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2015  Calibrating Markov Chain-Based Deterioration Models for Predicting Future Conditions of Railway Bridge Elements

2015  Integration of Multinomial-Logistic and Markov-Chain Models to Derive Land-Use Change Dynamics

2015  Optimal Planning and Learning in Uncertain Environments for the Management of Wind Farms

2015  Risk-Based Maintenance Optimization of Deteriorating Bridges

2015  Short-Term Traffic Volume Prediction for Sustainable Transportation in an Urban Area

2014  Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model for Determining Optimum Tender Price in Multifamily Housing Projects

2014  Bayesian Model Comparison and Characterization of Undrained Shear Strength

2014  Characterization of Parameters for a Spatially Heterogenous Aquifer from Pumping Test Data

2014  Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model for Mixed-Size Sediment Particle Transport

2013  Assessment of Risk Using Bridge Element Condition Ratings

2013  Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Storm Water Model and Its Application to a Heavily Urbanized Watershed

2013  Bayesian Dynamic Linear Model with Switching for Real-Time Short-Term Freeway Travel Time Prediction with License Plate Recognition Data

2013  Bayesian Update Method for Contaminant Source Characterization in Water Distribution Systems

2013  Bayesian Updating of Soil Parameters for Braced Excavations Using Field Observations

2013  Comparison of Markov Chain and Semi-Markov Models for Crack Deterioration on Flexible Pavements

2013  Deterioration Prediction of Timber Bridge Elements Using the Markov Chain

2013  Driver’s Intention Recognition on Roads without Crossings Using Sectional Hidden Markov Model

2013  Incorporating Bayesian Networks in Markov Decision Processes

2013  Markovian Bridge Maintenance Planning Incorporating Corrosion Initiation and Nonlinear Deterioration

2013  Methodology for Pavement Design Reliability and Back Analysis Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation

2013  Modeling Bed-Load Transport by a Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model

2013  Optimizing Hidden Markov Model with Baum-Welch Algorithm for Vehicle Driver’s Intention Recognition

2013  Prediction of Asphalt Pavement International Roughness Index (IRI) by Combined Approach of Empirical Regression and Markov

2013  Probabilistic Assessment of Drought Characteristics Using Hidden Markov Model

2013  Robust Sustainability Management and Maintenance Using Markov Decision Processes

2013  Two-Dimensional Surface Flow and Solute Transport Model for Basin Irrigation with Conventional Fertilization

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for Stream Depletion Tests

2012  Autonomous Decentralized System Identification by Markov Parameter Estimation Using Distributed Smart Wireless Sensor Networks

2012  Cross-Entropy as an Optimization Method for Bridge Condition Transition Probability Determination

2012  An Efficient Vehicle Queue and Dissipation Detection Algorithm Based on Spatial-Temporal Markov Random Field

2012  Evidence-Based Identification of Weighting Factors in Bayesian Model Updating Using Modal Data

2012  Identification of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data with Regard for Uncertainty

2012  Nested Markov Decision Framework for Coordinating Pavement Improvement with Capacity Expansion

2012  Prediction of Traffic Volume in Bridge Load Random Process Based on Grey Markov Chain

2012  Time Series Analysis and Models of Freeway Performance

2011  Abnormal Traffic Incident Detection Based on Hidden Markov Models

2011  Appraisal of Statistical Predictability under Uncertain Inputs: SST to Rainfall

2011  Efficiency Comparison of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation with Subset Simulation (MCMC/ss) to Standard Monte Carlo Simulation (sMC) for Extreme Event Scenarios

2011  Hidden Markov Model Based Probabilistic Assessment of Droughts

2011  MINQUE of Variance-Covariance Components in Linear Gauss-Markov Models

2011  Optimization of Maintenance Strategies for the Management of the National Bridge Stock in France

2011  A Recognition Method for Lane Change Intention Based on Hidden Markov Model

2011  Stochastic Optimal CPS Relaxed Control Methodology for Interconnected Power Systems Using Q-Learning Method

2010  Deterioration Rates of Typical Bridge Elements in New York

2010  Empirical Study on Intercity Logistics Distribution Demand Forecast Based on Grey-Markov Model

2010  Freight Volume Prediction of Coal Transportation from Xinjiang Based on Grey-Markov Chain Method

2010  Inspection, Condition Assessment, and Management Decisions for Commercial Roof Systems

2010  Markov and Neural Network Models for Prediction of Structural Deterioration of Storm-Water Pipe Assets

2010  Models for Managing Contingency Construction Operations

2010  Network-Level Infrastructure Management Using Approximate Dynamic Programming

2010  Research on the Optimization for a Random Inventory Strategy Based on Markov Chain

2010  Study of Gray-Markov Chain Method on Guangxi Logistics Demand Forecast

2009  The Application of Hidden Markov Model in Classifying Novice and Experienced Drivers by Driving Behavioral Features

