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2015  Comparison of the Ability of Two Bacteria to Improve the Behavior of Sandy Soil

2015  Multiscale Coupled-Hygromechanistic Approach to the Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Structural Concrete

2015  Shear Resistance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Using Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests

2015  Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Arches with Externally Bonded Composite Materials: Testing and Analysis

2014  Ballistic Impact Testing of Aluminum 2024 and Titanium 6Al-4V for Material Model Development

2014  Compressive Strength of Concrete Cores with Different Lengths

2014  Crumb Rubber Concrete Performance under Near-Field Blast and Ballistic Demands

2014  Dependence of Volumetric Parameters of Hot-Mix Asphalts on Testing Methods

2014  Engineering Physical Properties of Asphalt Binders through Nanoclay-Asphalt Interactions

2014  Fluid-Pressured Test to Measure Tensile Strength of Concrete

2014  Heterogeneous Finite-Element Modeling of the Dynamic Complex Modulus Test of Asphalt Mixture Using X-ray Computed Tomography

2014  Innovative Approach to Characterizing Damage Evolution in Asphalt Concrete during Fatigue Tests

2014  Mechanical Property Characterization of Warm-Mix Asphalt Prepared with Chemical Additives

2014  Static Creep and Repeated Load as Rutting Performance Tests for Airport HMA Mix Design

2014  Universal Size-Shape Effect Law Based on Comprehensive Concrete Fracture Tests

2014  Variability of Compressive Strength of Concrete Cores

2013  Applications of Sonic Tests to Masonry Elements: Influence of Joints on the Propagation Velocity of Elastic Waves

2013  Double Punch Test: Simple Performance Test to Evaluate the Fatigue and Rutting Potential of Asphalt Concrete

2013  Effects of Types and Content of Warm-Mix Additives on CRMA

2013  Evaluation of Stiffness and Fatigue Using 2 Point Bending and Indirect Tensile Fatigue Tests

2013  Experimental and Modeling Study on Magnetorheological Elastomers with Different Matrices

2013  Experimental Investigation of Bitumen and Mastics under Shear Creep and Creep-Recovery Testing

2013  Influence of Compaction Direction on Performance Characteristics of Roller-Compacted HMA Specimens

2013  Investigation into Laboratory Abrasion Test Methods for Pervious Concrete

2013  A Material Testing Methodology for In Situ Quality Control of Low Temperature Performance in Asphalt Pavements

2012  Assessment of ZSV in Asphalt Concrete Using Shear Frequency Sweep Testing

2012  Characterization of Epoxy Resin Including Strain Rate Effects Using Digital Image Correlation System

2012  Comparison of Rapid Tests for Evaluation of Chloride Resistance of Concretes with Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2012  Dynamic Modulus Testing and Mechanical Modeling for New Mexico Asphalt Mixtures

2012  Effects of Curing Time and Reheating on Performance of Warm Stone-Matrix Asphalt

2012  Effects of Recycled Concrete Aggregates on the Compressive and Shear Strength of High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2012  Rut Resistance of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Containing RAP

2012  Tailored Extended Finite-Element Model for Predicting Crack Propagation and Fracture Properties within Idealized and Digital Cementitious Material Samples

2012  Test methods on Binder Selection for Antiskid Surface Applications

2012  Unified Mechanistic Approach for Modeling Tests of Unbound Pavement Materials

2011  Accelerated Life Test of Concrete in Chloride Environment

2011  Brine Absorption in Concrete at Low Temperature: Experimental Investigation and Modeling

2011  Development and Procedure for Constrained Modulus of Crushed Rock Test

2011  Development of a Pressurized Blister Test for Interface Characterization of Aggregate Highly Polymerized Bituminous Materials

2011  Development of a Testing Protocol for Evaluation of Flexible Lining Materials

2011  Emerging Technologies for Material, Design, Rehabilitation, and Inspection of Roadway Pavements

2011  Experimental Investigation of FRP-Concrete Debonding under Cyclic Actions

2011  Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams with Cement-Based Composites

2011  Hail Impact Characteristics of a Hybrid Material by Advanced Analysis Techniques and Testing

2011  Impact Based Testing Technique for Measuring Moduli of Geomaterials

2011  Impact Based Testing Technique for Measuring Strength of Geomaterials

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Sasobit-Modified Warm-Mix Asphalt for Alaskan Conditions

