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2015  Adaptively Weighted Support Vector Regression: Prognostic Application to a Historic Masonry Fort

2015  Effects of Transverse Bar Spacing on Bond of Spliced Reinforcing Bars in Fully Grouted Concrete Block Masonry

2015  Evolution of the Fracturing Process in Masonry Arches

2015  Experimental Investigation of the Seismic Performance of Retrofitted Masonry Flat Arch Diaphragms

2015  Horizontal Support Displacement of a Thin-Tile Masonry Dome: Experiments and Analysis

2015  Low-Cost Earthquake Solutions for Nonengineered Residential Construction in Developing Regions

2015  Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Traditional Adobe Wall Panels of the Aveiro District

2015  Performance of Existing Modernist Buildings in Barcelona

2015  Performance of Partially Grouted, Minimally Reinforced CMU Cavity Walls against Blast Demands. I: Large Deflection Static Resistance under Uniform Pressure

2015  Performance of Partially Grouted, Minimally Reinforced CMU Cavity Walls against Blast Demands. II: Performance under Impulse Loads

2015  Performance of Posttensioned Seismic Retrofit of Two Stone Masonry Buildings during the Canterbury Earthquakes

2015  Potential Use of Locked Brick Infill Walls to Decrease Soft-Story Formation in Frame Buildings

2015  Remote Field Monitoring of Thermal and Moisture Deformations in Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelopes

2015  Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Lightly Reinforced Concrete-Block Shear Walls for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

2015  Seismic Response of Masonry Arches Reinforced by Tie-Rods: Static Tests on a Scale Model

2015  Shake Table Seismic Performance Assessment of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Block Shear Walls

2015  Strength and Seismic Performance Factors of Posttensioned Masonry Walls

2015  Structural Analysis of Persian Historical Brick Masonry Minarets

2014  An Analytical Modeling Framework for the Seismic Risk Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Structures

2014  Ancient Stone Bridge Surveying by Ground-Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling Methods

2014  Assessment of Compressive Behavior of Concrete Masonry Prisms Partially Filled by General Mortar

2014  Blast Resistance of Fully Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Veneer Walls

2014  Compressive, Flexural Bond, and Shear Bond Strengths of In Situ New Zealand Unreinforced Clay Brick Masonry Constructed Using Lime Mortar between the 1880s and 1940s

2014  Compressive Strength of Double H Concrete Block Masonry Prisms

2014  Cyclic Response of Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frames with Unreinforced Masonry Infills Retrofitted with Engineered Cementitious Composites

2014  Design of FRP-Strengthened Infill-Masonry Walls Subjected to Out-of-Plane Loading

2014  Disturbed Stress Field Model for Unreinforced Masonry

2014  Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Sandstone Masonry Beams Bound with Fiber-Reinforced Mortars

2014  Effects of Tendon Spacing on In-Plane Behavior of Posttensioned Masonry Walls

2014  Evaluation and Rating of Masonry Arch Bridges

2014  Evaluation of the Predictive Models for Stiffness, Strength, and Deformation Capacity of RC Frames with Masonry Infill Walls

2014  Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Peak Shear Stress of Brick Masonry Mortar Joint under Compression

2014  Fidelity and Robustness of Detailed Micromodeling, Simplified Micromodeling, and Macromodeling Techniques for a Masonry Dome

2014  Fracture-Mechanical Properties of Mortar-to-Brick Interfaces

2014  Historic Masonry Bridge Rehabilitation

2014  Hole Drilling Technique for On-Site Stress Measurements of Masonry Piers: Analysis of the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

2014  Hygrothermal Features of Laterite Dimension Stones for Sub-Saharan Residential Building Construction

2014  In Situ Out-of-Plane Testing of As-Built and Retrofitted Unreinforced Masonry Walls

2014  In-Plane Orthotropic Behavior of Timber Floor Diaphragms in Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

2014  In-Plane Strengthening of Unreinforced Concrete Masonry Wallettes Using ECC Shotcrete

2014  Lateral Force-Displacement Response of Unreinforced Masonry Walls with Flanges

2014  Lateral Performance of Nail Connections from Century-Old Timber Floor Diaphragms

2014  Mechanical Performance of Structural Concrete with the Incorporation of Coarse Recycled Concrete and Ceramic Aggregates

2014  Method for Predicting the Failure Load of Masonry Wall Panels Based on Generalized Strain-Energy Density

2014  Nonlinear Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls under Blast Loading Using Mesoscale Partitioned Modeling

2014  Nonlinear In-Plane Deformation Mechanics of Timber Floor Diaphragms in Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

2014  Normal Strain-Adjusted Shear Strength Expression for Fully Grouted Reinforced Masonry Structural Walls

2014  Numerical Study of Masonry-Infilled RC Frames Retrofitted with ECC Overlays

2014  Out-of-Plane Behavior of URM Walls Strengthened with Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Composite

2014  Performance Evaluation of a Stone Masonry-Arch Railway Bridge under Increased Axle Loads

2014  Plastic Hinge Model and Displacement-Based Seismic Design Parameter Quantifications for Reinforced Concrete Block Structural Walls

