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2015  A Thai Temple for Massachusetts

2014  Accelerated Preservation

2014  Analysis and Design for Replacement of the Burns Bridge

2014  Building Rises Over Boston’s ’Big Dig’ Subway Tunnels

2014  Bulkhead Design for the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal

2014  Fitting Tribute

2014  Fore-Ever Innovative

2014  Historic Masonry Bridge Rehabilitation

2014  Rehabilitation of the Anderson Memorial Bridge

2014  Rehabilitation of the Duck Bridge

2014  Rehabilitation of the Rocks Village Bridge

2013  A Comprehensive Water Quality Model of Boston’s Drainage Systems

2013  Parallel Spans Foster Revitalization in Westfield, Massachusetts

2013  Private Property Inflow Control Makes Hydraulic and Financial Sense. A Case Study in Cambridge, MA

2013  Three Trenchless Crossings - One Urban Waterway: Subsurface Engineering Geology at Chelsea River, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts

2012  The 70,000 sq ft addition to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston, is markedly modern compared with the museum’s main building, which resembles a 15th-century Venetian palace...

2012  Deep Soil Mixed Wall and Jet Grouting for an Excavation Retention System at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

2012  Extended Vision

2012  Impact of Storm Water Recharge Practices on Boston Groundwater Elevations

2012  Modeling Rock Fracture Intersections and Application to the Boston Area

2012  Planning and Modeling Solutions for a Complex Collection System: The Baton Rouge SSO Control and Wastewater Facilities Program

2012  Reduced Road Salt Spillage Owing to Indoor Delivery and Loading

2012  Rhode Island City Awards 20-Year D/B/O Contract to CH2M HILL

2012  Unidirectional Flushing (UDF): It’s Not Just about Cleaning the System Anymore: Benefits and Advantages that West Springfield, Massachusetts Achieved with Their Program

2011  10 Years of Learning—The East Boston Branch Sewer Project from Design through Construction

2011  A Community’s Response to an "Inactive" Levee System

2011  Estimating the Economic Effects of Shoreline Change on Assessed Property Values in Sandwich, Massachusetts

2011  Field and Model Studies of the Boston Outfall

2011  Is Precipitation in Northern New England Becoming More Extreme? Statistical Analysis of Extreme Rainfall in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and Updated Estimates of the 100-Year Storm

2011  Portrait Of An Expansion

2011  Rehabilitating a Life Line: Inspecting and Repairing the Hultman Aqueduct in Metropolitan Boston

2011  Testing Tomorrow’s Turbines

2011  Underground Upgrade

2011  Variations on a Theme in Glass

2010  Characterizing Subsurface Conditions Using Drilling Parameters for a Deep Foundation Project in Boston, MA, USA

2010  The Impact of Stormwater Recharge Practices on Boston Groundwater Levels

2010  Locked or Liberated: East Somerville, a Transit-Oriented Development Opportunity

2010  Long-Term Performance of a High Rise Building Subgrade Consisting of Boston Blue Clay

2010  Safe Harbor: Berth Expansion to Support New Bedford’s Growing Commercial Fishing Fleet

2010  Structural Modeling, Instrumentation, and Load Testing of the Tobin Memorial Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts

2010  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamics and Transport in the Wachusett Reservoir

2010  Transparent Beauty

2009  The Bussey Railroad Bridge Collapse

2009  Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2009  Enhanced Surface Cooling as an Alternative for Thermal Discharges

2009  Major U.S. Dam Failures: Their Cause, Resultant Losses, and Impact on Dam Safety Programs and Engineering Practice

2009  Moving the Massachusetts Masses: Boston’s Subway

2009  NewsBriefs: New Research Center Focuses on Concrete Sustainability

2009  NewsBriefs: Rise in Engineering Majors Seen in Northeast

2009  Saving Silver Lake

2009  Stay Cable Vibration Testing at the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

2008  Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Dredge Spoils: Capping of a Harborside Railyard Brownfields Site

