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2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Dean Palumbo, P.L.S., on how to attract and manage clients

2013  Analysis of the Visitor Viewing Time of Common Types of Exhibits and Exhibition Planning Method Based on Efficiency and Comfort

2013  Assessing the Market Potential for Housing Construction Products in Mexico

2013  Influence of Project and Marketing Management on Delays, Penalties, and Project Quality in Slovene Organizations in the Construction Industry

2013  Sell. Sell. Sell.

2012  Community-Based Social Marketing: An Application to Facilities Management

2012  Design Professionals Sue USGBC for False Advertising

2012  Investigation of Barriers to Entry into the Design-Build Market in the People’s Republic of China

2012  Market Structure and Organizational Performance of Construction Organizations

2012  Trends and Prospects of the U.S. Housing Market Using the Markov Switching Model

2011  Association of Risk Attitude with Market Diversification in the Construction Business

2010  Demand Chain Management for New World Winery: Key Features of Chinese Wine Market

2010  Research on Repurchase Strategy of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Based on Price Game

2008  Collaborative Forecasting For an Optimal Capacity through Buyback Contract

2008  Competitive Positioning and Continuity of Construction Firms in International Markets

2008  Marketing Practices of U.S. Contractors

2008  The Research of the Internet-Driven Electronic Marketplace in the Optimization of Marketing Channel Flow of SMES

2007  Active Development Strategy of Urban Public Transportation Based on the Marketing Management Theory

2007  Legal Requirements and Challenges for e-Business within the Single Electronic European Market

2005  Addressing Pricing: Value Bidding for Engineers and Consultants

2005  Planning to Get Work: An Evaluation of Market Forecasting Techniques for Use by Large Design and Construction Firms

2005  Pricing Engineering Services

2004  Predicting Organizational Success within a Project-Based Joint Venture Alliance

2003  Interactive Facility Programming for Advanced Technology Facilities

2002  “As Long as We’re Here...”: Secondary Profit Generators for Moon and Mars Bases

2002  ASCE’s Anniversary Celebration Gains Roadside Visibility

2002  Business as Usual?

2002  Commentary: Pricing: Define Your Marketplace

2002  Forum

2002  Market Research: Infrastructure Spending Will Increase in 2002

2002  Networking Makes A Small World Larger

2002  Spaceports as Multi-Use Industrial Facilities: A Marketing Approach to Spaceports Development

2001  FRP Rebar—A State of the Industry Report Manufacturing Construction, Economic and Marketing

2001  Heat-Dried Pelletized Sludge Marketability Study

2001  Marketing Your Web Site

2001  The Power of the Press Release

2001  Role of Marketing Intelligence in Making Pricing Policy in Construction

2001  Supporting the Negotiation Process To Obtain What Is Deserved

2000  Bricsnet Offers One-Stop Industry Portal

2000  Communications

2000  Cybermarketing of the Railway Transportation Enterprise

2000  Development of Innovative Transit Services Using Market Research Techniques

2000  Disequilibrium Transportation Planning View

2000  Engineering Your Future, The Non-Technical Side of Professional Practice in Engineering and Other Technical Fields

2000  Engineering Your Strategy: Focusing Your Marketing Effort on High Payoff Actions

2000  The Ethical Commercialization of Outer Space

2000  Hidden Risks of Construction in the Third World

2000  Improving Water Markets in California: Implementing the CALFED Recommendations

2000  Market Forecasting for China Railway Transportation

2000  Marketing Construction Services

2000  Mitigating Market Risk in Project Finance: The Expanding Horizon of Risk in Transportation Projects

2000  Multiobjective Analysis of Market Transformation Strategies

2000  On the Web

2000  Small Firms Check In

2000  Southern California Water Markets: Potential and Limitations

2000  Strengthening Marketing Operation and Enlarging the Quotient of Freight Express Transportation Market for Railway

2000  Structure and Cost of the Water Supply Market in Sana’a City, Yemen

2000  Writing a Business Plan for Space Ventures

1999  Big-Firm Marketing Ideas That Can Work For You

1999  Bringing in Business is Everyone’s Business

1999  The Chilean Water Market System and Obstacles to Efficient Water Use

1999  A Decision Support System for Short Term Hydropower Scheduling and Reservoir Management in a Competitive Market

1999  The Elements and Structure of a “Full Service” Water Market

1999  Establishing a World Wide Web Presence

1999  Growing Pains

1999  Integrity: Marketing Yourself for Success

1999  Microsoft Enters A/E/C Software Market

1999  Newsletters That Deliver

1999  An Opportunity for Change

1999  A Review of Established Water Markets and Quasi-Water Markets

1999  The Right Word: Your Powerful Business Development Agent

1999  Selling with Integrity to Develop Your Engineering Practice

1999  An Update on Deep Mixing Technology Worldwide

1999  Use of Economic Optimization to Assess the Value of Water Marketing

1999  Using Caution with Clients

1999  Warming Up to Cold Calling

1998  Automated People Mover Technology Selection: A Spectrum of Choices

1998  Discovering Your Niche

1998  Giving Impetus to Railway Transport Marketing

1998  Hahn Air-Industrial Park: A Case Study for Military Airfield Conversions

1998  Half-Life...What Half-Life?

1998  A Market Survey of APM Service Attributes

1998  Marketing is Everyone’s Job

1998  On the Web

1998  Pipeline Market—20 Billion Dollars for 1998: Would You Like Some of This Work?

1998  Private Space Exploration Is Here: Are You On-Board?

1998  Problems Analysis of Train Speed-increasing on Main Lines with Heavy Traffic

1998  Pulling Ahead

1998  SpaceDev Near Earth Asteroid Prospector Exploration Goals

1998  Sustainable Transportation Strategy and Market Planning Approach: The Southern California Experience

1997  Addressing the Costs of Public Benefits: Ensuring a Place for Hydroelectric Power in a Restructured Competitive Electric Industry

1997  Alternative Methods to Relicensing Hydroelectric Projects in a Changing Market

1997  Bentley Studies Automation Benefits

1997  Black & Veatch, McCarthy Enter Microelectronic Market

1997  A Bold New Future

1997  CIMA Beijing Office to Open Doors

1997  Commercializing Infrastructure Technologies, A Handbook for Innovators

1997  Construction Opportunities and Practices in Canada

1997  Emerging Global Opportunities in Construction

1997  Environmental Engineering Firms: Is Bigger Really Better?