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2014  How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking By Jordan Ellenberg. New York City: Penguin Press, 2014

2014  Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World By Amir Alexander. New York City: Scientific American, 2014

2014  Love & Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality By Edward Frenkel. New York City: Basic Books, 2013

2014  Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality By Max Tegmark. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf, 2013

2014  The Grapes of Math: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life By Alex Bellos. New York City: Simon & Schuster, 2014

2013  Determination of Apparent Activation Energy of Concrete by TMC and Mathematical Means

2012  Application of a Multi-Person and Multi-Objective Decision-Making Model in Groundwater Resources Management

2012  Quantitative Evaluation for Coupling Coordinated Development between Ecosystem and Economic System—Case Study of Chinese Loess Plateau

2012  Research on the Compound Model Mathematical Principle of Forest-Pulp Enterprise Production Logistics Balance

2012  Safety Evaluation of Upgraded Freeways

2011  A Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Public Transit Safety Based on Fuzzy Mathematics

2011  Evaluating University Campus Traffic by Attribute Mathematical Recognition

2011  A Presentation of Cnoidal Wave Theory for Practical Application

2010  Design of Settling Basins in Irrigation Network Using Simulation and Mathematical Programming

2009  Assessment of Urban Traffic Environment Quality Based on Attribute Mathematical Theory

2009  Do the Math-Spiral Welded Steel Pipe is a Good Bet

2009  Gender Disparity in Engineering as a Function of Physics Enrollment and Its Implications for Civil Engineering

2009  Mathematical Morphology Based Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection

2009  Optimal Dynamic Substitution Policy for Components in an Assemble-to-Order System

2009  Review of The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model by Earl F. Burkholder

2009  A Scheme Comparison Method of Dedicated Passenger Line Introduces into Terminal Project Based on Fuzzy Multi-Objective Decision Making

2009  Stability Analysis of Excavating Rock Slope Based on the Catastrophe Theory

2009  Structural Robustness Evaluation

2008  Mathematical Analysis to the Feature of Logistics Service Network

2008  Mathematical Prediction of Cylinder Wake during Synchronization

2008  NewsBriefs: Testing Sees Higher Math Prowess in U.S. (National Center for Education Statistics)

2008  Three-Dimensional Networks Are Horizontally Superior in Robustness: A Mathematical Reasoning

2008  Verification and Validation of 3D Free-Surface Flow Models

2007  The Application of SP(G+I+E+C+D+M+J) in ITS

2007  An Efficient Approach for Slant Correction of Vehicle Licenses Based on Hough Transform and Mathematics Morphology

2007  Evolution of the Continuous Truss Bridge

2007  Mathematical Programming Approaches for Modeling Water Rights Allocation

2007  Research: Symmetry Group Mapped 120 Years Later

2007  The Risk Assessment Method of Building Based on Interval Mathematics

2006  Elevation-Dependent Management of the Edwards Aquifer: Linked Mathematical and Dynamic Programming Approach

2006  General Validity of Conductivity Means in Unsaturated Flow Models

2006  New Approach to Designing Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network Architecture for Modeling Nonlinear Restoring Forces. I: Formulation

2006  Solving an Inverse Problem of a Meridian Arc in Terms of Computer Algebra System

2006  Turbulent Flow Friction Factor Calculation using a Mathematically Exact Alternative to the Colebrook — White Equation

2005  Calculation of Groundwater Integral

2005  Large-Deflection Mathematical Analysis of Rectangular Plates

2001  ASCE Sets Priority Government Relations Issues for the Coming Year

2001  Continuum Mechanics for Engineers (Second Edition), by G. Thomas Mase and George E. Mase

2001  Multilayered Aquifer Systems: Fundamentals and Applications, by Alexander H. D. Cheng

2001  Probabilistic Methods for Aerospace Engineering

2001  Washington Supports Math and Science Education

2000  Applications of Mathematical Software Packages in Structural Engineering Education and Practice

2000  Formula to Get Desired Soil Density

2000  Legislative Updates

2000  Math and Science Education Get a Boost

2000  Microbial Activity: Mathematical Expression and Direct Determination

1999  Facilitating the Success of Middle to High School Minority Students towards Engineering

1999  Hands-On Beam-Bridge Experiments for Junior and Senior High School Students

1999  More Member’s Comment on Master’s as First Professional Degree (ltr)

1997  Basic Influence Line Equations for Continuous Beams and Rigid Frames

1997  Effect of Mathematical Correlation on GPS Network Computation

1997  Integration of Computational Software into Engineering Education

1996  Basic Concepts of L1 Norm Minimization for Surveying Applications

1996  Computer-Developed Structural Calculations

1996  Mathematical Techniques & Software for Stochastic Design Optimization

1996  A Norm-Based Approach to the Quantification of Model Uncertainty

1995  Challenges in Computational Mechanics Applied to Offshore Engineering

1995  Fractal Dimension of Granular Materials and Their Engineering Properties

1995  Intersection of Spiral Curve with Circle

1995  Metric Units in Engineering—Going SI, How to Use the International Systems of Measurement Units (SI) to Solve Standard Engineering Problems

1995  Theoretical Prediction of Drying Shrinkage of Concrete

1994  Application of Structural Optimization

1994  Metrication: A Negative Net Benefit?

1994  Significance of Averaging Coefficients in Open-Channel Flow Equations

1994  Using Cavity Well to Determine Aquifer Thickness and Constants

1993  Automated Surface Wave Method: Inversion Technique

1993  Discrete Wave-Number Boundary-Element Method for 3-D Scattering Problems

1993  Numerical Methods Used to Model Unsteady Canal Flow

1992  Conversion Between Quadratic and Power Law for Non-Darcy Flow

1992  Drawdowns for Nonleaky Aquifer Flow with Storage in Finite-Width Sink

1992  Elastic Solutions for Arbitrarily Shaped Foundations

1992  EQSWP: Extended Unsteady-Flow Double-Sweep Equation Solver

1992  Form Comparison Without Anatomical Landmarks

1992  Horton Infiltration Equation Revisited

1992  Interpretation of Kostiakov Infiltration Parameters for Borders

1992  Knowledge Representation With Logic

1992  A Mathematical Tool Set for SORM Reliability Methods

1992  Maximum and Minimum Storage Trajectories That Meet Specific Risk Levels

1992  Protected-Paste Volume of Air-Entrained Cement Paste. Part 1

1991  Comparisons of Selected Bed-Material Load Formulas


1991  MATHCAD Upgrade Does Windows and Symbols

1991  MATHCAD Upgrade Does Windows and Symbols

1991  Singularity Elements for the p-Version of the FEM

1991  Stochastic Averaging of Energy Envelope

1991  Unified Theory on Power Laws for Flow Resistance

1990  Bounded Implicit Enumeration for Wastewater-Treatment Systems

1990  Cost-Effective Maintenance and Replacement Scheduling

1990  Desperately Seeking Solution

1990  Drawdowns for Constant-Discharge One-Dimensional Leaky Aquifer

1990  Fatigue Damage Due to Non-Gaussian Responses

1990  Mellin Transform Applied to Uncertainty Analysis in Hydrology/Hydraulics

1990  Tests of Selected Sediment-Transport Formulas

1990  Truck-Tire Steel Grid Deck Contact Pressure Distributions

1989  Arch in Soil Arching