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2014  Damping Matrices Revisited

2010  Load Vectors for Damage Location in Systems Identified from Operational Loads

2009  Analyzing the Effects of the Growth of Maritime Industries on the Regional Economy with Dynamic Inverse Matrix

2009  Estimation of Original-Destination Matrices for Public Traffic Passenger Flow

2008  The IEM Model for Estimating Origin-Destination Matrices from Traffic Counts

2008  Stiffness Matrices of Isoparametric Four-Node Finite Elements by Exact Analytical Integration

2000  General Carryover Matrix of Plane Rod Loaded Perpendicular to Its Plane

2000  Solving 3D Subsurface Flow and Transport with Adaptive Multigrid

2000  Structural Matrix Computations with Units

1999  Angle and Z Beams in Bending: Tensor Matrix Method for Spreadsheets

1999  Application of Mathematical Matrix to Integrate Project Schedule and Cost

1995  Transfer Matrix Technique and Pipe Structural Analysis

1994  Wastewater Treatment Optimization Model for Developing World II: Model Testing

1993  Reduction of Dynamic Cable Stiffness to Linear Matrix Polynomial

1992  EQSWP: Extended Unsteady-Flow Double-Sweep Equation Solver

1991  Boundary Element–Transfer Matrix Method for Plated Structures

1991  Buckling Behavior of Elastic Circular Arches

1991  Representation of Damping Matrix

1990  Use of Lanczos Algorithm in Elastic Stability

1990  Virtual Large Displacement Theorem for Framed Structures

1989  Application of Graph Theory to Computer-Assisted Mapping

1989  Finite Element Computations on a Linear Systolic Array


1989  Methods for Analyzing Pipe Networks

1989  Simplified Seismic Analysis of Pile Foundations

1984  Accuracy and Reliability in Geodetic Networks-Program System OPTUN

1984  A Combined Finite Element-Transfer Matrix Method

1984  Consolidation of Basics of Dimensional Analysis

1984  Time Domain Random Wind Response of Cooling Tower

1983  Method for Improving Incomplete Modal Coupling

1983  Practical Reduction of Structural Eigenproblems

1983  Shell Elements for Cooling Tower Analysis

1981  Behavior of Skewed Beam and Slab Bridge Decks

1981  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Tapered I-Beams

1981  Sparse Matrices, Graph Theory, and Reanalysis

1980  Constraints for Axial Strains in Frames

1980  Dynamic Reduction of Structural Models

1980  Human Orientation in Transportation Terminals

1979  Circular Beam on Elastic Foundation

1979  Doubly Curved Membrane Shell Finite Element

1979  Glass Curtain Wall Elements:Properties and Behavior

1979  Response of MDOF Systems to Nonstationary Random Excitation

1979  Seismic Analysis of Fossil-Fuel Boiler Structures

1978  Cable Equilibrium and Stability in a Steady Wind

1978  Dynamic Substructuring for Alternating Subsystems

1977  Bending Analysis of Anisotropic Plates

1977  Complex Infinite Beams on Elastic Foundation

1977  Design Sensitivity Analysis with Substructuring

1977  Elastic Stability of Wood Transmission Structures

1977  Extended Period Simulation of Water Systems—Part A

1977  Higher-Order Finite Element for Complex Plate Structures

1977  Linearized Collinearity Equations for Scanned Data

1977  Plane Frameworks of Tapering Box and I-Section

1977  Reservoir Yield Using TPM Method

1977  System Considerations in Freeway Planning, Design, and Construction

1976  Dynamic Stiffness Matrices for Viscoelastic Half-Plane Foundations

1976  Finite Element Analysis of Wood-Stud Walls

1976  Frame Interaction in Nonorthogonal Grids

1976  Large-Scale Estuarine Water Quality Matrix Model

1976  Local Unloading in Piecewise-Linear Plasticity

1976  Matrix Analysis of Structure-Foundation Interaction

1976  Nonlinear Optimum Design of Dynamic Damped Frames

1976  Out-of-Plane Vibration of Thick Circular Ring

1976  Ultimate Instability of Earthquake Structures

1975  Avoidance of Parasitic Shear in Plane Element

1975  Constrained and Shear Moduli for Finite Element

1975  Elementary Matrix Analysis of Structures by Hayrettin Kardestuncer (Book Review)

1975  Linear Structural Analysis of Multistory Buildings

1975  Node Numbering Optimization in Structural Analysis

1975  Special Problems Related to Linear Equation Solvers

1975  Tapered Plane Stress Annular Sector Finite Element

1974  Conditioning of Structural Flexibility Matrix

1974  Elastic Analysis of Frameworks with Elastic Connections

1974  Explicit Triangular Bending Element Matrix

1974  Geometric Nonlinearity in Nonprismatic Members

1974  Vogt Boundary for Finite Element Arch Dam Analysis

1973  Analysis of Biaxially Loaded Steel H-Columns

1973  Dynamic Matrix of Timoshenko Beam Columns

1973  Eigensolution of Large Structural Systems with Small Bandwidth

1973  High Order Rectangular Shallow Shell Finite Element

1973  Inelastic Lateral Buckling of Restrained Beams

1973  Matrix Method for Analysis of Hydraulic Networks

1973  Nonlinear Vibrations of Rectangular Plates

1973  Numerical Analysis of Thick Shells of Revolution

1973  Solution of Linear Equations—State-of-the-Art

1973  Tangent Stiffness in Space Frames

1972  Advanced Analysis of Rigid Pavements

1972  Convergence in Modal Synthesis

1972  Environmental Assessment of Resource Development

1972  General Treatment of Structural Modifications

1972  Generalization of Plate Finite Elements to Shells

1972  New Approach to Power Plant Siting

1972  Reanalysis for Limited Structural Design Modifications

1972  Resonance in Pipes having Variable Characteristics

1972  Structural Optimization by Inscribed Hyperspheres

1972  Summary Representation Applied to Seepage Problems

1972  Transfer Matrix Approach to Layered Systems

1972  Triangular Element for Multilayer Sandwich Plates

1971  Automatic Generation of Finite Element Matrices

1971  Buckling of Multilayer Plates by Finite Elements