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2015  Actors’ Preferences in the Redevelopment of Brownfield: Latent Class Model

2015  Design and Characterization of a Space-Based Imaging Experiment Computer Unit

2015  Dynamic Identifiability Analysis-Based Model Structure Evaluation Considering Rating Curve Uncertainty

2015  Framework for Coupling Flow and Deformation of a Porous Solid

2015  Influence of the Height of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on the Formation of Perched Leachate Zones

2015  Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete

2014  2D Modeling of Flow and Sediment Interaction: Sediment Mixtures

2014  Analysis of Disruptions Caused by Construction Field Rework on Productivity in Residential Projects

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Cumulative Departure Model of the Cryosphere During the Pleistocene

2014  Effect of Fluid Temperature on Rock Failure in Borehole Drilling

2014  Estimation of Indoor Temperature for a Direct-Gain Passive Solar Building

2014  Field-Scale Sprinkler Irrigation System Hydraulic Model. I: Hydraulic Characterization

2014  Influence of the Range of Suction Measurement on the Soil Suction-Water Content Relationship

2014  Long-Term Effects of Water Diversions on the Longitudinal Flow and Bed Profiles

2014  Mathematical Formulation of the Project Quarterback Rating: New Framework to Assess Construction Project Performance

2014  Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Verification of Fluid Flow through Deformable Rough Rock Joints

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Air Pressure in a Drainage Stack of a High-Rise Building Test Platform

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Saturated Fractured Rock Using a Dual-Porosity Approach

2014  Modeling Elastically Deforming Leaks in Water Distribution Pipes

2014  Optimizing Headways for Mass Rapid Transit Services

2014  Performance-Based Evaluation of an Improved Robust Optimization Formulation

2014  Temporal Constraints in Linear Scheduling with Singularity Functions: Case of Calendarization

2014  Variational Approach to Percolation Threshold of Nanocomposites Considering Clustering Effect

2013  Applying Mathematical Model to Simplify the Procession of Pipeline Route Selection

2013  Defragmenting the AEC Industry through a Single, Component-Based Building Information Model

2013  Distribution of Materials in Road Earthmoving and Paving: Mathematical Programming Approach

2013  Effects of Land Use Change on Hydrologic Response at a Watershed Scale, Arkansas

2013  Estimating Pullout Loads for Hill-Embedded Rock Anchors

2013  Homogenizing the Ultrasonic Response of Wet Cortical Bone

2013  Influence of Shanghai-Kunming Passenger-Dedicated Line on Yunnan-Guizhou Regional Economic Development

2013  Mathematical Model for Sequential Pickup of Chemical Contaminants by Magnetic Particles

2013  Mathematical Model for Share Rate of Passenger Flow between Passenger-Dedicated Line and Conventional Rail in Transportation Corridor

2013  Mathematical Model of Cryospheric Response to Climate Changes

2013  Microplane Model M7 for Plain Concrete. I: Formulation

2013  Modeling Flow in an Open Channel with Heterogeneous Bed Roughness

2013  Nonisothermal Mathematical Model for Performance Evaluation of Passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

2013  Optimization Design of the Steam Pipeline Insulation Layer

2013  Poromechanical Stimulation of Bone Remodeling: A Continuum Micromechanics-Based Mathematical Model and Experimental Validation

2013  Postclosure Long-Term Settlement for MSW Landfills

2013  Predicting Performance for Constructed Storm-Water Wetlands

2013  Reducing Bias and Uncertainty in Multievaluator Multicriterion Decision Making

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2013  Surface Waves in Laterally Heterogeneous Media

2013  Tangent-to-Curve Transition on Two-Lane Rural Roads Based on Continuous Speed Profiles

2013  Turnout Components Distribution Model and its Application in Urban Rail Transit

2013  Zero-Valent Iron/Biotic Treatment System for Perchlorate-Contaminated Water: Lab-Scale Performance, Modeling, and Full-Scale Implications

2012  Analysis of Structural Energy-Saving Potential in Transportation Industry: A Case Study of Zhejiang Province

2012  Application of Anti-Collapse Aluminum Matrix Drilling Fluid System in Jilin Oilfield

2012  Effect of Ground Rigid Body to Seismic Vibration

2012  The Environmental Influence of Subway Station on Platform Screen Door System

2012  Explicit Nonlocal Space-Time Multiscale (ENSTM) Model

2012  Gravity Currents Produced by Lock Exchanges: Experiments and Simulations with a Two-Layer Shallow-Water Model with Entrainment

