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Found 58 Records with the keyword term of "Mesh generation"

2015  Adaptive Mesh Refinement-Based Numerical Simulation of Detonation Initiation in Supersonic Combustible Mixtures Using a Hot Jet

2014  Appropriate Mesh Design for Predicting Complete Fracture Behavior of Wires for Civil Engineering Applications

2014  Bridging the Gap between Random Microstructure and 3D Meshing

2014  General Mesh Configuration Design Approach for Large Cable-Network Antenna Reflectors

2014  Improved Advancing Front Mesh Algorithm with Pseudoislands as Internal Fronts

2013  Simple Methodology for Deriving Continuous Shorelines from Imagery: Application to Rivers

2012  Numerical Modeling Study of Hydraulic Impact of a Large Sediment Capping Facility

2011  The Bearing Behavior of Foundation Pile Evaluated by the Mesh Free Local Petrov-Garlerkin Method

2011  Experimental Study of High-Strength Concrete Columns Confined with Different Types of Mesh under Eccentric and Concentric Loads

2011  MPS-Based Mesh-Free Particle Method for Modeling Open-Channel Flows

2011  Verification of an Adaptive Mesh, Embedded Boundary Model for Flood Modeling Applications

2010  Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Flow Modeling with an Unstructured Hybrid Mesh

2009  Efficient Meshfree Computation with Fast Treatment of Essential Boundary Conditions for Industrial Applications

2009  Electrolytic Oxidation of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Creosote Solution Using TI

2009  Investigation of the Importance of Spatial Resolution for Two-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model Accuracy

2009  A Novel Cable-Enhanced, Wire-Mesh Reinforcement System for Structural Concrete to Improve Its Blast-Resisting Properties

2009  Representation of Linear Terrain Features in a 2D Flood Model with Regular Cartesian Mesh

2009  Research on Meshless Method Using Uniform Design and Its Application in Piles Engineering

2008  2D Smooth Mesh Generation in Complex Geometries

2008  An Efficient Finite Element Dynamic Sub-Modeling Approach Using the Local Mesh Refinement Technique

2008  Local Refinement Method for Shear Failure Problems of Soil Foundation

2008  Mass Residuals as a Criterion for Mesh Refinement in Continuous Galerkin Shallow Water Models

2008  Performance Analysis of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Mesh Networks

2007  Applying Mesh Adaption to Modeling Supercritical Flow

2007  Buried Pipelines Subject to Subgouge Deformations

2007  Flood and Shock Waves Simulation by Using Finite Volume Technique on Unstructured Meshes

2007  Plug-and-Play Integration of Watersheds in the Regional Simulation Model, Part I: Interoperability of Lumped Basin and Discretized Mesh Components

2006  Behaviour of Concrete Panels Reinforced with Welded Wire Mesh and Fibres under Impact Loading

2006  Parallel Multigrid Detached Eddy Simulation Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Unsteady Incompressible Flows on Unstructured Meshes

2006  Validation of a Large-Eddy Simulation Model to Simulate Flow in Pump Intakes of Realistic Geometry

2005  Influence of Mesh Geometry on Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis of Tunnel Excavation

2004  Generation of Triangulated Irregular Networks Based on Hydrological Similarity

2002  Influence of Head Geometry on Bolted Joint Behavior

1999  Adaptive Refinement/Recovery for Analysis of Wind around Structure

1999  Crack Growth Prediction by Manifold Method

1997  Finite Element Procedures for Three-Dimensional Pavement Analysis

1994  Computation of a flood event using a two dimensional finite element model and its comparison to field data

1993  Cracking in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

1993  A Rezoning Procedure for Finite Element Analysis of Rubber-like Materials

1993  Selection of Random Field Mesh in Finite Element Reliability Analysis

1992  Computer Graphics in Detailing Strut-Tie Models

1992  Evaluation of Modelling Parameters for Simulation of Estuarial Systems

1992  Generalized Isoparametric Coordinate Determination Scheme for Finite Element Mesh Generation

1992  Mesh Generation for Estuarine Flow Modeling

1992  Mesh-Generating Computer Program for the FESWMS-2DH Surface-Water Flow Model

1992  Transition Plate-Bending Elements for Compatible Mesh Gradation

1990  Automatic Mesh Generator for Use in Two-Dimensional h-p Analysis

1987  On the Application of Bezier Curves and B-Splines for Finite Element Mesh Generation

1986  Automatic Mesh Generation and Optimization from the Solids Model Database

1986  Automating Three-Dimensional Finite Element Mesh Generation

1986  Hierarchical Substructuring for Adaptive Analysis

1986  A Mesh Generator for the Modeling of Rock Discontinuities

1986  Modern Methods for Automatic FE Mesh Generation

1986  Modern Methods for Automating Finite Element Mesh Generation

1986  Some Recent Advances in Automatic Mesh Generation

1979  FASTDRAW/3: Interactive Graphic Mesh Generation

1979  The Generation of Optimal Finite Element Meshes

1978  Interactive Graphics Finite Element Mesh Generation