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2015  Effects of Interphase Regions of Particulate-Reinforced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Using a Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Model

2014  Ambient and Episodic Levels of Metals in PM10 Aerosols and Their Source Apportionment in Central Delhi, India

2014  Effects of Bioretention Media Compost Volume Fraction on Toxic Metals Removal, Hydraulic Conductivity, and Phosphorous Release

2014  Effects of Temperature and NaCl on Toxic Metal Retention in Bioretention Media

2014  Influence of Particle Size and Grinding on Measurement of Trace Metal Concentrations in Urban Anthropogenic Soils

2014  Trace Metal Leaching from Embankment Soils Amended with High-Carbon Fly Ash

2013  Effects of Adding Phosphates on Iron Release Control in Drinking Water Pipelines

2013  Hydrated Lime for Metal Immobilization and Explosives Transformation: Field Demonstration

2013  Mitigation of Chromium Contamination by Copper-ZVI Bimetallic Particles

2013  Preparation of Ultrafine Copper Oxide Using Metal Powders Recovered from Waste Printed Circuit Boards

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2012  Chemical Characterization of PM10 for Metals in Ambient Air of Chennai, India

2012  Critical Review on Chemical Stabilization of Metal Contaminants in Shooting Range Soils

2012  Electrokinetic Migration of Nickel [Ni(II)] in Contaminated Sludge

2012  Leaching of Metals from Fly Ash-Amended Permeable Reactive Barriers

2012  Modeling Metal and Sediment Transport in a Stream-Wetland System

2011  Modeling Transport of High Density Metal Contaminants in Ephemeral Flow Systems

2011  Predicting the Onset of Metal Leaching from Land Application of Wastewater Using Soil Sensors and Microbial Community Analyses

2011  Retardance of Rainwater-Leached Metals in Amended Soil Systems: A Case Study, Agricultural Amendments Effect on a CCA-Wood Ash/Soil System

2011  Structures and Metal Leachability of Sintered Sludge-Clay Ceramsite Affected by Raw Material Basicity

2010  Distribution of Metals for Particulate Matter Transported in Source Area Rainfall-Runoff

2010  Distribution of Particulate-Bound Metals for Source Area Snow in the Lake Tahoe Watershed

2009  Comparison of Metals Leaching from CCA- and ACQ-Treated Wood in Simulated Construction and Demolition Debris Landfills

2009  Efficient Meshfree Computation with Fast Treatment of Essential Boundary Conditions for Industrial Applications

2009  Metal Speciation in Phosphate and Thermal Stabilization of Contaminated Dredged Sediments

2009  pH Variation and Its Effect on Metal Concentration during Electrokinetics

2009  Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Determining Nitrification Inhibition by Metallic/Oxide Nanoparticles

2009  Thermal Removal of Mercury in Spent Powdered Activated Carbon from TOXECON Process

2008  The Application of CaSO4 Soil Amendment to the Retardance of Rainwater-Leached Metals from CCA-Treated Wood Ash in Soil

2008  Leaching Behavior of Metals Released from Cement-Stabilized/Solidified Refinery Oily Sludge by Means of Sequential Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