2008  Business: Bechtel/PB Settle Claims with Massachusetts regarding Boston Tunnel Failures

2008  The Cape Wind Project in Context

2008  Collection System Model Development Using Raster Imperviousness Data

2008  Comprehensive Barrier Beach Management: Balancing Storm Restoration, Recreational Use, and Coastal Resource Protection Using Progressive Practices, Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts

2008  A Decision-Support System to Assess Surface-Water Resources in Massachusetts

2008  Design and Construction of a LID Retrofit for Groundwater Recharge

2008  Historical Inputs of N-Nitrosodimethylamine to the Public Drinking Water Supply in Wilmington, Massachusetts

2008  Indicators of Hydrologic Stress in Massachusetts

2008  Navigating the Regulatory Environment: Beneficial Use of Dredged Sand in New Bedford Harbor

2008  NewsBriefs: Boston Airport to Use ’Green’ Asphalt

2008  Power Plants: Massachusetts Facility to Install $500-Million Cooling Towers

2008  Rapid Replacement of the Back River Bridge

2008  Reaching Out

2008  Sensor Networks for Monitoring Water Supply and Sewer Systems: Lessons from Boston

2008  Steady Groundwater Transport of Highway Deicing Agent Constituents from an Infiltration Basin

2007  Changing Orientation of Ocean-Facing Bluffs on a Transgressive Coast,Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2007  Effects of Large Scale Morphological Changes to a Back-Bay System

2007  Forensic Engineering: Investigators Fault Epoxy ’Creep’ in Big Dig Collapse

2007  HDD Utility Tunnel to Peddocks Island — Fort Andrews

2007  Holocene Evolution of the Merrimack Embayment, Northern Massachusetts, Interpreted from Shallow Seismic Stratigraphy

2007  Logan’s Smooth Landing

2007  Pipeline Planning and Design Considerations in a Challenging Urban Environment

2007  Pipelines, Trains, and Automobiles: Rehabilitation of an 18” Sewer with No Excavation — Howard Street Sewer Project, Framingham, MA

2007  Short Takes: Boston Section’s TV Broadcasts Raise the Stature of Engineering

2007  Sustaining the Fleet: The Charlestown and Gosport Dry Docks

2007  Top Ten Qualities of Project Manager Heroes: An Interview with David B. Perini

2007  Trenchless Rehabilitation of Large Brick Conduits in Boston

2007  Turning the Tide: The Charles River Basin

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Cannot Recover Coasts from Voided Contract

2006  Evaluation of Contaminant Resuspension Potential during Cap Placement at Two Dissimilar Sites

2006  In the Field: ’Big Dig’ House Makes Case for ’Precycling’

2006  Reconstructing the Bernie King Pavilion

2006  Sustainable Design: Massachusetts Development Combines Smart Growth, ’Green’ Elements

2006  Three-Dimensional Modeling for Estimation of Hydraulic Retention Time in a Reservoir

2005  Artificial Frond System for Seabed Scour Control at Wind Farm Platforms in Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts

2005  Assessment of the Coastal Storm Protection Provided by an Existing Barrier Beach and Historic Shore Protection Structure

2005  Basin-Scale Methodology for Evaluating Relative Impacts of Pollution Source Abatement

2005  Characterization of Lead Dust Emissions at a Recreational Firing Ranges

2005  Comparison Between Model and Full Scale Pile Capacity Gain in the Boston Area

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Guilty of Failing to use Safety Devices

2005  Estimation of Annual Dissolved Ammonia Loads in an Urban Watershed

2005  History Helping Hydrology in the Quinebaug River Study

2005  In the Field: Global Warming May Threaten Boston’s Waterfront

2005  In The Field: Terrorism Drill Staged at Boston Airport

2005  Infrastructure Rehabilitation: New Regulations Mandate Dam Inspections in Massachusetts

2005  Integrated Impacts of Climate Change on and Adaptation Strategies for Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of Metropolitan Boston

2005  Integrating CSO Control into Regional Watershed Management

2005  Lessons Learned from Pile Driving at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project