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2015  Characterization of the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Innovative Multifunctional Thermochromic Asphalt Binders

2015  Cyclic Behavior of Wall-Slab Joints with Lap Splices of Cold-Straightened Rebars and Mechanical Splices

2015  Experimental Study on the Influence of Water Absorption of Recycled Coarse Aggregates on Properties of the Resulting Concretes

2015  Laboratory Tests to Evaluate Mechanical Properties and Performance of Various Flexible Pipes

2015  Mechanical Behavior and Modeling of Dowelled Steel-to-Timber Moment-Resisting Connections

2015  Mechanical Behavior of B500c Steel with an Aluminum Layer Coating in a Marine Environment

2015  Mechanical Behavior of Clean Sand at Low Confining Pressure: Verification with Element and Model Tests

2015  Mechanical Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composites in Uniaxial Compression

2015  Mechanical Characterization of Basalt FRP Rebars and Long-Term Strength Predictive Model

2015  Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Traditional Adobe Wall Panels of the Aveiro District

2015  Mechanical Properties of Sandy Soil Stabilized with Modified Sulfur

2015  Nanoscale Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Hydrogels

2015  Performance of Recycled Plastic-Based Concrete

2015  Self-Luminous Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Structural Applications

2015  Technical Characterization of Sintered-Glass Ceramics Derived from Glass Fibers Recovered by Pyrolysis

2015  Using Calcium Carbonate Whisker in Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites

2014  Aging of Sands as a Micromechanical Process

2014  Application of an Artificial Neural Network for Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Carbonate Soils

2014  Are the Mechanical Properties of Recycled-Content Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Comparable to Nonrecycled EPS Geofoam?

2014  Assessment of Mechanical Properties and the Influence of the Addition of Sawdust in Soil-Cement Bricks Using the Technique of Ultrasonic Anisotropic Inspection

2014  Behavior of Natural Fiber in Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Using Two Design Methods

2014  Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Steel Rebars Manufactured in Pakistan and Their Design Implications

2014  Cross-Property Relations between Mechanical and Transport Properties of Composite Materials

2014  DEM Approach for Engineering Aggregate Gradation and Shape Properties Influencing Mechanical Behavior of Unbound Aggregate Materials

2014  Determination of Mechanical Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar via UPV Method

2014  Drainage and Mechanical Behavior of Highway Base Materials

2014  Effect of Gas on the Mechanical Behavior of Medium-Dense Sands

2014  Effect of Molecular Structure on the Short-Term and Long-Term Mechanical Behavior of High-Density Polyethylene

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. I: Experimental Results

2014  Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites. II: Modeling and Theoretical Predictions

2014  Effect of Waste Glass on the Properties of Concrete

2014  Effect of Wet-Dry Cycling on the Mechanical Properties of Stabilized Subgrade Soils

2014  Effects of Firing Conditions on the Properties of Calcareous Clay Roofing Tiles

2014  Elastography Method to Identify Material Distribution in Two-Phase Nonlinear Media

2014  Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Structural Integrity for Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregates Used in Highway Base Layers

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Field- and Laboratory-Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt

2014  Fiber Reinforcement of DCPD-Modified Sulfur Mortar

2014  Finite Element Simulation of Deep Excavation in Soft Cohesive Soils Using an Enhanced Anisotropic Bounding Surface Model

2014  Fluid-Pressured Test to Measure Tensile Strength of Concrete

2014  Fracture-Mechanical Properties of Mortar-to-Brick Interfaces

2014  Influence of Intermediate Principal Stress on the Strength and Dilatancy Behavior of Rockfill Material

2014  Laboratory Measurement of Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Volcanic Soil

2014  Mechanical Behaviors of Steel Reinforced ECC or ECC/Concrete Composite Beams under Reversed Cyclic Loading

2014  Mechanical Performance of Structural Concrete with the Incorporation of Coarse Recycled Concrete and Ceramic Aggregates

2014  Mechanical Properties of Structural Concrete Containing Fine Aggregates from Waste Generated by the Marble Quarrying Industry

2014  Mechanical Property Characterization of Warm-Mix Asphalt Prepared with Chemical Additives

2014  Mechanically Based Nonlocal Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model

2014  Mechanics-Based Approach for Modeling Delamination of Fire Insulation from Steel Structures

2014  Mechanistic Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Systems

2014  Mineralogical, Mechanical, and Electrical Properties of Clays and Their Relation to Clogging during Mechanical Tunnel Driving

