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2015  Automated Chamber System to Measure Field Evapotranspiration Rates

2015  Conceptual Framework for the Performance Measurement of Public-Private Partnerships

2015  Determining the Existence of the Fine Sediment Flocculation in the Three Gorges Reservoir

2015  Estimating "True" Variability of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Deflection Slope Measurements

2015  Experimental Dynamic Characterization and Finite-Element Updating of a Footbridge Structure

2015  Experimental Evaluation of Strength and Elastic Properties of Polymer Concrete with Different Volumes of Volcanic Tuff Acting as Filler

2015  Improving Substructure Identification Using Structural Control with Limited Sensor Measurements

2015  Optical Measurements of Tsunami Inundation and Debris Movement in a Large-Scale Wave Basin

2015  Rolling Resistance Measurement and Model Development

2015  Schmidt-Kalman Filter for Navigation Biases Mitigation during Mars Entry

2015  Single Station Antenna-Based Spacecraft Orbit Determination via Robust EKF against the Effect of Measurement Matrix Singularity

2014  Ambiguity-Free Method for Fast and Precise GNSS Differential Positioning

2014  Comparison of Interpolation, Statistical, and Data-Driven Methods for Imputation of Missing Values in a Distributed Soil Moisture Dataset

2014  Comparisons of Two Wind Tunnel Pressure Databases and Partial Validation against Full-Scale Measurements

2014  Database Evaluation of Energy Transfer for Central Mine Equipment Automatic Hammer Standard Penetration Tests

2014  Determining Geometric Out-of-Plane Imperfections in Steel Tied-Arch Bridges Using Strain Measurements

2014  Development of a Data-Driven Platform for Transit Performance Measures Using Smart Card and GPS Data

2014  Displacement and Strain Field Measurement in Steel and RC Beams Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2014  Effect of Dimensional Stability of Composites on Optical Performances of Space Telescopes

2014  Failure-Mode Importance Measures in System Reliability Analysis

2014  Graph-Theoretic Approach and Sound Engineering Principles for Design of District Metered Areas

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. II: Analytical Interpretation and Prediction

2014  Hole Drilling Technique for On-Site Stress Measurements of Masonry Piers: Analysis of the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

2014  In Situ Regolith Bulk Density Measurement for a Coiling-Type Sampler

2014  Influence of Rain Gauge Density on Interpolation Method Selection

2014  Limitations in Extraction of Survey Data from Real-Time Kinematic GPS ADCP Systems

2014  Measurement and Analysis of Moisture Migration Characteristics in Subgrade of Excavation Section

2014  Measurement of Local Deformations in Steel Monostrands Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Method for Estimating Concentration Time and Storage Coefficient of the Clark Model Using Rainfall-Runoff Measurements

2014  New Method for High-Speed Railway Bridge Dynamic Deflection Measurement

2014  Precision Analysis of the Semi-Strapdown Homing Guided System

2014  Rapid Decay of a Timber Footbridge and Changes in Its Modal Frequencies Derived from Multiannual Lateral Deflection Measurements

2014  Recurring Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the Smiths Creek Bioreactor Landfill

2014  Roughening Elements as Abutment Scour Countermeasures

2014  Satellites Could Hold the Key To Measuring Groundwater

2013  Adaptive Quantification of Noise Variance Using Subspace Technique

2013  Behavior of a Double-Layer Tensegrity Grid under Static Loading: Identification of Self-Stress Level

2013  Bridge Crack Extraction Method Based on Image-connected Domain

2013  Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Comparison of Image-Based and Time-of-Flight-Based Technologies for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Infrastructure

2013  Demonstration of Fiber Optic Instrumentation System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements

2013  Determination of Porosity and Thickness of Biofilm Attached on Irregular-Shaped Media

2013  Direct and Simultaneous Measurements of Sandstone Porosity, Permeability, and Electrical Conductivity at Elevated Pressures

2013  Dynamic Characteristics of an Overpass Bridge in a Full-Scale Destructive Test

2013  Dynamic Modulus and Damping Ratio Measurements from Free-Free Resonance and Fixed-Free Resonant Column Procedures

2013  Effect of Dispersant on Transport of Nanoscale Iron Particles in Soils: Zeta Potential Measurements and Column Experiments

2013  Effects of Measurement Method, Scale, and Landscape Features on Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

2013  Experimental Investigation on Scour under a Vibrating Catenary Riser

2013  GPS-Based Single-Epoch Attitude Determination without Prior Knowledge of Measurement Precision

2013  Ground-Level Turbulence Characteristics of Hurricane Wind Measured from Mobile Towers

2013  Image Analysis of Measuring Building Configuration for Seismic Damage Estimation

2013  Inferring Bearing Ratio of Unbound Materials from Dielectric Properties Using GPR: The Case of Runaway Safety Areas