2014  Role of Toothing on In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Behavior of Confined Masonry Walls

2014  Seismic Damage Assessment of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Seismic Design Parameters for Special Masonry Structural Walls Detailed with Confined Boundary Elements

2014  Seismic Performance Assessment of Partially Grouted, Nominally Reinforced Concrete-Masonry Structural Walls Using Shake Table Testing

2014  Seismic Performance of a Hybrid Building System Consisting of a Light Wood Frame Structure and a Reinforced Masonry Core

2014  Seismic Performance of Cantilever-Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls

2014  Seismic Performance Quantification of Reinforced Masonry Structural Walls with Boundary Elements

2014  Seismic Response Analysis of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Shear Walls Based on Shake Table Tests

2014  Strength of Hollow Concrete Masonry Reinforced with Sprayed Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2014  Strengthening of Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with TRM: Study on the Development and Testing of Textile-Based Anchors

2014  Structural Design of Affordable and Energy-Efficient Earth Masonry Dwellings for Tornado Wind Loads

2014  Suitability of Half-Scale Burnt Clay Bricks for Shake Table Tests on Masonry Walls

2014  THIMRAN: MATLAB Toolbox for Thermal Image Processing Aimed at Damage Recognition in Large Bodies

2014  Time-Response Analysis of Arching Unreinforced Concrete Block Walls Subjected to Blast Loads

2014  Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Stiffness of Field-Extracted and Laboratory-Constructed Masonry Prisms

2014  URM Walls Strengthened with Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Composite Subjected to Diagonal Compression

2014  Weatherability of Stabilized Soil Masonry Materials

2013  Applications of Sonic Tests to Masonry Elements: Influence of Joints on the Propagation Velocity of Elastic Waves

2013  Augmenting Strength of Collapsed Unreinforced Masonry Junctions: Principal Damage Feature of Walls Damaged by Moderate Indian Earthquakes

2013  Cappella dei Principi in Firenze, Italy: Experimental Analyses and Numerical Modeling for the Investigation of a Local Failure

2013  Collapse of a Masonry Wall in an Industrial Building: Diagnosis by Numerical Modeling

2013  A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study: Linking Vibration Response to Load Carrying Capacity of a Masonry Dome

2013  Crack Survey in Unreinforced Concrete or Masonry Abutments in Short- and Medium-Span Bridges

2013  Design of Hybrid Masonry Systems

2013  Ductile Fuse Connectors for Hybrid Masonry Systems

2013  Failure of Unreinforced Masonry Under Compression

2013  Geotechnical Properties of Blends of Recycled Clay Masonry and Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Unbound Pavement Construction

2013  Impact of Flood on a Simple Masonry Building

2013  Influence of Unreinforced Masonry Infill Panels on the Robustness of Multistory Buildings

2013  In-Plane Shear Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Panels Using NSM CFRP Strips

2013  Investigation of the Post-Cracking Dynamic Behavior of Masonry Structures Retrofitted with CFRP

2013  Learning from Failure of a Long Curved Veneer Wall: Structural Analysis and Repair

2013  Lower Bound Limit Analysis of Masonry Arches with CFRP Reinforcements: A Numerical Method

2013  Masonry Confinement Using Steel Cords

2013  Masonry Wall Flashing - Critical to Performance, But Often Overlooked

2013  Mechanical Properties and Freeze-Thaw Durability of Strengthening Mortars

2013  Mortar Joint Maintenance - From Abomination to Preservation

2013  Out-of-Plane Behavior of One-Way Spanning Unreinforced Masonry Walls

2013  Proposal of a Design Model for Masonry Walls Subjected to In-Plane Loading

2013  Rapid and Affordable Seismic Retrofit of Substandard Confined Masonry

2013  Safety Assessment of a Masonry Arch Bridge: Field Testing and Simulations

2013  Safety Assessment of Four Masonry Churches by a Plate and Shell FE Nonlinear Approach

2013  Seismic Design and Viability of Hybrid Masonry Building Systems

2013  Seismic Performance of Low-Rise Wood-Framed and Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Clay Masonry Veneer

2013  Seismic Performance Parameter Quantification of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Masonry Squat Walls

2013  Selection of Optimal Sensor Locations Based on Modified Effective Independence Method: Case Study on a Gothic Revival Cathedral

2013  Semianalytical Calculation of the Collapse Load of Eccentrically Compressed, No-Tension Beams with an Annular Cross Section

2013  Shake-Table Tests of a 3-Story Masonry-Infilled RC Frame Retrofitted with Composite Materials

2013  Simple Homogenized Model for the Nonlinear Analysis of FRP-Strengthened Masonry Structures. I: Theory