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2015  Developing a Lightweight Martian Soil Simulant for a High-Sinkage Mobility Test

2014  Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission By Marc Kaufman. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2014

2014  Productive Lightweight Robotic Excavation for the Moon and Mars

2012  Ejecta Mass Production and Velocities in Low-Energy Impacts into Simulated Lunar Regolith

2012  Electrostatic Shield for Lunar Dust Entering into Mechanical Seals of Equipment Used for Lunar Exploration

2012  Experimental Investigation of Power Consumption in Granular Segregation

2012  Exploring and Sampling on Mars with NASA’s 2012 Curiosity Rover

2012  Human Exploration of Asteroids, the Moon, and Mars Using Robotic Arm-Equipped Pressurized Vehicles

2012  In-Space Propulsion Engine Architecture Based on Sublimation of Planetary Resources: From Exploration Robots to NEO Mitigation

2012  Landing Pad Construction Rover Attachment Development

2012  Mars As a Destination in a Capability-Driven Framework

2012  Martian Atmospheric Dust Removal for ISRU Gas Intakes Using Electrostatic Precipitation

2012  Multi-Physics Modeling and Simulations of Rocket Plume Induced Lunar/Martian Soil Erosion and Debris Environment

2012  NewsBrief: NASA’s Mobile Laboratory to Search For Signs of Life On Mars (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

2012  Precision Subsampling System for Planetary Exploration

2012  Rotary Percussive Sample Acquisition Tool

2012  SONIC Drilling for Space Exploration

2012  Toward a Terramechanics for Bio-Inspired Locomotion in Granular Environments

2012  Using Percussive, Dynamic, and Static Soil Penetrometers to Assess Geotechnical Properties and the Depth to Ground Ice of the Mars and Lunar Analog Terrains on the Devon Island, Canadian Arctic

2011  Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen, and My 90 Days with the Phoenix Mars Mission by Andrew Kessler. New York City: Pegasus Books, 2011

2010  2011 Mars Science Laboratory Mission Design Overview

2010  Development of a NASA 2018 Mars Landed Mission Concept

2010  Drilling and Excavation on Mars for Construction and In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

2010  Empirical Analysis of Toll-Lane Processing Times Using Proportional Odds Augmented MARS

2010  Mars Landing Engine Plume Impingement Ground Interaction

2010  A Multi Tier Barcode Based System for the Construction Management of Lunar and Martian Outposts

2010  An Overview of the Mars Science Laboratory Sample Acquisition, Sample Processing, and Handling Subsystem

2010  Precision Subsampling System for Mars and Beyond

2010  Rocket Cratering in Simulated Lunar and Martian Environments

2010  Tumbleweed: A New Paradigm for Surveying Mars for In Situ Resources

2008  Autonomous Dexterous Sampling: From the Arctic Ocean to Mars and Beyond

2008  Experimental Investigation of Drilling Performance of PCD Compact Core Drills on Basalt Simulating Sustainable Dry Drilling on Mars

2008  In-Situ Geologic Analyzer for Lunar and Martian Surfaces

2008  Multi-Sleeve Friction Penetrometer as Complement to Portable Bevameter for Lunar and Martian Terrain Assessment Studies

2008  NewsBriefs: Mars Ice Deposit Largest After Earth’s (MIT News)

2008  PISCES: Developing New Design, Materials, and Technologies for Sustained Human Presence on the Moon and Mars

2007  NewsBriefs: NASA Aims to Put Man on Mars (

2006  Accessible Water on Mars and the Moon

2006  ”All Up” Analog Simulations: Why They are Essential for Planning Long Duration Human Missions to the Moon and Mars

2006  Application of Site Analysis to Enhance Lunar and Mars Expeditionary Base Design

2006  Ascent and Earth Reentry Crew Descent Vehicle Concepts for Lunar and Mars Exploration

2006  Growth in Reticulated Undulating Biospheres: A Model for Flexible Initial Deployment Greenhouse Systems for Lunar and Martian Exploration

2006  Interior Accommodations and System for Lunar and Mars Habitats: Design Innovations of the Sleeping Compartments in Mars Transfer Module

