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2015  Bayesian Method to Determine the Dynamic Material Characteristics of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2015  Effect of Rectorite and Its Organic Modification on Properties of Bitumen

2015  Flowability and Density Characteristics of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2015  Friction Influence between Particles in the Behavior of Flow of Lime-Rendering Mortars

2015  Impact-Compacted Noncement and Vibratory-Placed Noncement/Partial-Cement Concretes Containing Fluidized Bed and Pulverized Coal Combustion Residues

2015  Investigation of the Asphalt Self-Healing Mechanism Using a Phase-Field Model

2015  Investigation on the Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Antifreeze Fillers

2015  Laboratory Evaluation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Mixtures for Moisture and Rutting Susceptibility

2015  New Pore Structure Assessment Methods for Cement Paste

2015  Nonlinear Power-Type Failure Laws for Geomaterials: Synthesis from Triaxial Data, Properties, and Applications

2015  Poroelastic Properties of a Nanoporous Granular Material with Interface Effects

2015  Possible Role of Simple Ionic Solutions on the Water Transport Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Lime Mortars

2015  Postbuckling of FGM Cylindrical Panels Resting on Elastic Foundations Subjected to Axial Compression under Heat Conduction

2015  Precision Study for Dynamic Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete Using Independent Assurance Testing

2015  Properties of a Carbonated Steel Slag-Slaked Lime Mixture

2015  Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete

2015  Water Retention and Gas Migration of Two High-Performance Concretes after Damage

2014  Adaptive Modeling of Highly Nonlinear Hysteresis Using Preisach Neural Networks

2014  Advanced Characterization of Asphalt and Concrete Materials

2014  Challenges in Characterization of Recycled Asphalt Shingles

2014  Compressibility Characteristics of Low-Plasticity Silt before and after Liquefaction

2014  Concrete Carbonation Quantification Using Constant Temperature Pressure Chamber (CTPRC)

2014  Cross-Property Relations between Mechanical and Transport Properties of Composite Materials

2014  Dependence of the Material Properties of Lightweight Cemented Soil on the Curing Temperature

2014  Developing Effective Nanoarmirovannoy Mastic

2014  Durability of Concrete Cylinders Wrapped with GFRP Made from Furfuryl Alcohol Bioresin

2014  Effect of Binder Performance Grade on the Dynamic Modulus Mastercurves of SP III Superpave Mixes in New Mexico

2014  Effect of Characteristic Lengths of Fracture on Thermal Crack Patterns

2014  Effect of Plant-Induced Calcite Precipitation on the Strength of Sand

2014  Effect of Polyethylene Grafted with Maleic Anhydride on Asphalt Properties

2014  Effect of Waste Glass on the Properties of Concrete

2014  The Effect of Water and Frost on Fatigue Life of Asphalt Concrete

2014  Effects of Freeze-Thaw on a Lightly Stabilized Material’s Flexural Properties

2014  Engineering Physical Properties of Asphalt Binders through Nanoclay-Asphalt Interactions

2014  Engineering Properties of Recycled Materials for Use as Embankment Fill

2014  Evaluating the Effect of Fiber Reinforcement on the Anisotropic Undrained Stiffness and Strength of Peat

2014  Evaluation of Moisture Sorption and Diffusion Characteristics of Asphalt Mastics Using Manual and Automated Gravimetric Sorption Techniques

2014  Evaluation of Particle Size Distribution of Coal Gangue through Fractal Method in Dongkuang Mine, Heshan, China

2014  Experimental and Stress-Dilatancy Investigation of Mechanical Behavior for Asphalt Mixture

2014  Experimental Study of Applying Steam and Microwave Technology for Fresh Concrete Curing

2014  Field Validation of the Arching Phenomenon of Earth Pressure Cell to Measure Vertical Stress in Flexible Pavement

2014  Flow and Strength Characteristics of CLSM Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

2014  Fractal Shear Bands at Elastic-Plastic Transitions in Random Mohr-Coulomb Materials

2014  Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Incorporating Recycled Glass as 100% Sand Replacement

2014  Front Matter

2014  A Fuzzy Evaluation Method on Self-Healing Capability of Asphalt Mixtures

2014  High-Order Microplane Theory for Quasi-Brittle Materials with Multiple Characteristic Lengths

2014  High-Strength Lightweight SCC Matrix with Partial Normal-Weight Coarse-Aggregate Replacement: Strength and Durability Evaluations

2014  Impact of the Compaction Method Applied on Selected Characteristics of Cold Recycled Asphalt Mixes

2014  Impact of the Properties and Reactivity of Rice Husk Ash on Lime Mortar Properties

2014  Influence of Combined Transportation Time and Temperature on Flow Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete

2014  Influence of Spatial Variability on Pavement Responses Using Latin Hypercube Sampling on Two-Dimensional Random Fields

2014  Key Fresh Properties of Self-Consolidating High-Strength POFA Concrete

2014  Laboratory Evaluation of Dynamic Complex Modulus for HMA with Varying Asphalt Content

2014  Laboratory Research of Hard Asphalt Mixture in China

2014  Lateral Load Carrying Capacity of Laminated Bamboo Lumber and Oriented Strand Board Connections

2014  Long-Term Effect of Curing Temperature on the Strength Behavior of Cement-Stabilized Clay

2014  Long-Term Thermal Performance of Impermeably Faced Polyiso Foam Boards: Field and Laboratory Observations

2014  Mechanical Response of Asphalt Mixtures Modified with Natural Wax

2014  Methodology for Modeling the Uncertainty of Material Properties in Asphalt Pavements

2014  Microelement Formulation of Free Energy for Quasi-Brittle Materials

2014  Mix Design for Full-Depth Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement with Cement As Stabilizer

2014  Mixed-Mode Elastic-Plastic Fractures: Improved R-Criterion

2014  Modeling Cyclic Behavior of Rockfill Materials in a Framework of Generalized Plasticity

2014  Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Nonuniform Loading Beyond Frictional Ends

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Programmable Nanoporous Graphene

2014  Multilevel Adaptive Algorithm for Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Materials

2014  Nonhomogenized Displacement Discontinuity Method for Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Anisotropic FGMs

2014  Particle That Makes Plants Strong and Light Could Find Way into Man-Made Materials

2014  Performance of Replacing Traditional Natural Aggregates in Dense Grade Asphalt Concrete with Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag

2014  Production of Lightweight Aggregate from Sewage Sludge and Reservoir Sediment for High-Flowing Concrete

2014  Properties of Two Model Soils Stabilized with Different Blends and Contents of GGBS, MgO, Lime, and PC

2014  Rapid-Construction Technique for Bridge Abutments Using Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2014  Research on Multigrade Asphalt Cement (MAC) Application Based on Evotherm Warm-Mixed Asphalt (EWMA) Technology

2014  Simplified Method for Estimating the Hoek-Brown Constant for Intact Rocks

2014  Size-Dependent Stress-Strain Model for Unconfined Concrete

2014  Stiffness-Based Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics

2014  Strength and Stiffness Characterization of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2014  Strength Values of Cementitious Materials in Bending and Tension Test Methods

2014  Study on Water Sensitivity of Foamed Asphalt Mixture Based on Chemical Thermodynamics

2014  Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World By Mark Miodownik. New York City: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014

2014  Testing and Modeling the Behavior of Riverbed and Blasted Quarried Rockfill Materials

2014  Thermoelastodynamics with Scalar Potential Functions

2014  Use of a Neural Network to Predict Strength and Optimum Compositions of Natural Alumina-Silica-Based Geopolymers

2014  Validation of Reclaimed Shingles Asphalt Binder Extraction and Recovery Methods

2014  Wear Resistance of Al-12Si Alloys by Reinforcing TiC and TiN Particles

2013  11th Peck Lecture: Predesign Geotechnical Investigation for the OII Superfund Site Landfill

2013  Analysis of Characteristics of Electrically Conductive Asphalt Concrete Prepared by Multiplex Conductive Materials

2013  Analytical Study for Deformability of Laminated Sheet Metal with Full Interfacial Bond

2013  Another Look at the Collapse of Skyline Plaza at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

2013  Buckling Loads of Two-Layer Composite Columns with Interlayer Slip and Stochastic Material Properties

2013  Characterisation of MOF Materials by Thermomechanical Methods

2013  Compression Behavior and Material Parameters of Radiata Pine at Different Orientations to the Grain

2013  Determination Method for Damaged Concrete Strength

2013  Determination of Steel Emissivity for the Temperature Prediction of Structural Steel Members in Fire

2013  Development Length of High-Strength Steel Rebar in Ultrahigh Performance Concrete

2013  Diffusion Properties of Sodium and Lithium Silicates through Cement Pastes and its Mitigating Effect on Alkali-silica Reaction

2013  Dynamic Tensile and Compressive Behaviors of Mild Steel at Wide Range of Strain Rates

2013  Effect of Rejuvenator Sealer Materials on the Properties of Aged Asphalt Binder

2013  Effect of Spent Catalyst as a Fine Aggregate on the Properties of Concrete