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Found 49 Records with the keyword term of "Mat foundations"

2014  Evaluating the Cause of Understrength Concrete During Construction of Multiple Tower Mat Foundations

2013  Calibrated Analytical Formulas for Foundation Model Parameters

2013  Long-Term Structural Deficiencies in a Mat Foundation on Clay Soil

2012  Measured Settlements of Mat Foundations on Soft Clay with and without Reinforcement from Sand Columns

2012  Study on the Analysis of Mat Foundations Using a Different Approach

2011  Practical Subgrade Model for Improved Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis: Model Development

2011  Use of Settlement Reducing Auger Cast-in-Place Pile below a Mat Foundation

2010  Practical Subgrade Model for Improved Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis: Software Implementation

2008  Composite Effect of Bolt-Laminated Sweetgum and Mixed Hardwood Billets

2008  Investigation and Repair of Ethanol Plant Mat Foundation Distress

2007  San Jacinto Monument Case History

2006  Numerical Modeling and Analysis of a Large Mat Foundation Supported above a Varved Silt and Clay Formation of New York City

2001  A Case Study of Ground Improvement for a Major Power Plant in Jacksonville, Florida

2001  Estimating Soil Swelling Behavior Using Soil Classification Properties

2001  Full-Scale Testing of Developed Hybrid Foundation

2000  Geotechnical Challenges in Weak Rock and Karst Conditions

2000  Settlement of Pile Supported Mat Foundations

1999  Vibro-Replacement in Residual Soils for Grain Storage Silos

1997  Casino Sets Concrete Record

1997  Ground Improvement at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific - A Case Study

1994  Influence of Flexible Mat on Settlements of Marine Clay

1994  Mat Foundation Design: An Historical Perspective

1994  Performance of Oil Storage Tanks on Vibroflotation Improved Hydraulic Fill in the Port of Tampa, Florida

1994  Settlement Analysis for 450 Meter Tall KLCC Towers

1994  Settlement of Large Mat on Deep Compressible Soil

1993  Beam-Column-Analogy Model for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

1993  Using Finite Element Analysis to Derive the Coefficient of Subgrade Reaction

1991  Arctic Slope Protection Methods

1991  Engineers Provide a View to a Monument

1991  Recent Performance of Linked Concrete Mat Armor Under Wave and Ice Impact

1990  Climate-Controlled Soil Design Parameters for Mat Foundations

1989  Long Term Performance of High Rise Mat Foundation

1989  Performance of a Large Ribbed Mat on Cohesive Soil

1987  Lateral Impedance of Contact Pile Foundations

1987  Simplified Earthquake Analysis of Buildings

1986  Large Mat Foundation Analysis on Expansive Soil

1985  Slabs, Mats Bear Heavy Loads over Unstable Soil

1984  Computer Analysis/Design of Large Mat Foundations

1984  Dynamics of Structures on Two-Spring Foundation Allowed to Uplift

1983  New Subgrade Model Applied to Mat Foundations

1980  Laboratory Tests on Model Piled Raft Foundations

1980  Post-Tensioned Foundations as Economical Alternative

1980  Stiffness and Damping Coefficients of Foundations

1978  Elastic-Plastic Slabs on Elastic Foundation

1978  Engineering Fixed Offshore Platforms to Resist Earthquakes

1978  Performance of One Shell Plaza Deep Mat Foundation

1973  Mat Foundation and Preload Fill, VA Hospital Tampa

1973  Performance of Two Mat Foundations on Boston Blue Clay

1973  Settlement of a Large Mat on Sand