2011  Mechanisms Governing Fatigue, Damage, and Fracture of Commercially Pure Titanium for Viable Aerospace Applications

2011  Pavements and Materials, Recent Advances in Design, Testing and Construction

2011  Performance Evaluation Test for Fiber Asphalt Chip Seal

2011  Road Pavement and Material Characterization, Modeling, and Maintenance

2011  A Simple Method of Rock Properties Testing

2011  Smoothing Asphalt Concrete Complex Modulus Test Data

2011  Testing and Evaluation of Sasobit on the Performances of Asphalt Rubber

2011  Testing of Cementitious Materials under High-Strain-Rate Tensile Loading Using Elastic Strain Energy

2011  Testing of Strength of Recycled Waste Concrete and Its Applicability

2011  Thixotropic Characteristics of Asphalt Binder

2011  Use of Material Interfaces in DEM to Simulate Soil Fracture Propagation in Mode I Cracking

2010  Correlation of Elastic Modulus and Permeability in Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2010  DSS Test Results Using Wire-Reinforced Membranes and Stacked Rings

2010  FDOT Testing and Evaluation of a Beneficial Re-Use Base Course Material

2010  Historic Building Stones and Flooding: Changes of Physical Properties due to Water Saturation

2010  A Method to Build a Practical Dynamic Modulus Testing Protocol

2010  Model II Fracture Evaluation of CFRP-Concrete Interface Using Accelerated Aging Test

2010  Pavements and Materials, Testing and Modeling in Multiple Length Scales

2010  Permanent Deformation Analysis on Various Base Materials under Accelerated Pavement Testing

2010  Postprocessing Method for Dynamic Modulus Tests of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2010  Structural Analysis and Fatigue Reliability Assessment of the Paderno Bridge

2009  Alternative Apparatus to Evaluate Cavitation Damage

2009  Characterization of Damage in Triaxial Braided Composites under Tensile Loading

2009  Development of Specification for Accelerated Approval Process of Flowable Fill Mixtures

2009  Variable Material Length Scale Associated with Nanoindentation Experiments

2008  Measurement of Epoxy Resin Tension, Compression, and Shear Stress — Strain Curves over a Wide Range of Strain Rates Using Small Test Specimens

2008  Microstructural Investigations into the Abrasion Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Floors

2008  Testing of Instrumented Construction Mats and Billets

2008  Unsaturated Capillary Flow within Alkali Activated Slag Concrete

2007  Long-Term Scaling Performance of Concretes Containing Supplementary Cementing Materials

2007  Structural Engineering with NiTi. I: Basic Materials Characterization

2007  Structural Engineering with NiTi. II: Mechanical Behavior and Scaling

2007  Study on Elastic Modulus and Recovery Coefficient of Cushioning Materials in Pile Driving

2007  Survey of Practice to Determine Strength of In Situ Concrete from Core Tests

2006  Correlation of Aggregate Test Parameters to Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Performance in Hawaii

2006  Short and Medium Term Durability Evaluation of FRP-Confined Circular Concrete

2006  Void Growth Model and Stress Modified Critical Strain Model to Predict Ductile Fracture in Structural Steels

2005  Direct Measurement of Asphalt Binder Thermal Cracking

2005  Testing RAP Materials for Overlay Design Standards

2005  Two-Step Approach to Prediction of Asphalt Concrete Modulus from Two-Phase Micromechanical Models

2004  Development of Test Method for Determining Plasterboard Bracing Performance

2004  Highly Cored Extruded Clay Units: Testing and Design Procedures

2004  Issues Affecting Measurement of the Complex Modulus of Asphalt Concrete

2003  Can Less Be More?

2003  Confinement-Shear Lattice Model for Concrete Damage in Tension and Compression: II: Computation and Validation

2002  Development of a New Design Approach for Composite Slabs

2001  Damage Quantification in Metal Matrix Composites

2001  Development of a Geomaterial from Dredged Bay Mud

2001  Direct Tensile Tests on Concrete-like Materials: Structural and Constitutive Behaviors

2001  Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) Infill Walls for Seismic Retrofit

2001  Sample Size Effects on the Behavior of EPS Geofoam

2000  Deterioration Assessment and Rehabilitation Design of Existing Steel Bridge

2000  FHWA Improves Concrete Test