2008  Metal Stimulation and Municipal Digester Thermophilic/Mesophilic Activity

2008  Metals Precipitation from Effluents: Review

2008  Metals Removal, Recovery, Leaching, and Disposal. Many Ways, One Goal!

2008  Multicriteria Optimization of a Chemical Leaching Process for Sewage Sludge Decontamination

2008  Natural Catchments as Sources of Background Levels of Storm-Water Metals, Nutrients, and Solids

2008  Sorption of Pb²+, Cd²+, and Sr²+ Ions on Calcium Hydroxyapatite Powder Obtained by the Hydrothermal Method

2008  Spillway and Metal Toxicity Influenced Stream Reaeration

2008  Trace Metal Composition in Water and Sediment from Catch Basins

2008  Treatment of Cr(VI) in COPR Using Ferrous Sulfate – Sulfuric Acid or Cationic Polysulfides

2007  Bioavailability and Toxicity of Metal Nutrients during Anaerobic Digestion

2007  Distribution of Metals and Speciation of Sediment Grabs in Lake Burragorang in Sydney, Australia

2007  Re-Evaluation of a Conceptual Site Model to Accelerate Remediation of Metals in Groundwater

2006  Mathematical Modeling of Fate and Transport of Dissolved and Particulate Mercury in Riverine Systems

2006  Metallic Characterization of Foundry By-Products per Waste Streams and Leaching Protocols

2006  Metals Contamination in Stormwater from Common Roofing Materials

2006  Metals Removal from Municipal Waste Incinerator Fly Ashes and Reuse of Treated Leachates

2005  Adsorption Kinetics for Urban Rainfall-Runoff Metals by Composite Oxide-Coated Polymeric Media

2005  Assessing Irrigation-Induced Selenium and Iron in the Lower Arkansas River Valley in Colorado

2005  Comparison of Sorptive Filter Media for Treatment of Metals in Runoff

2005  Mineralization, Watershed Geochemistry, and Metals in Fish from a Subarctic River, Alaska

2005  Redox Balance of Upper Mystic Lake and Effects on Cycling of Watershed-Derived Metals

2005  Simulation of Metals Total Maximum Daily Loads and Remediation in a Mining-Impacted Stream

2005  SITE Demonstration of Minergy Glass Furnace Treatment of PCBs, PCDDs/Fs, and Metals in River Sediment

2005  Trace Metal Concentrations in Snow From the Yukon River Basin, Alaska and Canada

2005  Wet Basins: Analysis of Nutrient and Metals Removals

2004  Adsorption Characteristics of Oxide Coated Buoyant Media (ρs<1.0) for Storm Water Treatment. I: Batch Equilibria and Kinetics

2004  Adsorption Characteristics of Oxide Coated Buoyant Media (ρs<1.0) for Storm Water Treatment. II: Equilibria and Kinetic Models

2004  Dielectric Isolation Concepts in Water Industry Pipeline Corrosion Control

2004  Effect of Air Pollution on Atmospheric Corrosion of Engineering Metals

2004  In Situ Partial Exfiltration of Rainfall Runoff. I: Quality and Quantity Attenuation

2004  Metal Recovery and Catalyst Reuse from the Photocatalytic Oxidation of Copper-Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

2004  Mining of Existing Data for Cement-Solidified Wastes using Neural Networks

2004  Modeling Phytoremediation of Soils

2004  Partitioning Analog for Metal Elements in Urban Rainfall-Runoff Overland Flow using the Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Concept

2004  Pb in Tap Water Following Simulated Partial Lead Pipe Replacements

2003  Bacterial Leaching of Metals from Tannery Sludge by Indigenous Sulphur-Oxidizing Bacteria—Effect of Sludge Solids Concentration

2003  Carbonation of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash and the Impact on Metal Mobility

2003  Iodide-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Mercury-Contaminated Soils

2003  Laboratory Pilot Test of Chromium (III) Isolation from Acid Extract of Tannery Sludge

2003  Leaching Behavior of Lead, Chromium (III), and Zinc in Cement/Metal Oxides Systems

2003  Lead Removal from Acidic Solutions by Sorption on Cocoa Shells: Effect of Some Parameters

2003  Reconstructing Contaminant Deposition in a San Francisco Bay Marina, California

2003  Removal of Metals and Radionuclides using Apatite and Other Natural Sorbents

2003  Solidification/Stabilization of Hazardous Wastes Containing Metals and Organic Contaminants

2003  Statistical Prediction of Atmospheric Corrosion from Atmospheric-Pollution Parameters

2003  Water Quality and Biological Monitoring in Bobcat and Matthews Caves, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama: 1990–2002

2002  Effect of Sulphur Concentration on Bioleaching of Cr(III) and Other Metals from Tannery Sludge by Indigenous Sulphur-Oxidizing Bacteria

2002  General Chemical Equilibrium Model for Stabilized/Solidified Wastes

2002  Sediment and Metals Modeling in Shallow River

2001  Bioleaching of Metal-Contaminated Soil in Semicontinuous Reactor

2001  Empirical Partitioning Leach Model for Solidified/Stabilized Wastes

2001  Environmental Engineering: Water-Testing Technique Shines Light on Metal Pollutants

2001  Metal Decontamination of Soil, Sediment, and Sewage Sludge by Means of Transition Metal Chelant [S,S]-EDDS

2001  Microorganisms and Pollutant Metals

2001  Prediction of Metal Removal Efficiency from Contaminated Soils by Physical Methods

2001  Slurry-Phase Experiments as Screening Protocol for Bioremediation of Complex Hydrocarbon Waste

2001  Use of Iron Oxides to Enhance Metal Removal in Crossflow Microfiltration

2000  Competition of Cd, Cu, and Pb Adsorption on Goethite

2000  Factorial Study of Metal Effects on Acid Neutralization by Cement

2000  Hydrology, Metals, and Aquatic Physical Habitat in the Upper Animas Watershed, Colorado

2000  Impact of Household Plumbing Materials on Trace Metal Levels in Drinking Water in Regina, Canada

2000  Leaching of Metals from Water Treatment Plant Residuals

2000  Natural Cartridge System Filters Metals from Water

2000  Recovery of Cr(III) from Tannery Spent Chrome Liquor for Reuse

2000  Recovery of Metal Working Fluids Using Chelation-Ultrafiltration Process

2000  Removal of Lithium Antimonide from Radioactive Glove Box

2000  Stability of Metal-Arsenic Solids in Drinking Water Systems

2000  Turbulence-Driven Metal Release from Resuspended Pyrrhotite Tailings

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Liquid Wastes and Industrial Sludge