2012  Hierarchical Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation for Modeling Transverse Cracks in Highway Pavements

2012  Mathematical Forms and Numerical Schemes for the Solution of Unsaturated Flow Equations

2012  Mathematical Modeling of Electrically Assisted Hydrocarbon Transport in Porous Media

2012  Modeling of Buckling and Wrinkling Behavior in GFRP Plate and Sandwiches Subjected to Biaxial Compression-Tension Loading

2012  Sensitivity Analysis of the Eigenvalue Problem for General Dynamic Systems with Application to Bridge Deck Flutter

2012  Shape Factors for Elements of the Infiltration Profile in Surface Irrigation: Generic Approach

2012  Statistical Modeling of Contaminants Removal in Mature Integrated Constructed Wetland Sediments

2012  Stochastic Models of Uncertainties in Computational Mechanics

2012  Study of an Optimal Algorithm for Unfixed-Tract Double-Shoulder Circuit Locomotive’s Working Diagram

2012  Uncertainty Reduction in Multi-Evaluator Decision Making

2011  Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of Contaminant Concentrations in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Cross-Ply Composite Plate Subjected to Nonuniform In-Plane Loads

2011  Developing Cost-Effective Water Quality Improvement Programs

2011  Development of Maglev Guideway Loading Model

2011  Dynamic Programming Methodology for Prioritizing Sewerage Projects

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. I: Experiments

2011  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on DO Transfer at a Rough Sediment Surface

2011  Furrow Irrigation Advance Simulation Using a Surface–Subsurface Interaction Model

2011  A Mathematical Model for Ni Phyto-Extraction from Contaminated Soils

2011  Mathematical Model for Piping Erosion Based on Fluid-Solid Interaction and Soils Structure

2011  Mathematical Model of the Inverse Problem of Deformation of Oil Tank Bottom

2011  Mathematical Modeling of Lake Tap Flows

2011  Mathematical Models and Applicable Technologies to Forecast, Analyze, and Optimize Quality and Risks for Complex Systems

2011  The Method of Dynamical System for Supply Chain Analysis

2011  Modeling of Cadmium Removal from Domestic Wastewater in Constructed Wetlands Using STELLA Simulation Program

2011  Modeling of One-Dimensional, Unsteady, Free-Surface, and Pressurized Flows

2011  Modeling Resuspension in a Dynamic Water Supply Reservoir

2011  Multiple Time Scales of Fluvial Processes with Bed Load Sediment and Implications for Mathematical Modeling

2011  Nonreflective Boundary Design via Remote Sensing and Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Valve

2011  Numerical Simulation of Pigging Operation in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Pipelines

2011  Pedestrians’ Decision of Shopping Duration with the Influence of Walking Direction Choice

2011  Research on Optimal Operation Methods of Heating Pipe Network

2011  Retraction notice for: Zhang, X., Lu, X., Dong, B., and Hu, C. (2011). "A Quasi-3D Mathematical Bend Flow Model in Non-Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinate System." J. Hydraul. Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0000467 (Jun. 1, 2011) Curvilinear Coordinate System.

2011  A Sequential Monte Carlo Method to Update the Conditional Solute Concentration in a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Study of Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Bifurcated Pressure Pipeline

2011  Subaqueous Cohesive Sediment Gravity Flows from Open Water Pipeline Dredge Disposal: Laboratory Experiments and Mathematical Modeling

2010  Application of Natural Clayey Soil as Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper from Wastewater

2010  Backward Probabilistic Modeling to Identify Contaminant Sources in Water Distribution Systems

2010  Ballistic Walking Design via Impulsive Control

2010  Conceptual Framework and Mathematical Model for Optimizing Train Blocking and Scheduling Synchronization

2010  Cyclic Testing and Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel Special Bolted Moment Frame Connections

2010  Determination of the Transverse Resistance Characteristics in Railway Track

2010  Energy Audit of Water Networks

2010  Factors Affecting Participation in Spot and Options Markets for Water

2010  Hybrid Model Incorporating Real Options with Process Centric and System Dynamics Modeling to Assess Value of Investments in Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques

2010  The Impact Analysis of Intersection Sight Distance on Vehicle Speed

2010  Kaolinite and Lead in Saturated Porous Media: Facilitated and Impeded Transport