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2013  Effect of Porosity on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Porous Materials

2013  Materials under Shock Loading: from Biot’s Theory to Nano-Poromechanics

2013  Poromechanical Cohesive Surface Element with Elastoplasticity for Modeling Cracks and Interfaces in Saturated Geomaterials

2013  Poro-Mechanical Coupling Versus Chemical Effects of Different Fluids in a Porous Rock During Brittle Creep: Acoustic and Mechanical Evidences

2013  Poromechanical Stimulation of Bone Remodeling: A Continuum Micromechanics-Based Mathematical Model and Experimental Validation

2013  A Poromechanics Approach to Predict the Effective Swelling Behavior of Cellular Materials

2013  Poromechanics of Salt Nucleation within an Unsaturated Reservoir Rock

2013  Poromechanics of Swelling in Nanoporous Materials: Motivations and Introduction of Strain Effects on Adsorption

2013  Poromechanics V, Proceedings of the Fifth Biot Conference on Poromechanics

2013  Preliminary Assessment of Higher-Order u-p Elements for Poromechanics Applications

2013  A Stability Condition for the Numerical Simulation of Poroelastic Systems

2013  Strain-Gradient Poromechanical Description of Unsaturated Porous Materials

2013  The Thermodynamic and Poromechanic Crystallization Pressure of Sodium Sulfate Heptahydrate: an NMR Study

2011  Special Issue on Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures

2010  Variability of the Compressive Strength of Parallel Strand Lumber

2009  Measurement and Stochastic Computational Modeling of the Elastic Properties of Parallel Strand Lumber

2007  Bridging Molecular, Particulate, and Continuum Mechanics for Geomechanics Application

2007  Early-Time Solution for a Radial Hydraulic Fracture

2007  Interlock Mechanism of Concrete Block Pavements

2007  Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear Elastodynamics

2006  Lodging Velocity for an Emergent Aquatic Plant in Open Channels

2006  Microvoid Damage Model with Material Dilation for Ductile Fracture

2006  Review of The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics, 6th Edition, by O. C. Zienkiewicz and R. L. Taylor

2005  Mechanism Responsible for Mixing at the Mouth of Tokyo Bay

2005  Mechanisms of Air-Sea Turbulent Interactions at Small Scales

2004  Development And Application Of Multilevel Solvers For Structural Mechanics

2003  River Mechanics by Pierre Y. Julien

2003  River Mechanics by Pierre Y. Julien

2002  Mechanics of Composite Solids

2002  Nanotechnology: An Overview for Space Applications

2001  Uncertainty in Mechanics Problems—Interval–Based Approach

2000  Building up on the Legacy of Vito Vanoni: Volume 2 of Manual 54 “Sedimentation Engineering”

2000  The Legacy of Vito A. Vanoni

2000  The New Discussion on the Evaluation Method and Indexes of Ballast Quality for High-Speed Railway

1999  Coupled Environmental-Mechanical Damage Model of RC Structures

1999  Mechanics of Sediment Transport

1998  Nonstructural Considerations in Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings

1998  Principles of Glacier Mechanics by Roger Leb. Hooke

1998  Water Wave Propagation over Uneven Bottoms by Maarten W. Dingemans

1997  Bivalve Habitat Based on Sediment-Transport Mechanics

1997  Dynamic Visualization in the Classroom Using Computer Simulation

1997  Interleaving Guided and Unguided Simulation for Exploring Structural Behavior

1997  Mechanics and Dynamics of Intelligent Passive Vibration Control System

1997  Mechanistic Model for Contact between Rough Surfaces

1997  Melvin Baron, 70, Headed Weidlinger Firm, Taught at Columbia, in New York

1997  Microscopic Aspects of Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Cohesive Soils and Their Macroscopic Representation

1997  Modern Formulation for Preelastic Theories on Masonry Arches

1997  A Note on Discrete Mechanics of Granular Materials

1996  Adaptive FE Techniques

1996  Asymptotic Approximation of Reliability Integrals for Uncertain Systems

1996  Basic Notions, Equations and Principles

1996  Biaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

1996  Bibliography

1996  Boundary Element Method

1996  Choice of Input Fields in Stochastic Finite Elements

1996  Damage Mechanics Model for Evaluation of Bridge Deterioration

1996  Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Structures under Stochastic Loading

1996  Engineering Mechanics

1996  Equations of Motion for Mechanical Systems

1996  Error Estimates for FORM and SORM Computations of Failure Probability

1996  FE Solution of Special Problems

1996  Front Matter

1996  Index

1996  Laminate Bonding for Concrete Repair and Retrofit

1996  Linear Dynamics and Stability

1996  Matrix Formulation of Gauss Elimination

1996  Micromechanics of Damage in Random Composites

1996  Moment Lyapunov Exponent and Stability Index for Linear Stochastic Systems with Small Diffusion

1996  A New Method for Efficient Reliability-Based Design Optimization

1996  Nonlinear SDOF System Subject to Poisson-Distributed Pulse Process

1996  Numerical Integration

1996  Numerical Methods in Structural Mechanics

1996  On Moment Stability of Markov Dynamical Systems

1996  On the Almost-Surely Lyapunov Exponent of a Duffing-van der Pol Delay Oscillator

1996  On the Development of a Selective Algorithm in Advanced Monte Carlo Simulation

1996  On Translation Processes and Upcrossing Probabilities

1996  Plates and Shells

1996  Probabilistic Simulation of Decomposition of Liquid Propellant

1996  Problems of Nonlinear Mechanics

1996  Recent Advances in Sensitivity Analysis for Thermomechanical Postbuckling of Composite Panels

1996  Recent Developments in Stochastic Mechanics Relevant to Earthquake Engineering

1996  Reliability Procedures as a Design Tool for Structures and Mechanical Components

1996  Role of Moment Exponent in Stochastic Bifurcation

1996  Semianalytical Methods

1996  A Simulation Procedure for First Passage Problems of Nonlinear Structures

1996  Skeletal Structures

1996  Solids

1996  Stochastic Linearization of a Boolean Hysteresis Model

1996  Structural Analysis with Fuzzy-Based Load Uncertainty

1996  A Study on the Link between Damage Mechanics and Fracture Mechanics

1996  Systems with Random Fields

1995  Challenges in Computational Mechanics Applied to Offshore Engineering

1995  Constitutive Models for Healing of Materials

1995  Damage Models for Masonry Structures

1995  Deformation of Ordered 2-D Packings of Grains, Role of Rotations

1995  Discrete Particle Analysis at Low Stress States

1995  Dynamics and Control of Nonholonomically Constrained Systems

1995  ELlipse-based Discrete Element Model for Granular Materials: Validation Testing

1995  Experimental Study of Micro-Element for Concrete

1995  Force-Deformation Relationships for Rough Interfaces