2014  Multiscale Model of Collagen Fibril in Bone: Elastic Response

2014  Nature and Performance of Tropical Wood Natural Fiber Cementitious Composites

2014  Numerical Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Batter Piles under Inclined Loads

2014  Numerical Investigation of Microbial-Induced Cemented Sand Mechanical Behavior

2014  Optimal Water Distribution Network Design Accounting for Valve Shutdowns

2014  Rediscovering Burmister’s Contributions to the Characterization and Mechanical Behavior of Granular Soils Containing Silts

2014  Research Progresses in Magnesium Phosphate Cement-Based Materials

2014  Shear Lag Analysis of Thin-Walled Box Girders Adopting Additional Deflection as Generalized Displacement

2014  Solid Phases Percolation and Capillary Pores Depercolation in Hydrating Cement Pastes

2014  Two-Dimensional Stress-Wave Propagation in Finite-Length FG Cylinders with Two-Directional Nonlinear Grading Patterns Using the MLPG Method

2014  Viscoelastic Behavior of Silica Particle Compacts under Dynamic Compression

2013  Behavior of Thermoset Shape Memory Polymer-Based Syntactic Foam Sealant Trained by Hybrid Two-Stage Programming

2013  Constitutive Modeling of Brain Tissue using Ogden-type Strain Energy Functions

2013  DEM-Aided Discovery of the Relationship between Energy Dissipation and Shear Band Formation Considering the Effects of Particle Rolling Resistance

2013  Effect of a New Type Antifreeze Agent on the Mechanical Behavior of Negative Temperature Concrete

2013  Effect of New Composite Cement Containing Volcanic Ash and Limestone on Mechanical Properties and Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete

2013  Effect of Presoaked Expanded Perlite Aggregate on the Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites

2013  Effect of Prestrain and Aging on Mechanical Properties of X100 Pipeline Steels

2013  Effect of Shoulder Cracks on Shoulder’s Mechanical Behavior for CRTS III Slab Track

2013  Effect of Temperature on Strength and Elastic Modulus of High-Strength Steel

2013  Effect of Water Content on the Mechanical Behavior of Thin Clay Films

2013  Effects of High Volumes of Fly Ash, Blast Furnace Slag, and Bottom Ash on Flow Characteristics, Density, and Compressive Strength of High-Strength Mortar

2013  Effects of Pore Structures on Static Mechanical Properties of Sandstone

2013  Elevated Temperature Material Degradation of Cold-Formed Steels under Steady- and Transient-State Conditions

2013  Enhanced Poromechanical Properties of Tissue Engineered Cartilage via Swelling Induced Collagen Remodelling

2013  Experimental and Modeling Study on Magnetorheological Elastomers with Different Matrices

2013  Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Nitinol, Structural Steel, and Their Hybrid Component

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Performance of the Interface between Concrete Pavement and Lean Concrete Base Treated with Different Bond-breaking Layers

2013  Field Experimental Study on Mechanical Effect of Invert Construction for Shallow Embedded Underwater Highway Tunnel

2013  Hydrothermal and Mechanical Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks

2013  Hygro-Mechanical Properties of Wood-Aggregate Concrete: Experimental Study and Modeling

2013  Hysteresis of Unsaturated Hydromechanical Properties of a Silty Soil

2013  Impact Analysis on Concrete Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Shotcrete

2013  Impact of Millimeter-Size Silicon Microchips on the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Samples Tested under Flexural Bending, Long-Term Creep, and Impact Conditions

2013  An Improved Cap Model for Partially Saturated Soils

2013  Improved Mechanical Properties and Early-Age Shrinkage Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Atomic Polymer Technology

2013  Improving Mechanical Properties of Sand Using Biopolymers

2013  Inferring Bearing Ratio of Unbound Materials from Dielectric Properties Using GPR: The Case of Runaway Safety Areas

2013  Influence of Curing Time on the Main Mechanical Characteristics of High-Water-Content and Quick-Setting Stones

2013  Influence of Fracture Filling on Mechanical Behavior of Loess

2013  The Influence of Non-Uniform Bedding on the Mechanical Behavior of Buried Flexible Pipe

2013  In-situ Chemo-Mechanical Characterization of Cementitious Microstructures with Coupled X-Ray Microanalysis and Indentation Technique

2013  Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Short- and Long-Term Aged Asphaltite Modified Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Laboratory Characterization and Evaluation of Durability Performance of New Polyester and Vinylester E-glass GFRP Dowels for Jointed Concrete Pavement

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Using Recycled Marble Aggregates on the Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt

2013  Laboratory Evaluation on the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete Incorporating Industrial Waste

2013  Levels of Variability in Volumetric and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Macro and Micro Analysis for Grading-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Granular Materials

2013  Measurement of Adsorptive-Mechanical Properties of Fractured Coal Cores