2006  ISRUs on Moon and Mars Create Synergistic Interdependencies

2006  A Low-Thrust Transportation Architecture to Transfer Crews and Cargo between Earth and Mars Orbits

2006  A Mapping Balloon for Future Robotic and Human Lander Missions to Mars

2006  Mars Soil Mechanical Properties and Suitability of Mars Soil Simulants

2006  On the Behavior of Granular Materials in Rough Wheel Contacts on Mars

2006  A Spiral Approach for Development of Lunar and Martian Exploration Using Crew Exploration Vehicle

2006  Sublimation Extraction of Mars H2O for Future In-Situ Resource Utilization

2005  Building on Mars

2005  Martian Possibilities

2004  Estimating the Integrated Radiation Dose for a Conjunction-Class Mars Mission Using Early MARIE Data

2004  Medical Requirements for a Manned Mars Mission

2004  Numerical and Experimental Study of Strength Properties of Martian Regolith

2004  The Potential of Microwaves in Processing Martian Soil: Metals Extraction Using Microwaves

2002  “As Long as We’re Here...”: Secondary Profit Generators for Moon and Mars Bases

2002  Concrete for Lunar and Mars Soils In Situ Resource Utilization

2002  Development of the Project of Autonomous Mars Rover within the Framework of International INTAS-CNES Program

2002  High Altitude Ballooning Used to Simulate Mars Planetary Entry

2002  The Impact of Incidental Contact with Regolith in Martian and Lunar Environments

2002  Lavatube Entrance Amelioration on the Moon and Mars

2002  Mars Global Surveyor Soil Mechanics Data Analysis

2002  Mars Kites for Human Habitation

2002  Mars Robots: Automation & Robotics for Human Mars Exploration

2002  Martian Dust Devil Exploration Simulator

2002  Requirements and Opportunities for the Successful Development of Lunar and Martian Agricultural Systems

2002  Review of Martian Dust Composition, Transport, Deposition, Adhesion, and Removal

2002  Technology: Miniature Bulldozers May Rove Mars Surface

2001  Materials: Brick May Serve as Mars Building Block

2001  Structures: Fiberglass Composite Used in Mars Research Station

2000  The Caltech Mars Society Human Mars Mission 2.0

2000  A Civil Engineer’s Perspective on Mars Mission ISRU: Reinforced Regolith

2000  Construction Materials from In-Situ Resources on the Moon and Mars

2000  Design of a Wind Turbine for Martian Power Generation

2000  From Pikes Peak to Mars

2000  Idaho TECH: The Mars Rover Challenge

2000  In-Situ Manufacture of Martian Construction Materials

2000  Mars Surface Habitat Design Issues Derived from Design of a Terrestrial Polar Analog

2000  A Metric for Evaluating Penetration and Sampling Devices for the NASA Mars Sample Return Missions

2000  Mining the Martian Regolith for Water

2000  On Martian Soil

2000  Predicting Performance of Rapid Ground Penetrators on the Moon and Mars

2000  Robotics Challenges for Robotic and Human Mars Exploration

2000  Zeoponic Plant Growth Substrate Development at the Johnson Space Center and Possible Use at a Martian Outpost

1999  From Antarctica to Mars

1998  1997 AAAI Find Life on Mars Competition

1998  Continuing Development of the NASA Human Mars Mission Design

1998  Fire Safety in Extraterrestrial Environments

1998  High Performance Materials Applications to Moon/Mars Missions and Bases

1998  In Situ Resource Utilization for Processing of Metal Alloys on Lunar and Mars Bases

1998  JSC MARS-1: A Martian Soil Simulant

1998  Lunar and Martian Resources Utilization: Cement

1998  Martian and Lunar Cold Region Soil Mechanics Considerations

1998  Martian Soil Mechanics Considerations

1998  A Mobility Concept for Martian Exploration

1998  Nuclear Submarines for Manned Mars Mission Simulation

1998  Radiation Effects and Protection for Moon and Mars Missions

1998  Rationale for Mars Exploration

1998  Research and Technology Needs for Chemical Processes and Operations on Mars