2003  Wind Speeds in ASCE 7 Standard Peak-Gust Map: Assessment

2002  Advances in Buoy Technology for Wind/Wave Data Collection and Analysis

2002  Impacts of Super Typhoon Paka’s (1997) Winds on Guam: Meteorological and Engrg. Perspectives

2002  Upper Bounds for Stream Temperatures in the Contiguous United States

2001  Estimating Stratification in Shallow Water Bodies from Mean Meteorological Conditions

2001  New Weighing Mechanism for Precipitation Gauges

2001  Preliminary Use of Global Meteorological Information as an Indicator for Long Term Water Exchange in an Estuary—Development of Aleutian Low and Ocean Current

2000  Alternative Solutions

2000  Appendix

2000  Demonstration of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2000  Derivative Outlooks

2000  Evaluations

2000  Front Matter

2000  Improved Derivative Outlooks

2000  Index

2000  Introduction

2000  Mixing Most-Probable Meteorology Outlooks

2000  Multiple Meteorology Event Probabilities

2000  Notation

2000  A Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2000  Outlook Definitions

2000  Probabilistic Meteorology Outlook Examples

2000  Probability and Estimation

2000  References

2000  Simultaneous Spatial Outlooks

2000  Software Documentation

2000  Using Meteorology Probability Forecasts in Operational Hydrology

1999  Assessment of the Wind Environment around Buildings

1999  Columbia River Streamflow Forecasting Based on ENSO and PDO Climate Signals

1999  Distributed Hydrological Model for Fuji River Basin

1999  Effects of Aeolian Transport on the Ponce DeLeon Inlet Sediment Budget

1999  An Evaluation of the Impact of ENSO on the Discharges of the Salt River Arizona

1999  Field Data from a Capillary Barrier and Model Predictions with UNSAT-H

1999  Redefining Rainfall Classification

1999  Single-Layer Evapotranspiration Model with Variable Canopy Resistance

1999  Storm-Related Change of the Northern San Mateo County Coast, California

1999  Use of Climate Forecasts to Improve Agriculture in West Africa: A Case Study of Burkina Faso

1999  Water Resources Simulation in the Rio Grande Basin Using Coupled Models

1998  Delta ’96: Surf-Zone and Nearshore Measurements at the Ebro Delta

1998  Development of Simple Snow Density Model for Wide Area

1998  An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

1998  Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

1998  Periodicity in Midwestern Climatic Data

1998  Results of the Coastal Waves Meteorological Project: Analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel Data

1998  Wind and Wave Climate of the Sea of Marmara

1997  Air-Water Interaction, Spectral Analysis of Storm Waves and Marine Weather Forecasts. The Case of the Parsifal

1997  Areal Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Several Alternative Formulations of the CRAE Hypothesis

1997  Mixing Probabilistic Meteorology Outlooks in Operational Hydrology

1997  Monte Carlo Simulation for Nearshore Wave Statistics in Southern California

1997  Sea Breeze Effects on Nearshore Coastal Processes

1997  Sea State Parameterisation Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions

1997  Tornadoes and Severe Storms in Russia

1996  Analysis of Exceptional Meteorological Conditions on July and August in Conakry

1996  The System for the Hydrological Forecasting in Serbia

1996  Using NOAA’s New Climate Outlooks in Operational Hydrology

1995  Estimating Demand Variability

1995  Sensitivity to Probable Maximum Flood

1995  Wind Variability and Extremes Statistics

1994  Daily Procedure for GLFS Nowcasts

1994  Empirical Guidance for Siting Berms to Promote Stability or Nourishment Benefits

1994  Estimation of Design Surge Heights by Utilizing Meteorologic and Oceanographic Data

1994  NDBC Wave Data—Current and Planned

1994  New Program for the Marine Observation and Prediction Center of the Central Weather Bureau

1994  The Re-derivation of the NDBC Wind-Wave Algorithm

1993  Ambient Air Monitoring to Support HLW Repository Site Characterization

1993  Computer-based Building Design and Pedestrian-level Wind Conditions

1993  A Description of the “Acqua Alta‘ Event on 5th October

1993  Evaluation of Electronic Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensors

1993  Hurricane Andrew in South Florida: Preparing a Water Management System for Disaster

1993  The Mediterranean Sea Wave Forecasting System

1993  Meteorological Forcing on Louisiana Wetlands

1993  Reclamation’s Design Process of Early Warning Systems for Dam Safety

1993  Revision of Oregon Crop Water Use and Irrigation Requirements

1993  Standards for Automated Agricultural Weather Stations

1993  Updating Utah’s Crop Water Use Estimates

1993  The Utah Climate Center Weather Data Network

1993  Wind Engineering—Engineering for Wind Damage Mitigation

1992  Analysis of Evaporative Flux Data for Various Climates

1992  BEST: New Satellite Mission Dedicated to Tropical System Energy Budget

1992  Estimation of Wind Fields for Coastal Modeling

1992  Integrated Assessment of Acid-Deposition Effects on Lake Acidification

1992  The Landfall of Hurricane Hugo