2013  Investigation of Single and Multiple Solitary Waves Using Superresolution PIV

2013  Laboratory Measurement of Seabed Shear Stress and the Slip Factor over a Porous Seabed

2013  Laboratory-Scale Distributed Pressure Measurements of Blade Interaction with JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Lunar Excavation Experiments in Simulant Soil Test Beds: Revisiting the Surveyor Geotechnical Data

2013  Measurement of Accelerated Steel Corrosion in Concrete Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and a Modified Half-Cell Potential Method

2013  Measurement of Adsorptive-Mechanical Properties of Fractured Coal Cores

2013  Measurement of Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Fracture of Fiber-Reinforced Ultrahigh-Strength Cement-Based Composites

2013  Measurement of Small Cohesion of JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Measuring Deflections of a Short-Span Railway Bridge Using a Robotic Total Station

2013  Measuring Horizontal Curve Vehicle Trajectories and Speed Profiles: Pneumatic Road Tube and Video Methods

2013  Measuring the Networking Performance for Contractors in Practicing Construction Management

2013  Modeling Ground-Shell Contact Forces in NATM Tunneling Based on Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurements

2013  Moisture Safety in Cold Attics with Thick Thermal Insulation

2013  A Monte Carlo Simulation-Based Approach to Evaluate the Effect of Streamflow Measurement Error on Design Flood Estimates

2013  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Sound Velocity Measurements of Chalk Saturated with Magnesium Rich Brine

2013  Numerical Modeling of High-Speed Train/Track System to Assess Track Vibrations and Settlement Prediction

2013  Objective Load Rating of a Steel-Girder Bridge Using Structural Modeling and Health Monitoring

2013  Operational Performance of Sustainable Measures in Public Buildings

2013  Performance Measurement to Aid Decision Making in the Budgeting Process for Apartment-Building Construction: Case Study Using MCDA-C

2013  Performance Measures And Evaluation of Asphalt Pavements Using the Internal Roughness Index

2013  Performance-Driven Measurement System Design for Structural Identification

2013  Portable Pressure Device to Evaluate Lateral Formwork Pressure Exerted by Fresh Concrete

2013  Practical Framework for Measuring Performance of International Construction Firms

2013  Relative Displacement Sensing Techniques for Postevent Structural Damage Assessment: Review

2013  Removing Systemic Bias in Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Large Sand-Bed Rivers

2013  Revised Coefficients for Priestley-Taylor and Makkink-Hansen Equations for Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration

2013  Road Surface Wetness Variations: Measurements and Effects for Winter Road Maintenance

2013  Texas Department of Transportation 3D Transverse Profiling System for High-Speed Rut Measurement

2013  Trade-Level Productivity Measurement: Critical Challenges and Solutions

2013  Turbulence and Suspended Sediment Measurements in an Urban Environment during the Brisbane River Flood of January 2011

2013  Wall Heat Transfer Measurements in High-Pressure Combustion Devices

2012  Acoustic Detection of Leaks in Water Pipelines Using Measurements inside Pipe

2012  Aggregate Surface Areas Quantified through Laser Measurements for South African Asphalt Mixtures

2012  Analysis of Arizona’s LEED for New Construction Population’s Credits

2012  Analysis of Microclimate Data Measured over Grass and Soybean Canopy and Their Impacts on Penman-Monteith Grass and Alfalfa Reference Evapotranspiration

2012  Analyzing the Sufficiency of Alternative Scalar and Vector Intensity Measures of Ground Shaking Based on Information Theory

2012  Application of Kalman Filter with Time-Correlated Measurement Errors in Subsurface Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  Balanced Framework for Measuring Performance of Supply Chains in House Building

2012  Bleeding and Bleeding Measurement of Cement-Based Grout

2012  Bridge Scour Risk Assessment and Countermeasure Design

2012  Characterization of Epoxy Resin Including Strain Rate Effects Using Digital Image Correlation System

2012  Comparison of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and Price AA Mechanical Current Meter Measurements Made during the 2011 Mississippi River Flood

2012  Comparison of Highway Traffic Breakdown Features between U.S. and China Using Discrete Wavelet Transform: An Empirical Study

2012  Comparison of Laser-Based and Sand Patch Measurements of Pavement Surface Macrotexture

2012  Comparisons of the Computed and Measured Behavior of Curved Steel I-Girders during Lifting

2012  A Conceptual Model to Develop a Worker Performance Measurement Tool to Improve Construction Productivity

2012  Concrete-Steel Composite Girder Bolt Loosening Monitoring Using Electromechanical Impedance Measurements

2012  Continuous Monitoring of an Ice Sheet in a Reservoir Upstream of Beaumont Dam, Canada