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Found 58 Records with the keyword term of "Mass"

2015  The Effect of Thermal Mass on Annual Heat Load and Thermal Comfort in Cold Climate Construction

2010  Evaluation of the Advection Scheme in the HSPF Model

2008  Effects of Train Characteristics on the Rate of Deterioration of Track Roughness

2006  Construction of Customized Mass-Stiffness Pairs using Templates

2006  Diagnostic Curve for Estimating Soil Dispersivity and Instantaneously Injected Mass

2006  Flow Computation and Mass Balance in Galerkin Finite-Element Groundwater Models

2002  Discrete Fluxes and Mass Balance in Finite Elements

2002  Forced Vibrations of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems with Nonperiodically Time-Varying Parameters

2002  Redundancy in Residual Vectors for Missing Mass Effect in Coupled Modal Synthesis

2001  Response Spectrum Superposition for Structures with Uncertain Properties

2000  Updating Structural System Parameters Using Frequency Response Data

1999  Evaluation of Advective Schemes for Estuarine Salinity Simulations

1999  Unstable Oscillations of Rectangular Cylinder at Various Mass Ratios

1998  Analysis and Application of Eulerian Finite Element Methods for the Transport Equation

1998  Interfacing Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Models with the Eulerian-Lagrangian Method

1998  Lunar Base Model

1997  Correction Factor for Measured Natural Frequencies in Beams

1997  Lunar Base Parametric Model

1997  Numerical Model of Impact-Damped Continuous Systems

1996  Effect of Uncertainty on an Active Mass Damper System

1996  The Effects of Construction Joint in Mass Concrete

1994  Nonlinear Response of Torsionally Coupled Base Isolated Structure

1993  Comparative Study of Frequencies for Plates Carrying Mass

1993  Lumped Mass Modelling for the Dynamic Analysis of Aircraft Structures

1992  In-Flight Calibration of Mass Spectrometer

1992  Mass and Energy Tradeoffs of Axial Penetration Devices on Lunar Soil Simulant

1992  Système International Yes, Newton No

1991  Representation of Damping Matrix

1991  A Two-Dimensional Model of Airbag Deployment

1990  Mass Conservation in the RMA2V Code

1990  Parameter Study of Stresses in Mass Concrete Using Two Fly Ash Mixtures

1989  Mass Conservation: 1-D Open-Channel Flow Equations

1989  Simplified Seismic Analysis of Pile Foundations

1988  Improved Method for Locating Centroid of Earthwork

1986  Dynamic Response of Systems with Uncertain Properties

1981  Delenda Est Kilogram

1980  Frequency Analysis of Flat Cable Nets: A Simple Model

1978  Orifice Effects on Oscillatory Flow

1978  Virtual Mass of Coarse Granular Media

1977  Added Mass of Pile Group

1977  Response Analysis of Floating Structures

1976  Hydrodynamic Forces on Multiple Circular Cylinders

1975  Dynamic Response of Cantilevers with Attached Masses

1974  Wave Forces on Cylinders Near Plane Boundary

1972  Resonant Response of Offshore Structures

1972  Virtual Mass of Cylinders in Water

1971  Flexural Vibrations of Rectangular and Other Polygonal Plates

1971  Fluid Force Analysis and Accelerating Sphere Tests

1971  Ultimate Energy Design of Prestressed Concrete Fender Piling

1971  Vibration Analysis of Thin Cylindrical Containers

1970  Virtual Mass of Plates and Discs in Water

1968  Double-Mass Analysis on the Computer

1966  Behavior of a Soil Mass Under Dynamic Loading

1965  Added Mass of a Sphere in a Bounded Viscous Fluid

1964  Analogue Procedure for Determination of Virtual Mass

1964  Viscous and Boundary Effects on Virtual Mass

1963  Consistent mass Matrix for Distributed Mass Systems

1960  Added Mass of Lenses and Parallel Plates