2009  Bayesian Updating of Parameters for a Sediment Entrainment Model via Markov Chain Monte Carlo

2009  Calculation of the Expressway OD Matrix Based on Grey Markov Chain Model

2009  Comparative Analysis of Life-Cycle Costing for Rehabilitating Infrastructure Systems

2009  Critical Drought Analysis: Case Study of Göksu River (Turkey) and North Atlantic Oscillation Influences

2009  Framework Development of Performance Prediction Models for Concrete Bridges

2009  A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Implementation of Bayesian Contaminant Source Characterization in Water Distribution Systems under Stochastic Demands

2009  A Method of Expressway Pavement Performance Prediction

2009  A New Approach for Urban Resident Trip-Mode Share Rate Forecasting

2009  Railway Container Key Station Freight Volumes Prediction Based on Grey-Markov Chain Method

2009  Robust Capacity Control Choice Based Behavior

2009  Stochastic Modeling of Deterioration Processes through Dynamic Bayesian Networks

2009  Use of Soft Computing Applications to Model Pervious Concrete Pavement Condition in Cold Climates

2008  Copula-Based Dependence Models of Two Markov Time Series of Order 1

2008  Model on Information Revising of Supervisory and Control Systems

2008  Modeling and Analysis of Distribution System Based on Stochastic Petri Nets

2008  Research of the Supply Chain System Reliability Based on the Markov Process

2008  Research on Seafarers’ Organism Function State and Navigability Assessment Model Based on Markov Chain

2008  Stochastic Response and Stability of a Nonintegrable System

2007  Calibration of Water Distribution Hydraulic Models Using a Bayesian-Type Procedure

2007  History-Dependent Bridge Deck Maintenance and Replacement Optimization with Markov Decision Processes

2007  A Hybrid Grey Markov Prediction Model for Traffic Volume

2007  Markov Chain Monte Carlo-Based Method for Flaw Detection in Beams

2007  Optimizing Maintenance Interventions for Deteriorating Structures Using Cost-Benefit Criteria

2007  Sampling Techniques for Halphen Distributions

2007  Stochastic Fuzzy Neural Network: Case Study of Optimal Reservoir Operation

2007  Stochastic Partial Differential Equation-Based Model for Suspended Sediment Transport in Surface Water Flows

2007  Transitional Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Bayesian Model Updating, Model Class Selection, and Model Averaging

2007  Vehicle Recognition Based on Gabor Wavelets Transform and Hidden Markov Model

2006  Derivation of Transition Probability Matrices for Pavement Deterioration Modeling

2006  Estimating Transition Probabilities in Markov Chain-Based Deterioration Models for Management of Wastewater Systems

2006  Hybrid, Markov Chain-Based Model for Daily Streamflow Generation at Multiple Catchment Sites

2006  Markov-Based Optimization Model for Building Facilities Management

2006  Parameter-Induced Predictive Uncertainty in Process-Based Modeling: Application of Markov Chain Monte Carlo

2006  Performance Prediction of Bridge Deck Systems using Markov Chains

2005  Comparing Probabilistic Methods for the Asset Management of Distributed Items

2005  Constriction Size of Geotextile Filters

2005  Incorporating Spatial Correlation in a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for Network Model Calibration

2005  Optimal Maintenance Policy and Fund Allocation in Water Distribution Networks

2005  An Ordered Probit Model Approach for Developing Markov Chain Based Deterioration Model for Wastewater Infrastructure Systems

2005  Use of Recurrent Markov Chains for Modeling the Crack Performance of Flexible Pavements

2004  Development of Non-Homogeneous and Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Modelling Monthly Rainfall and Streamflow Time Series

2004  Drought Frequency Analysis with a Hidden State Markov Model

2004  Integrated Pavement Management System with a Markovian Prediction Model

2004  Probabilistic Failure Analysis by Importance Sampling Markov Chain Simulation

2004  Stochastic Asset Pricing with Seismic Hazard Risk

2003  Computer Assistance in Managing the Maintenance of Low-Slope Roofs

2003  Estimation of Structural Deterioration Process by Markov-Chain and Costs for Rehabilitation